9 Best Movies of 2016

2016 was one of those years in the Bollywood history where not many movies were Box Office successes, however, there were some really brave movie attempts made by unexpected quarters. Here is my pick of top 9 movies I felt were different and entertaining. Please do not go by the BO numbers.

Dangal: Like the saying save the last dance. Aamir did save his best performance and movie for the last week of 2016. Based on the true life characters of Mahaveer Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita, this was a great movie experience. Never was a sports based movie made with such passion and splendor. The wrestling fights looked so real that I had myself sitting on the edge whenever Geeta ‘Dhobipachadofied‘ her opponents. The highlight apart from the last fight was the bout between the father-daughter jodi played by Aamir and Fatima.


Nil Battey Sanatta: This was one masterpiece that I was fortunate to see in 2016. Produced by Aanand L. Rai and directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari (the wife of Dangal director Nitesh Tiwari), tells the story of a housemaid played brilliantly by Swara Bhaskar and her daughter who is scared of mathematics. The moments in the movie were heartfelt and the narrative was so gripping that made you feel a part of Apu and Chanda’s lives.


Pink: ‘Whatamovie’ was the first expression I let out after watching this simple but powerful story of a movie. Amitabh Bachchan was a sheer pleasure to watch as the bipolar lawyer and Tapsee Pannu showcased her brilliance with her portrayal of Meenal Arora. ‘No means No’ became the mantra of this tony courtroom drama directed by Aniruddha Roy Choudhary.


Aligarh: Another biopic that made me cringe in my seat was Manoj Bajpayee starrer Aligarh based on Professor Ramchandra Siras’ life. Professor Siras was who was sacked from his position as a Marathi professor from Aligarh University for his sexual orientation portrayed the sad reality of our homophobic society. Also, the mysterious way in which he was found dead makes us question ‘whether sexual orientation is above humanity?’ Homosexuality is a crime in India and there are hardly any meaningful movies made around this subject. However, Hansel Mehta’s brave attempt on this real life character and Bajpayee’s sensitive performance is quite commendable. I will also give full marks to the writing department and one particular dialogue of Professor Siras from the movie still gives me goosebumps – Koi Mere Feeling Ko Teen Aksharon Mein Kaise Samajh Sakta Hai!


Kapoor & Sons: There are many stories revolving around a dysfunctional family, however, Shakun Batra’s second movie outing was a beautiful piece of cinema. Grand Father who is preparing for his death and wants to have the last family picture clicked, Father – a cheating husband, Mother – lost in her own world, Elder son – a closeted gay, Younger Son – still trying to figure out his true calling in life etc. are characters inspired by true life. It was shocking to see King of Candyfloss – Karan Johar producing a true to life story. The movie was quite relatable and the performances were wonderful. Give me a choice and I would love to see this movie anytime, anywhere.


Dear Zindagi: A slice of life movie that centers around a budding cinematographer Kaira played by Alia Bhatt, who hails from a dysfunctional family and after several failed relationships, is in search of a perfect life. She bumps into Dr. Jehangir, an unconventional thinker who helps Kaira in gaining a new perspective about life. Gauri Shinde after her endearing debut movie English Vinglish gave a near perfect movie – Dear Zindagi, and also gave Shah Rukh Khan a much-needed image makeover (it’s been nearly a decade that I liked any of SRK’s movies past Chak De India!).


Neerja: Directed by Ram Madhvani, Neerja was another commendable biopic on Neerja Bhanot, AC, who was a purser for the airline Pan American World Airways, based in Mumbai, India. Neerja was shot and killed while saving 359 of 379 passengers on board Pan Am Flight 73, which was hijacked by terrorists on 5 September 1986 at Karachi. Sonam Kapoor gave her career best performance and also won the hearts of cine goers. A wonderful movie that every India should watch.


Airlift: The film directed by Raja Krishna Menon follows Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar), a Kuwait-based businessman, as he carries out the evacuation of Indians based in Kuwait during the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The movie was inspired by the real-life character of Mathunny Mathews who was instrumental in carrying out the biggest Air evacuation in World History. Air India holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people evacuated by a civil airliner as a result of this effort. The operation was carried out during the Persian Gulf War in 1990 to evacuate Indian expatriates from Kuwait and Iraq. It is believed to be the largest civilian evacuation in history. The way the movie was shot and narrated is praiseworthy. Akshay Kumar, as usual, gave a great performance ably supported by Nimrat Kaur and Prakash Belawadi.


