Chai With Shai: Find out why Yuvraaj likes Salman without shirt!

Meeting friends over a cup of chai is something I love to do. After ages I met one such dear friend of mine Yuvraaj Parashar who recently starred in Dunno Y2. Today in Chai With Shai, Yuvraaj bares himself and talks about his life, struggles, movies etc. Here is an excerpt of our conversation that highlights the victory of an underdog. 


How did your journey with Bollywood start?
I am from a small town – Agra. My journey was not very easy. Basically I am a dancer and used to dance from my childhood. Whenever I used to go for shows, people around used to tell me to become an actor. I got encouraged by them and started dreaming of becoming an actor. In fact when I came to Mumbai, I didn’t even know where to go and how to start my career. I went around knocking the doors of many casting agencies and production houses and people used to shoo me off saying I can never make it. Those were depressing times. I used to come back to my room, look at my shields and trophies and question my talent. I often thought were these trophies given to me for my talent all a fallacy? However, I shook myself up and decided that I will definitely prove everyone wrong and achieve my dream of being an actor.

How did your family react to your decision to pursue acting and Bollywood?
My family always encouraged my decision however, initially my father was not in favour but seeing my determination he also gave in.

You said you are a dancer and since childhood you have been dancing. So have you taken any formal training in dancing?
I have taken training in Kathak and Salsa but not for Bollywood dancing. From the age of 3 or 4 I have been dancing.

If Remo D’souza offers you ABCD 3 would you do it?
Of course! I am waiting for that day (smiles).

Have you approached any director for work?
I have in my initial days but I was always rejected saying who told you, you can dance or act? But then today by God’s grace I am an actor and am doing some meaningful roles.


You have been surrounded by controversies ever since you became a part of Bollywood. However, you have always stood strong and faced them patiently, what gives you so much strength?
I get my strength from my God. The strength comes within me. Also my family. Any controversy, any bad situation then always stood by me and that gave me strength to face such situations in life (smiles).

(Laughs) Yes, touchwood!

I had read somewhere that your family disowned you for signing Dunno Y. How far is it true?
It is true but not after signing Dunno Y but when the movie was made and we were promoting it. My family obviously didn’t know what movie I had signed so they didn’t object to it then. But when the movie was getting promoted on TV and the posters were put up, people in Agra who knew my family starting talking bad about me and my choice of movie. They told my parents that I am doing some porn movie and the posters showed me standing naked. My parents were affected with those talks and stopped talking to me, especially my father, close to two years.

Then how did things sort out between you and your family?
I was in regular touch with my mother but dad was not talking to me. Zeenatji (Aman) came to know about it and she was sweet enough to talk to my parents and make them understand that if the movie was bad would people like her, Helenji and Kabir Bediji work in it? Would a legend like Lataji sing for the movie? Better sense prevailed and soon things were normal between us. Today my parents are my biggest supporter (laughs). They are proud of me today and when Dunno Y2 released my father called up each and every person he knew telling them that ‘my son’s’ second movie has released (laughs).

How did Dunno Y1 happen?
Kapil and I used to go to the same dance classes and slowly we became friends. During our conversations he told me about Dunno Y and how he was looking for an actor. When he asked me if I would be interested, I said why not and that’s how things fell in place and Dunno Y1 got made.

Did you have any apprehensions playing a gay man on-screen?
No. I loved the subject. The character was interesting and therefore I went with it. I never wanted to do conventional movies where I had a couple of songs, few fight sequences, dance around the trees etc.


I understand you had to go through a lot of struggle before and after Dunno Y1 was made. How did you sail through that period?
Before the movie I had to go through the normal struggling period however, after the movie was made and released, I went through the worst phase of my life. You might not know that I also became a partner in the movie. I had invested in the movie when it was completed and ready for release. I lost a lot of money when the movie didn’t get a proper release nor did it do well during its theatrical run. All those luxuries and comfort I had before I invested in the movie ran out. There were days when I did not eat and was in depression for a long time. When I look back I feel all those experiences only made me strong and determined to make it big in the industry.
Did the attitude of the industry people change after Dunno Y1 bagged many international awards and recognition?
Yes it did but then I believe people who judge you on the basis of a success or a failure are not the right people to be with. I like to keep myself far away from such people.

