Movie Review: TALAASH

Three years after a movie of Aamir Khan has released and most of the audience had a lot of expectations from the movie. I too had and I must say the movie lived upto my expectations. I do agree the movie is not for the massy audiences who loved Aamir’s ‘Ghajini’ or ‘3 Idiots’ but still Reema Kagti has come out with a wonderful script that is far more above from the usual who done its or crime dramas.

The story starts with a case, where a superstar Aaryan Kapoor is found dead in a road accident. Inspector Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) is given the case to work on. During his investigations he comes across many clues that are provided to him by a street walker (Kareena) named Rosie.

Aamir is also going through a personal crisis of his own where he and his wife (Rani) are not able to cope with the death of their only son. The story progresses in a slow pace revealing several facets of life and the search within.

Performances by Aamir, Rani and Kareena are superb. Rani is quite explosive in her emotional outburst when Aamir finds her at a medium (Shernaz Patel’s) house where she is seen soul communicating with her son’s soul.

Kareena as the streetwalker who is guiding Aamir in his quest to find the truth behind the dead superstar’s accident is superb (I think she will be nominated in every awards nite for Talaash rather than Heroine).

The direction by Reema Kagti is first rate while the DOP Mohanan has done a wonderful job. Music by Ram Sampat is not the typical chartbuster types but they come at the right juncture in the movie and takes the story forward.

Supporting cast is wonderful especially Nawazuddin and Rajkumar Yadav. As for the movie performing at the box office, it will definitely be a money spinner as Aamir fans would love this movie but it will not break 3 Idiots Box Office record. On the whole this movie is a must watch for everyone who loves good cinema.