Sultan: My list would not be complete without a Salman Khan starrer and this year he did make me proud as a fan. Sultan a love story of a wrestler had Salman living the character to the T. It was not a typical Bhai movie but a warm and heartfelt movie of a wrestler who gets into the game only to impress his lady love and in turn goes to win medals for the country. Pride and ego bring his downfall and soon his entire life is shattered. What happens next is the journey of Sultan who rises from the ashes like a Pheonix. Salman after Bajrangi Bhaijaan was a sheer pleasure to watch. His transformation as a wrestler in the movie was commendable and Bhaijaan did act well in this movie.


It was difficult to pick 9 movies from the 100+ movies released in 2016. If you have your own favorites please do comment below.

Tiger Shroff’s BAAGHI Trailer is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

The new trailer of Sabir Khan directed and Sajid Nadiadwala produced Baaghi got released today. The movie starring Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor is quite gripping and arouses curiosity. The most outstanding part of the trailer is the fight sequences filmed on Tiger and he amazes and how!


Sabir Khan as a directed has concentrated this time more on Tiger’s USP of being a martial arts prodigy and has done full justice to it. After watching the trailer I am more curious and excited to watch Jackie Shroff’s cubs outing. Hope I wont be disappointed this time 🙂

Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan a rehashed version of DARR???

The trailer that is doing the rounds these days is Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming YRF release FAN directed by Maneesh ‘Band Baja Baraat’ Sharma.

On first glance the images of Shah Rukh’s obsession for ‘K..K…K..Kiran’ Juhi Chawla in Darr comes to your mind.  However here is a twist there is a doppelganger who is a big fan of film-star Aryan and instead of ‘K..K…K..Kiran’ here he goes ‘A..A…A..Aryan’.

However, if you do some research you will find out that the plot is similar to the 1996 Robert De Niro – Wesley Snipes starrer The Fan which was again based on Peter Abraham’s novel of the same name.

The Fan is a psychological thriller that revolves around the sport of baseball, exploring the overt dedication of some of its followers. In this movie Robert De Niro’s character is overtly obsessed with Wesley Snipes character who is the newest player in local baseball club.

Movie Review: Neerja – An Ode To Courage!


This week there are four releases and out of which the one that most struck me was Neerja starring Sonam Kapoor in the title role directed by Ad Guru Ram Madhvani. Based on the real life story of Neerja Bhanot, an air-hostess, who lost her life saving many others in 1986 during the unforgettable PanAm hijacking.

The story – Neerja (Sonam) is a successful model and a purser at PanAm airlines. She is also a die-hard Rajesh Khanna fan and is doted by her parents (Shabana Azmi and Yogendra Tiku). She also has a loving boyfriend in Jaideep (Shekhar Ravjiani). Life is all set for Neerja until the day she boards the PanAm flight bound for New York as the head purser. The flight gets hijacked in Karachi by terrorists backed by Libya based Palestinian terrorist group Abu Nidal. Neerja warns the pilots who follow the protocol and abandon the cockpit. With no one to fly the plane to Cyprus (where the terrorists want to go) the terrorists take the passengers as ransom and demand for pilots. They start killing passengers one after another to show the Airport authorities that they definitely mean business. In all this mayhem, Neerja musters courage and tries to calm the passengers down however, the end as everyone knows is not very sweet.

First thing first, Ram Madhvani does a very brave attempt by adapting a real life situation to screen. He has got the screenplay in place and so does the characters. From the main lead to the character artists everyone are aptly cast. There is no breather in this tightly made thriller. One can feel the tense situation when the terrorists board the plane. The background music is quite riveting and gells well with the plot.

Sonam Kapoor delivers one of her finest performances till date. Shabana Azmi does a wonderful job as Neerja’s mother. New find Yogendra Tiku who plays Neerja’s father shows lot of promise.

The music by Vishal Khurrana is not out of place and mixes well with the theme of the movie. The editing is tight and you will be hooked to your seat till the end.

On the whole, a very good movie that should be watched by everyone.

My Verdict: ****


Nidhi ‘Tanya’ Singh believes in ‘Honest Relationships’!

After getting Sumeet ‘Miku’ Vyas on Chai With Shai how can we ignore his pretty, vivacious, quirky, funny partner-in-crime Nidhi ‘Tanya’ Singh? So here I present you the most loved and celebrated actress in the whole web-series world – Nidhi Singh. We chatted dime to a dozen over the customary chai and this time we preferred biscuits over pakodas. Here are some excerpts from our conversation.

Permanent Roommates2

Welcome on Chai With Shai (raising my tea cup) Nidhi (smiles)
The pleasure is all mine (giggles and raises her tea cup)

So, Permanent Roommates 2 has started with a BANG, what can the audience expect this time round?
I liked the way you said BANG!!! (Giggles) Okay to answer your question (pauses) hmm… a whole lot of MADNESS mixed with realism (smiles).

How did your tinseltown journey begin?
I came to Mumbai for my graduation in mass media. Right after I worked as a Film Executive for J.Walter Thompson, Mumbai – they were the biggest and the best then, and to my surprise the advertising world fascinated me so much that I stuck around for 2 and a half years. Soon enough I was dying to explore the possibility of being an actor hence, I quit and started freelancing as an assistant director for ads to understand ‘how things worked’ better, that went on for almost another 2 years. I finally decided to stop playing safe and took the plunge. Also, I had gone through a horrible heartbreak around that time that ripped my ego apart so I think that helped (pouts and then bursts out laughing).

Quite an AMAZING story I must say PHEW!!! (shaking my head)
Hain Na! (both burst out laughing)

How did you land your first acting assignment? 
I started of with theatre….

…like almost every budding actor
Whatever (rolling her eyes), so that was post a few readings but the first job that paid me (very little) came out of nowhere after a couple of zillion unsuccessful auditions.

How has Permanent Roommates changed your life?
People talk to me differently now… ‘Good different’ (stressing).

How has been your association with TVF so far?
They are like family. I’ll call one of them if say, I was in trouble at 3 am. But all that aside they are extremely professional, courageous and sincere and I love that the most about everyone there. So the association has been great i’d say.

Tell us some interesting or funny things that happened during the making of your web-series Permanent Roommates?
There’s non stop laughter on set. Everyone there has a story to tell and I have a problem of breaking into a giggle fit at the drop of a hat so sometimes keeping a straight face and saying my lines as Tanya feels like a task (starts giggling). We just shot something that was just too funny and I was only watching it from the monitor  – THANK GOD! I had to actually hold my breath to stop myself from laughing and spoiling that take.


Three similarities between your character Tanya in Permanent Roommates and you in real life?
– honesty
– standing up for herself and people she loves.
– I really believe that “if you love me, you’ll let me sleep” (winks)

Nice… (shaking my head). Three similarities that you see in Sumeet and Mikesh from Permanent Roommates?
I don’t know about three because I don’t really see so many but let’s see (pauses and thinks for a moment) Sumeet too like Mikesh is quite chilled out and sorted in life. Also… He tells great stories. He’s a really fun narrator like Mikesh (smiles).

What are your future assignments?
Can’t talk about anything yet.

Where do you see the web series industry expanding in the next 5 years? 
It is here to stay foresure and it’s a great medium because there’s absolute democracy there. If your story or product is good, it’ll work.. Simple. People aren’t taking it lightly anymore which is great. I hope there are web movies soon. That’ll be interesting.

Will you advise youngsters to pursue this career?
Any youngster who is sincere and determined must go for it without a doubt.

Now Nidhi we have reached the part in my conversation series where I will throw few questions at you and you have to reply in a word or max a sentence. Not more than that… Okay?
Bring it on baby!!! (smirks)

Yup (Giggles)


Okay… So your Permanent Roommate in real life?
My boyfriend hopefully (crosses fingers and looks up)

Sumeet or Mikesh?

Your dream role?
There are so many. For now, Amy from Gone girl & Francesca from The bridges of Madison county.

PR 1 or PR2 the more interesting season?
It’s a continuation so no comparisons can be drawn.

Okay got it… One Night Stands or Committed Relationships?
Honest relationships, however short or long. My ideas about commitment are different.

Nice (smiles) Candle Light Dinners or Long Drives?
Long drives.

Favorite Actor & Actress?
Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep

The most underrated actress as per you?
Calling her underrated would be a disrespect but I wish I could see a lot more of Kalki.

The most overrated actress as per you?
Almost everyone is kind of overrated I feel. We should work more and celebrate people less.

So diplomatic (smiles) The worst dressed actor in the industry?
Oh God! Please stop (Giggles)

Marna hai kya? Pass (animatedly shakes her hand)


Your dream director?
Martin Scorsese, Alejandro Inarritu, Raj Kapoor, David Flincher.


Permanent Roommates or Man’s World?
Permanent Roommates

Favorite Author other than me (winks)?
William Shakespeare (smiles)

Unfulfilled dream if any?
Way too many.

Secret Fantasy?
Way too many.

Accha??? Too many??? (smiles)
Haan… Public platform hai nahi bata sakti (giggles)

It was great having you today on CWS Nidhi. You have been the most entertaining guest I have ever had on my show…
Seriously??? (excitedly)

Oops! (biting my tongue) I am in trouble now (winks and laughs)… In fact all were entertaining so far but you have been slightly above the curve
Now you cannot backtrack on your words… (giggles)

Maaf karna everyone it is not my fault, Nidhi has this effect on everyone anyway would you like to give any advice to your fans? 
Yes… To always be true to who you are and what you believe in. It’s very easy to forget yourself nowadays (smiles)

Well said… thank you once again and may you meet with greater success in whatever you do next (shakes hand)
Thank you Shaiju (smiles)

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Movie Review: Sanam Re – Bore Hua Re!


The second Valentine week is Divya Khosla Kumar directed Sanam Re starring Pulkit Samrat, Yami Gautam and Urvashi Rautela. Coming from a director who made Yaariyan last year, I did not expect great shakes from Sanam Re and my intuition was Bang On!

Sanam Re tells the story of Aakash (Pulkit Samrat) who is a go-getter living in the city with a maniac Boss (Manoj Joshi) left loose on his back. He hails from a small town Tanakpur where he lived with his parents and photographer Grandfather (Rishi Kapoor) who once told him that his true love could be found 500 steps away from his photo shop. And Aakash does find Shruti (Yami Gautam) only to abandon her for a better life in the city.

Years later the ex-lovers come face to face at a Yoga camp in Canada where Aakash to save his job has gone to woo Mrs. Pablo (Urvashi Rautela) a client of his and sparks fly high. Would Aakash and Shruti fall again in love? What happens to Aakash and Mrs. Pablo’s story? This is one hell of a love triangle which one has to sit and watch till the end if one has the patience to do so ;).

If music could make a movie hit then Divya had proved it with Yaariyan and now she returns with a love story full of romantic numbers and breathtakingly beautiful locales with a weak script. The direction is quite okay however, there is no script that she can boast of. The cinematographer (Sameer Arya) has captured some breathtakingly beautiful locales in Canada, Leh and Himachal Pradesh however, the beautiful frames also need a beautiful story to compliment.

Pulkit Samrat and Yami struggle to deliver while Urvashi Rautela as the third angle in this paper thin love story has nothing to do apart from stipping down to her bare minimum in the freezing locales. Rishi Kapoor as usual delivers a powerful performance in whatever small screen time he gets.

Music is the high point and T-series has a winner in their hands thanks to Amaal Malik, Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly and Raju Singh. The dialogues are cringe worthy and sound quite stupid.

On the whole, this Valentine stay away from Sanam Re!

My Verdict: *


Movie Review: Fitoor lacks ‘Great Expectations’!

fitoor poster+ web

There have been very few adaptations of Charles Dickens’ novella ‘Great Expectations’ and this week’s release Fitoor is a desi-adaptation by Abhishek Kapoor. The movie stars Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapoor with Tabu playing the role of desi Miss Havisham.

The movie narrates the story of Noor (Aditya Roy Kapur after the character grows up) a thirteen year old Kashmiri boy who belongs to poor upbringings meets and is deeply infatuated with Firdaus (Katrina Kaif after the character grows up) who belongs to a rich elite family in Kashmir. Her mother who is referred to Begum (Tabu) was left heartbroken in her younger age (Aditi Rao Hydari) and is against love especially with the social divide. She splits the teenagers and insults Noor about his social status.

Few years later Noor who had moved to Delhi and becomes a renowned artist comes back to town with his newly acclaimed fame and money. Firdaus is engaged but she still has romantic flings with Noor. After initial friction with Noor, Begum slowly starts realizing her mistake, but still adamant to get Firdaus married to her fiance. Noor’s love for Firdaus bears all the hardships of time and emotions and succeeds in the end.

The story has few alterations done to meet the Indian sensibilities and also to adapt to today’s time. The tempo set by the first half of the movie falters in the second half with multiple characters and stories introduced. The pace is very slow and if you are someone who loves massy movies then you will sit and cringe in your seat. However, for a person who loves to see art in any form whether massy or classy you will love it.