The songs are very melodious especially the songs sung by Lataji and Salma Agha. How did you convince Lataji to come out of her hibernation?
I would give all credit to Kapil (laughs). When we approached Lataji, she loved the story and the song, and she came on board. In fact apart from the Dunno Y series she has not sung for anyone and we consider it as a blessing (smiles).

Whom can you say are your friends in this industry?
Kapil Sharma and also his father Mr. K.C. Sharma. I share a very beautiful and warm relationship even with our age difference. He is a very positive person and always tell me if God has brought you to this industry then he will help you sail through.

Who conceptualized and designed the innovative posters of Dunno Y2?
(Laughs) It was a team decision.

Come on someone would have suggested it right?
Yes (laughs). It was my idea (smiles). We wanted to do something quirky to get our movie noticed and say that they want to see it…

…and it did work (smiles)
Thank you (smiles)


Any funny events that happened during the filming of Dunno Y2?
There is this scene where we are in a dance club and my character had to make Kapil’s character jealous as we are having some friction between us. So I had to approach this junior artist and kiss him, and to my surprise that actor actually smooched me and I was taken aback (laughs).

Have men hit on you?
Yes many a time but now I know how to handle it (laughs).

When Dunno y1 released 377 act was abolished and now when Dunno Y2 has released the act is back on. What is your take on this act?
I feel this is not justified and 377 should be permanently scrapped. Because you cannot punish someone for falling in love. Moreover, this act was introduced by British and even after independence we are still following the acts left behind by them. My last word on it, abolish 377 permanently (smiles).

If you look at Hollywood, there are movies made for every kind of audience eg: rom-com, action, porn, gay themed movies, historical etc. Why is it that we don’t see that kind of experiments being done in India?
I feel we should also make movies for each kind of audience because whoever wants to see a movie will definitely see his kind of movie. Like during our promotions we put up a post that said “Agar PK dekhke tu Alien nahi bana toh Dunno Y dekhkar tu gay nahi banega.”

Yes I have seen that post and had also shared it (laughs).
Agar movies dekhke log waise ban gaye toh we would have seen so many doctors and lawyers and criminals everywhere. So I feel as creative people we should strive to make movies that will appeal to everyone.

Gay characters are often used as an object to raise laughter in Indian movies, what’s your take on it?
It is totally unjustified. There are so many straight acting gay men, not every gay guy is feminine. So stereotyping people in movies is not good. Audience should see Dunno Y2 to understand what I am talking about (winks).

How did the Norwegien collaboration happen and what was the idea behind hiring a co-director – Tonje Gjevjon along with Sanjay Sharma?
They saw Dunno Y1 in a film festival held in Israel and approached us. We worked on the story together and Sanjayji always knew that it is a collaborative movie and he was okay with it. The entire shoot went up

premiere 1

Both movies had some great songs, so who chose the music?
Nikhil Kamath is the whole and sole person who should get all the credit. Not only the songs he has done a fantastic job with the background music too.

Great! Okay, Yuvi it’s time for some fun. Are you ready?
Fun??? (raises eyebrows)

(Laughs) Relax, I am going to ask you some questions and you have to give me some quirky replies. Done?
Phewww! Go ahead shoot (laughs).

What is your wildest fantasy?
What??? (laughs uncontrollably) I have never thought of this.

Give a thought and answer (laughs)
Okay… let me think (pauses and then starts laughing). Going on a date with Madhuri Dixit… is this good enough?

You are giving me this answer to please me (laughs).
(Joins laughter) Nothing like that.

Your dream date
Madhuri Dixit

Nice (smiles). Future Ahead?
I am part of a musical play Hyacinth directed by Sandip Soparkar and there are few movies that are in planning stage.

You suck at this, let’s play rapid fire, okay?
(laughs) Cool!

One person you want to romantically pair up on-screen other than Kapil for Dunno Y3?
John Abraham

The hottest male star in Bollywood?
Salman Khan

Your dream role?
Shah Rukh’s role in Devdas.

Favorite movie in Hollywood with a LGBT theme?
Brokeback Mountain

One night stand or dinner date?
Dinner Date (giggles).

Does size matter?
Depends what size are you referring to (bites tongue).

kapil yuvraaj zeenat

Hmm… Should I elaborate?
No! No! (laughs).

Dream director?
Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Salman with shirt or without?
Without (winks).

Who among the current actors you feel would have suited the role of Ashley and Aryan other than you and Kapil?
Ashley – Ranbir Kapoor Aryan – Varun Dhawan.

Wow what a choice! (Laughs) Hollywood or Bollywood?
Of course Bollywood!

Your favorite author?
Of course you!

You definitely made my day (winks). It was such a pleasure to catch up with you Yuvi, all the best for your future endeavours.
Thanks Shaiju.

Chai With Shai: Gays and Lesbians are not criminals – Tonje Gjevjon

Last week saw the release of Dunno Y2  the much awaited sequel of the controversial and much appreciated Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyon! released in 2010. Today on Chai With Shai we have the co-director of Dunno Y2 – Tonje Gjevjon sipping the customary chai with me along as we discuss all about the LGBT community issues apart from her first Indo-Norwegian movie collaboration. Here are excerpts of our chat.

Tonje Gjevjon

Congrats on Dunno Y2 (smiles)
Thanks (smiles back)

So tell me how did this movie take shape?
Me and my performance group (The Hungry Hearts) met Yuvraaj and Kapil at Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Film Festival where Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyon was screened and where my performance band had a concert. We liked the film, Kapil and Yuvraaj liked our performance concert and we became friends. Then after a year we started talking about the possibility to make a feature film together. In 2014 an Indian team of about 30 people came to Norway and we started the shooting of Dunno Y2… Life is A Moment.

Wow! I heard that the movie is partly inspired by your life, how true is it?
In the film there is a story about a lesbian couple, so Edith (my wife) and I actually play ourselves. In the film we reveal the way we met in real life so yes, the movie is partly inspired by our life (smiles).

How did you meet your wife?
In a lesbian bar where Edith worked as bartender (giggles).  I fell in love the moment I met her beautiful eyes. To get her attention I danced for her (blushes).

That’s an amazing story (winks). Sanjay Sharma and you share directorial credits for DY2. So how was the work divided and how was it collaborating with an Indian director?
Sometimes we directed together, sometimes he directed and sometimes I directed. Intimate love sequences and confrontation scenes I directed. Sanjay is way more experienced than me as a director, and I learned a lot from him. We also had the best cinematogrpher in the world in K. Ramsing and he gave us the most beautiful shots (smiles). He is brilliant and the beauty the audience will see on-screen is the result of collaboration between K. Ramsingh, Sanjay Sharma and I.

Tonje Gjevjon Shaiju Mathew LGBT Kapil Sharma
Tonje and wife Edith

The collaboration was kind of difficult because Bollywood films are glamorous and colorful and Norwegian films are realistic and kind of simple. Our aim was to mix Norwegian and Indian film directing to convey the gap between the two very different cultures. Movies Masti Magic Studios brought a men only team, and in my team we were mostly women (laughs). So of course we had our disagreements. Sometimes it was necessary to take a decision, but we got through and I am proud of what we have achieved (smiles).

How is the LGBT situation in Norway compared to India?
In Norway LGBT people are considered equal to heterosexual people and it is of course legal to practice sex and get married for gay individuals. We have the same rights as heterosexuals. We have gay saunas for gay men, and areas out in nature where especially gay men meet and have sex. We have beaches for LGBT people and LGBT bars and discotheques. So to be gay in Norway is easy compared to India where it is forbidden by penal code 377 (smiles).

That’s nice to hear (smiles). So what kind of reaction did DY2 gather after its screening at various festivals and in India?
In Oslo it got standing ovation (proudly). In India young boys came to me after the screenings and told me how important it is to make these kind of films. They also asked questions about LGBT rights in Norway and told me they hope the future will bring same LGBT rights to India.

Tell us something about working with Yuvraaj and Kapil?
They are both brilliant actors. They are always prepared and they really listen when I as director told them what kind of emotions I wanted them to express. They are extremely professional.

Have you watched any Bollywood movies? Which is your favorite movie among them?
I have seen lots of Bollywood movies, Gulaab Gang is my favorite. I hope there will be more Bollywood films with female perspective, with lesbians, feminists and girl power. Also girls should be able to see films where women are strong super-heroines that can change the world. I find Bollywood films with male main stories very boring (frowns). As audience and a woman I want to see films with female perspectives.

Going ahead will you be collaborating with more filmmakers from India?
Maybe (pauses). For sure I will have cinematographer K. Ramsingh in my future projects. I was so lucky to be invited to transgender/hijras event with Kinnar Maa Trust when I was in Mumbai and I am so impressed by the work this organization does for Hijra community’s rights. It was a very strong experience with so beautiful and strong Hijra people. I would love to make a film about the hijra community and their fight for equal rights. The way they are trying to change the mindset of Indian society towards hijras and how they are educating hijras so they can get work and by this change their position in the society is quite impressing (smiles). And the way they dance and express themselves through dance, art, music theatre is beautiful and intelligent. I LOVE them!


Being gay is illegal in India. What are your thoughts about the same?
Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, Bisexuals are not criminals, we make love – not crime. This law is a shame on India – it makes India look uncivilized and uneducated. To be a LGBT person is a human right. India should support human rights and equality between men, women, transgender people, lesbians, bisexuals and homosexuals.

What are your future plans?
Our band The Hungry Hearts is releasing its first music album called “Dyke Forever” in November. It will have 11 electro pop disco songs about lesbian love. Also my production company, Blylaget Film, is making a documentary on Indian censorship and freedom of expression (smiles).

(Smiles) Any advice to the LGBT community members in India?
Yes, make art, films, music about LGBT issues. Be visible – cultural expression makes visibility. In all cultures gays are more visible than lesbians, transgender or bisexuals. If LGBT society in India really want to fight for equal rights be sure to have focus also on the lesbians and transgender people – remember that woman everywhere in the world in many ways have a lower status than men. If you really want to change things the fight for women rights are very important to support. So my advice is that LGBT organizations should collaborate and include women rights.

Okay now let’s have some fun…
Cool! I was waiting for the rapid fire (giggles)

Okay… so you have gone through my previous chats huh?
Yes (winks) and I totally love it (smiles)

premiere 1

Well then brace yourself…
Here is the first one coming to you… Who is the sexiest female actor you want to go on a date?
Juhi Chawla

Wow… (smiles) What turns you on in a woman?
Sensuality and intelligence (smiles)

Aha… (smiles) Long drives or candlelit dinners? 
Ahem… Long drives

What is that one thing in you that irritates Edith?
Losing house keys (giggles)

One night stands or committed relationship? (peers) 
Committed relationship (winks)

Love is ….?
Beautiful (laughs)

It was great talking to you Tonje.
Same here (shakes hand)

I wish you luck in all your future endeavours and let’s catch up every time you are in India (smiles)
Definitely! (smiles)

Movie Review: Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon – ZZzzzzzz

kis-kisko-pyar-karoon, shaiju mathew, kapil sharma, abbas mustan

This week there are four releases out of which Kis Kisko Pyar Karoon directed by Abbas-Mustan stands out along with Madhur Bhandarkar‘s Calendar Girls. The movie is also special because it is the debut movie of Kapil Sharma who has a huge fan following post his widely appreciated and watched comedy show ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil‘. However, the novelty of the movie ends with Kapil because there is nothing new in the story. It seems as if someone has stitched several Govinda hit movies of 1990’s together and served in the name of Kis Kisko Pyar Karoon.

Coming to the story. Kumar Shiv Ram Kishan aka Bholu (Sharma) is a guy who drives fancy cars, works in a fancy building and regularly wears a three-piece suit in Mumbai to show to the world that he is a rich man. In a year’s time or so he acquires three wives and blames his mother for the same. Surprised? So was I ;). It is shown that his mother always told him one should never break a woman’s heart or home, and in his attempt to live by that maxim, Bholu finds himself saddled with three wives. This reminded me of our Puranas, especially Mahabharat where one gets to read about how Draupadi ended up with five husbands. Now there are more such brain-shattering things showcased one after the other eg; Bholu parks all his wives in the same building – ‘Cocktail Towers’ on different floor with none of them getting to know about each other’s existence.

There are few more characters introduced like Bholu’s estranged parents and a father-in-law whom he gets to park in each of his wife’s apartment. Bholu also falls in love with Deepika (Elli Evram) and wants to get married to her (maybe he is not tired of three wives he has already gathered).

The story is a mixture of Saajan Chale Sasural, Gharwali Baharwali, Sandwich etc. from the 90’s directed by David Dhawan. Abbas-Mustan who are known for their stylish thrillers like Baazigar, Khiladi, Race series, Humraaz etc. ventures into unknown territory – comedy and tries to piggyback on Kapil’s popularity. Alas, it attempt is a huge disaster.  I would totally blame the writer (Anukalp Goswami) and director Abbas-Mustan for churning out this outdated fare.

Kapil sleepwalks through his role and shows sparks of ascending the throne left vacant by Govinda. However, if given a chance I would never want to see the 90’s kind of comedy movies coming back in vogue if this movie clicks, which I doubt. Among the actresses Manjari Phadnis does a decent act however others fall flat on their face including Elli Evram. Johny Lever’s daughter Jamie who has debuted with this movie has done a fantastic job as the Marathi speaking house-maid and so has Varun Sharma who plays Bholu’s friend.

The music by Tanishk Bagchi, Dr Zeus, Javed Mohsin and Amjad-Nadeem are no great shakes. Cinematography by  Dilshad is average while editing by Hussain Burmawallah is good.

Overall the movie is not even a one time watch and might not even gather it’s investment at the box office unless Kapil’s luck rubs it otherwise.

My Verdict: *

Chai With Shai XCLUSIVE: Kapil Sharma wants to ROMANCE Ranbir Kapoor!

Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyu is regarded as the torchbearer for LGBT films from India after it got applauded and appreciated internationally. The movie not only bagged 11 international awards but also gave way to the first Indian-Norwegian movie collaboration with its sequel Dunno Y2, which is releasing coming Friday. Today on ‘Chai With Shai’ we have Kapil Sharma, my dear friend and the lead actor of the Dunno Y series opening up to me about everything from movies to his life, and future ahead over the customary Cutting Chai! Here are some excerpts from our conversation.


From a child actor to a mature actor how has your journey been so far?
Fantastic! As a kid I got the opportunity to act with bigwigs like Dharamji and Rakheeji in superhit films like Shradhanjali, Hukumat etc. Infact I enjoyed my short little stint of fame in my school as I always grabbed a lot of attention from my friends, teachers and relatives (smiles).

I can understand (smiles)
I wonder at times how I managed to act when at that age as I was a shy kid. I used to get nervous every time, even while speaking to guests visiting our home. That does not mean I am now super confident and extrovert (laughs) I am still a shy and introvert person however, even now as well as when I was a kid, I just transform into some other person the moment I face the camera.

How was it growing up being Anil Sharma’s younger brother? How much did he inspire you to take your baby steps in Bollywood?
We are a big family. I have four older brothers and one sister. Being the youngest Anil Bhaiya was always like a father figure. I remember at times he used to come to pick me from school and we used to walk all the way home. He used to take me for ice cream treats and we used to have a lot of fun but when he had to be strict he was really strict.

Being Anil Sharma’s brother, K. C Sharmas’ son, I learnt a lot of things about this industry by default. Like I have seen phases when the attitude of the industry people changed with every Hit or Flop they made. I have seen them hitting the zenith and then falling down, only to rise back and so on. Their success and failure somewhere made me realize early in my life that nothing is permanent here. My Mantra – Never get carried away by success and never destroy yourself when you are down.

Also I learnt from Anil Bhaiya that you cannot take your success or good work for granted. One cannot live on their past laurels, instead one has to work harder and reinvent yourself continuously or this industry will not care if you are the son of a popular person or not.


So true (frowns)… Tell me your earliest memories about Bollywood?
Since my father had started film production even before I was born, I was exposed to the movie industry from birth. At that time we had a small 1BHK house which also doubled up as my father’s office, so there was some or the other work related activities always happening at our home, all the time. Also as my father is also an astrologer, lot of industry people dropped at our home for consultation. Therefore, from childhood I was exposed to film personalities at close quarters.

I remember my brothers regularly watched classics repeatedly at home. Classics like Pyaasa, Mughal-E-Azam, Sholay, Amar Akbar Anthony etc. apart from English classics were seen. I was subconsciously exposed to all kind of cinema and for me biggest hobby was to watch films (laughs).

Same here (joins in laughter) even now I have to watch one more a day or I can’t sleep.
That’s the magic of movies I believe (smiles). Every week I had to see one film in theater otherwise I would cry (laughs) therefore, my mom used to force my brothers on my weekly holidays to take me for a movie. I used to imitate dance moves of actors and actresses I used to watch in those movies (laughs out loud).

You started out with a commercial movie like Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo directed by your brother Anil Sharma starring Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol. How was your experience working on that movie?
It was a tough movie to do. When I signed the film I actually didn’t realise that I am so fortunate that I am working with The Amitabh Bachchan in my first film itself. For this film I went for a one month army training at an army cantonment. I stayed over there as a jawan and followed everyday rituals of training, without giving away my true identity. The training was gruesome and I felt  a sense of achievement the day I completed it (smiles).

For the role, I also worked on my Haryanvi accent. Everyday shooting with mega stars like Amitabh Bachchan , Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Danny Dengzongpa, Naghma and thousands of crowds, and a huge unit in difficult locales of Manali and Rajasthan in the worst temperatures (sighs), was tough but worth cherishing for life time (smiles).

kapil yuvraaj zeenat

What was it that prompted you to experiment with a controversial subject in Dunno Y1?
Most of the Bollywood films portrayed gay characters in a clichéd way by caricaturing them and always used them for cheap fun. Films never touched the human side.

True… So how did it take shape?
Then I saw Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain and it made me think. I felt a sensitive story like it should also be made in India. But many people suggested me that it’s not the right time to make a movie on similar subject. But I feel there is no right or wrong time for a good story. If it has to be told it has to be told… Period (smiles).

How did you and Yuvraaj meet?
Yuvraaj and I initially met in our dance class. Though we were always cordial with each other, we became good friends once we started working on this film (smiles).

Lata Mangeshkar had long stopped accepting any singing assignments what was it that prompted her to sing one song each in both your movies?
I would say I am very very lucky. In the last 5 years she refused offers from some of the biggest directors and production houses, yet she sang for us in both the films. In fact in the last 5 years, ours is the only Hindi feature film in which she has sung songs (smiles). For me music means Lataji and my day is incomplete without listening even one song of hers. It was my dream that Lataji should sing for at least one movie of mine and the universe granted my wish (smiles). It is rightly said that what you really desire for, the universe does its best to get it to you. I guess when we approached her, both the times somehow she just could not refuse. But I am greedy and have taken a promise from her that she will sing for my next film too (laughs).


Did you ever feel that a movie with a gay theme will be banned by the purists and you might never see it release in India?
When we started the film, we thought it will create curiosity, but then we never thought that we would get such extreme reactions wherein we even got life threats via anonymous letters during the first movie’s release. Then there was a protest against the movie lead by a political party who stood outside my house (sighs).

You never felt like giving up?
Never! In fact most of the multiplexes had refused to screen the film for its theme even after the movie starred legends like Helenji, