Movie Review: Great Grand Masti – Typically Boring!

A decade ago Indra Kumar and Ashok Thakeria – once upon a time big shot director-producer duo came up with a fun movie Masti which did reasonably well at the Box Office. Like all other director-producers who after hitting a rock bottom take shelter under their hit movies, trying to make them franchises (I would term it milking cows). The duo came up with Grand Masti a sex-comedy which had the same characters and situations with a new set of heroines which became a HUGE hit. Now three years later an overconfident Indra Kumar and Ashok Thakeria in a joint production with Ekta Kapoor‘s production house has released a very substandard movie – Great Grand Masti!

Like the earlier two movies, the premise starts off with the three characters Meet (Vivek) Amar (Riteish) and Prem (Aftab) who are living in a sexless marriage with their wives Sapna (Pooja Banerjee), Nisha (Shraddha Das) and Rekha (Mishti). To break their mundane life and to have some Masti, the trio goes to Doodhwadi to sell an ancestral bungalow owned by Amar. There they encounter the beautiful enchantress Shabari / Ragini (Urvashi Rautela), a ghost waiting to get her fill of love and sex. Shabari traps them in the haunted haveli until the trio fulfills her wish. To add to the mayhem their wives and their extended families end up in the haveli. What happens next has to be seen on the screen.

First thing first, the story by Tushar Hiranandani and screenplay by Madhur Sharma and Akash Kaushik is very basic and does not add much to the franchise. Apart from the fact that like in the first part where the guys were crazy for one girl the same is repeated here but it does not evoke the emotions of Masti nor the crass comedy of Grand Masti. The dialogues are not great to evoke laughter nor does the sequences that are supposed to be funny make you laugh.

Performances of the lead actors fall flat as there is no meat in their characters to put up a great act. The new actresses are below average and does not show any spark through their performances. Urvashi Rautela had a bigger and better role but she falls flat in her antics. Usha Nadkarni and Sanjay Mishra as Antakshari Baba does a good job. Cameos by Shreyas Talpade and Sonali Raut is plain okay.

Music was a highlight of Masti but here barring two songs Resham Ka and the title song, none of the songs are worth listening to even though they have a long line up of music directors viz. Sanjeev-Darshan, Sharib-Toshi and Superbia. Cinematography by Nigam Bomzan is strictly average and the editing by Sanjay Sankla could have been crispier.

Overall, this is a movie that does not offer much to the masses nor the classes. My advice skip it!

My Verdict: *