The story, screenplay and dialogues by Abhishek Kapoor and Supratik Sen is okay and it is not their fault as it is very difficult to adapt a book to a movie that too set in a different time, era and demographics. Abhishek Kapoor’s direction compared to his previous movie Kai Po Che is average. He gets confused in the narrative and it can be seen clearly especially in the second half of the movie.

The performances by Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina is decent however, Tabu as Begum steals the show. Cameos by Ajay Devgn, Akshay Oberoi, Lara Dutta and Aditi Rao Hydari are good. The music by Amit Trivedi compliments the mood and tone of the movie especially the title song and Pashmina. The cinematography by Anay Goswami is breathtaking and the color palette used by Abhishek for the movie – Red is quite interesting.

On the whole, the movie does not meet the expectations of Aam Junta who was waiting for a repeat after Kai Po Che.

My Verdict: **

Chinwag With Grandmaster Shilpa Savant

Dear Friends, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Shilpa Savant Inamdar who is a great friend and also my soul sister who has done some mind blowing service towards humanity through her healing sessions. I would like to share my short chat session with her over coffee trying to understand the transformation of this advertising expert to an occult science practitioner. So here we go! 

Hi Shilpa, can you please tell us more about yourself and your background?
Hi Shaiju, happy to see your interest in learning more about the field of energy and healing. You can consider me as an interesting life journey that moved from questions to answers, materialism to spiritualism, from problem to solutions. At present I am very glad that Universe is giving me the opportunity of sharing the blessing it has showered on me. The journey in this life began as daughter of a Deputy Commissioner, who was always there to give his very best to the society at large. My Mother, a house-wife always shared her unwavering conviction in Almighty. My Professional journey started as the Proprietor of an Advertising Firm. The story of this life has come a long way sculpting Shilpa into what she is today.
From Advertising to Occult Science, how did this transformation happen?
Even after being successful in advertising, the core questions of my life, remained unanswered .These questions were the ones that had become companions of my soul since I was 8. Questions such as who am I? Where was I before this birth? Where would I reach after this life? What am I here for? What is the purpose of my life? Etc.
I needed to find the answers, as it is said “seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened” and so it happened to me. Although I did study honestly and intensely yet the true credit for this transformation goes to the blessings of the Universal sources.
How was your growing up years? How did your family react to your decision to become a healer?
Quite Luxurious, thanks to my father. I was known as a loving and generous person even as a child. Nobody in my family imagined I would be a healer except my mother as she had seen the traits right from my childhood. One particular incident made it very apparent to my father wherein my prenomination turned very true. Initially my father got highly concerned about my well being. Non the less my study continued so did my contributions. As my family went on witnessing me being instrumental in bringing well being in others life, their support grew slowly and steadily.
Who was your inspiration for becoming a well respected healer?
My Inspiration to become a Respectable Healer are the compassionate eyes of Maha Vishnu.
Is there any interesting case you handled that has left an everlasting impression on you?
Yes the interesting case that has left an everlasting impression on me is of myself. During the early phase of my spiritual studies, I used to get up before dawn at 3:00 am. Although I sincerely wanted to meditate, my mind used to struggle to keep itself in thought less state but I persisted day after day continuing efforts in front of idol of Maha Vishnu. One fine day at 3:30 am when I was at worst of my meditative efforts, I literally dosed off in front of the idol, Suddenly ,for the reasons best known to God, I got awake and to my biggest surprise the idol was watching me with those compassionate eyes full of life. And that where I felt Awaken. Even today , I experience presence of those eyes taking care of me, especially while healing.
What kind of services do you offer and how does it help the various people who approach you?
I am a energy therapist .It helps people by restoring balance in their energy field at all levels of existence.
So what is Past Life Therapy and how does it help?
PLT is identifying the unresolved issues carried forward from past lives. It helps people unburden their minds, releasing greater energy to embrace present life better.
What is soul connection?
All matter is connected including souls. Soul connection facilitates this realization restoring harmony between two souls.
What are Angel Cards and how does it work?
Angels are Guardians of Virtues. Angel cards are source of signs that universe wants one to focus on. It brings one’s attention to the virtue that deserves to be given highest priority at that point of time to resolve a particular issue.
With such vast knowledge about various fields like Tarot Card Reading/ PLR/ Healing/ Soul Connection etc… Do you ever plan to write a book on occult science like say Linda Goodman etc?
What would be this blog all about?
It is about sharing and applying spiritual solutions to uplift your life and bring honor to your soul.
What is that one thing about you that your fans don’t know about?
I am a foodie and enjoy having a good time like a child.
What is your message to our today’s youngsters?
Live true to yourself and be sensitive and respectful to others.
How do you describe yourself in just one word?
Student .
Last not the least a question I like to ask every person I interview, have you read my book ‘Knocked Up’? If no then when do you intend to read it ? If yes then what are your comments?

Yes and I realized once again that life is so wonderful at every stage of its journey. Thank you so much Mr. Shaiju Mathew and Best Wishes for your upcoming book “A Pocket full of Sunshine”. The name itself brings smile on my face. Looking forward to reading it too.

PLEASE CONNECT WITH SHILPA SAVANT INAMDAR ON HER BLOG: http://www.shilpasavantinamdar.blogspot.in or visit her website @ http://www.shilpasinamdar.com

Parineeti Chopra Signs ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’


It’s been an year of no action and suddenly today we get to see a video announcement of Parineeti Chopra’s new movie titled ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’. The video announcements have become the norm with Yash Raj Films as they were the first to showcase or rather announce Aditya Chopra’s next directorial venture Befikre  starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor few months back through a video.

The video announcement of Meri Pyaari Bindu showcases a song sung by Parineeti in her own voice in the background giving a hint of her playing a singer in the Akshay Roy directed movie. Produced by Yash Raj Films and Maneesh Sharma, Meri Pyaari Bindu stars Ayushmaan Khurana opposite Parineeti. Scroll down to watch the video.


6 Reasons Why Relationship With A Creative Mind Will Never Work!


Many a time people ask me how is it being a creative person, how different I feel being in a relationship and how lucky my partner is to have me around. However, if you ask my partner you would get a whole new dimension to our relationship – making you rethink if you are even remotely contemplating a relationship with one.

I do take pride in being a creative person and do believe that we are the best to be in a relationship with; however, years of self as well as peer observations have made me realize otherwise. Although not a relationship expert, I can still give you few reasons why being in a relationship with an artistic mind is difficult.

Almost every creative mind in the world has somewhat similar behavioral patterns when they are in a relationship. This might be because creative minds are rare and by virtue of their novelty, they never “fit into” the crowd of ordinary beings.

It is observed generally by many that creative people are often very attractive because of their enigmatic personality. They have a charismatic power to attract people towards them using their depth of thought, expression and intelligence. On the way, they also attract bad relationships – the reason being; they are not cut out for regular relationships. Therefore, as I mentioned earlier relationship with a creative person might not be always rosy and is difficult to sustain.

You might like the thought of being in love with a creative genius and make yourself their object of affection. However, it has been witnessed time immortal that creative minds can never sustain an everlasting relationship because of the following character traits;

1) Mood Swings: Most creative people suffer from mood swings. They are whimsical and might oscillate between extreme happiness and depression. Partners are suggested to understand such mood swings to maintain a healthy relationship.

2) Recluse: Mixing with anyone and everyone is ruled out, if your partner is a creative guy. They cannot tolerate mediocrity and would love to hang out with like minded geniuses making them often anti-social or recluse. So if you have friends who do not match your partner’s level of intelligence then do not expect your partner to ‘make friends’ with them, just for the heck.

3) Excessively Intense: Intensity in a relationship is something that a creative person values. They want their partners to be totally involved in the relationship and will not settle for anything less than perfection, leading to numerous relationship issues.

4) Need A Muse: Every artist in the world needs a muse to inspire them during their creative process. Often they look up to their partners to fulfill that void and if you fail to inspire the creativity in them, then your artist partner will get bored and claustrophobic in the relationship, leading to a break-up.

5) Financial Instability: Creative people are free spirited like flowing water, a gypsy by heart. They cannot be bound by the financial worries of the world. They are the most instable lot when it comes to making financial decisions or securing their future. Therefore there is less or zero stability or plans for a future when you are in a relationship with an artist.

6) Loves Freedom: An artist can never be bound to the ordinary rules and regulations of a relationship; they hate to be restricted. If you try to bind them or restrict their freedom, they will go into severe depression; at times leading to violent behavior.

These are few challenges of being in a relationship with a creative person. However, this does not mean that you can never make it work with an artistic person. All you need to have is a creative streak in you apart from patience to understand the uniqueness of an artist.