Wazwan: Stay Far Off From This Restaurant!


After reading few flattering reviews on Zomato about Wazwan, I thought of visiting this restaurant located at HSR Layout.  So off I went with a friend and ordered for two buffet lunches. First thing that disappointed me was there was nothing Kashmiri in their entire palette. The service took a long time. There were hardly any customers in the restaurant even on a Sunday afternoon. After every starter I had to wait for 20 mins to get the next set of starters. Most of the items had less salt and they made it up by adding a lot of salt to the Mutton curry 🙁


The buffet for the money we paid was not extensive. There were 3 non-veg and 3 veg starters which included two chicken starters, one fish starter, roasted cauliflower, paneer tikka and baby corn chinese style. The soup was bad.

For the main course I thought of trying Chicken Biriyani. Apart from the name tag I did not find any chicken in the serving vessel. When I asked the attendant he said he will get me some pieces and got me one elusive piece. I had to pick one more piece from the chicken curry.


I ordered for some butter naan which was soft and as the Mutton gravy was too salty I thought of having panchmeal dal or something which I must say was good (if I have to compare it with the other food items on display).


The dessert was again a disaster. The ice-cream was nothing spectacular. The gulab jamun looked as if it just jumped of a 10 floor building and the gajar halwa was less said the better.

Now coming to the ambiance. It is very dingy looking and I felt as if I had entered a Spooky House.

On the whole I was totally disappointed with their service, food, ambiance and the quality of food!

Ambiance: 0/5
VFM: 0/5
Taste: 0.5/5
Quality: 0.5/5
Service: 0/5

My Verdict: Run as FAAAAAR as you can the moment you hear WAZWAN

Pizza Stop: One Stop Shop for Pizzas


After a heavy brainstorming session over an upcoming campaign, my colleagues and I thought of taking a break over some Pizzas and coke. Being a hardcore non-vegetarian I could never imagine having any food without a dash of meat / sea food thrown in.

Sicilian Pizza
Pizza Assorted

However, after a lot of coaxing from my colleagues combined with a growling stomach eager to digest anything edible, I thought of doing the unheard – having an all veggie Pizza at Pizza Stop, an Italian joint in Koramangala.

Pasta All Broccoli

We ordered for four large Pizzas viz. Pizza Assorted, Spinichi, Sicilian and Zen, along with Garlic Bread. We also ordered for Pasta All Broccoli and Aglio Olio E Peperoncino.

Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread

The handmade thin crust pizzas were quite delectable and had the right amount of cheese, vegetables, Italian spices, herbs and tomato sauce. I not only finished my share but also digged into my colleagues plates too. Not even for a minute did I miss my share of non-vegetarian food.


The pastas and the garlic bread were equally tasty and grabbed my taste buds. Overall it was a great lunch outing for me and I would recommend Pizza Stop to anyone and everyone in Bangalore.

Ambiance: 3/5
VFM: 5/5
Taste: 5/5
Quality: 5/5
Service: 4/5

Sicilian Pizza
Sicilian Pizza

Buff Buffet Buff – Blu Petal Hotel


BBB was on my list for a long time and yesterday I got the opportunity to visit them for a lunch buffet. The staff was over courteous to irritating as every few seconds someone from the staff kept on asking if we were enjoying the food. I was tired giving them the same answer. More of their service in the later part.

The ambiance was good and the spread was lavish. The starters followed one after another and few of them were low on sodium especially pepper fish and sheekh kebab. I had to tell the manager about the same who got it fixed later by the time I had already moved onto main course. The Chef at the Mongolian live counter was confused. It took him four attempts to get the order right whereas I had clearly told him that I wanted quail and prawns with rice. He kept on sending noodles with squid, rice with squid, rice with mushroom etc. And the portion was very small with just two prawns and two bones of quail which was disappointing after a long wait. By the way I have had quail in other restaurants and I know how it looks and tastes. The nalli paaya was one of the best stuff available. The desserts were disappointing especially some choco toffee and beetroot halwa. I bet I can make better beetroot halwa myself.

The most irritating part in the whole dinning experience was in the end. The waiter got me a feedback form. He hovered around me as I filled it and kept on asking me why I rated couple of items low and tried to manipulate me to put higher scores which I felt it was not appropriate. If they want honest feedback then they better shooo off when I am putting my comments or write the feedback for me themselves. None of the restaurants I have been till date has tried to question or manipulate the scores while someone is filling the form.

Ambiance: 3/5
VFM: 3/5
Taste: 2/5
Quality: 3/5
Service: 0/5 only because of the Mongolian counter goof up and the waiter trying to manipulate my feedback.


Sigree Global Grill – Whitefield

Sigree Global Grill has been my favorite buffet place while I was in Pune. When I shifted to Bangalore I missed the food there. However I was pleasantly surprised to see one tucked away in Whitefield. So I along with my friends I made a visit to Sigree.

I must say the Specialty Group maintains their standard in every outlet of theirs and the same applied in Whitefield Sigree too. We started with welcome drink which was Aam Panna which was okay as I do not have a taste for this drink. There were 7 veg & 7 Non Veg starters from mushrooms to paneer, chiken tikka to lamb kabebs, prawns and fish to barbequed aloos. Each one of them were tasty and satisfying. Then the next round was of Risotto and Pasta which I must say was wonderful too.

The main course had mutton biriyani however I saw no mutton pieces but couple of bones here and there which was a disappointment. Fish curry, chicken curry, roasted chicken with barbeque sauce, veg biryani, sigree dal etc were good 🙂

The dessert was again a heavy affair with gajar halwa, jalebi rabdi (the jalebis were a downer as they were very hard), ice creams, varities of pastries, phirni etc.

On the whole the experience was wonderful. The staff were extra courteous and the time and money spent were worth it.

Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 5/5
VFM: 5/5
Taste: 3/5 (becoz of the mutton biriyani and jalebis)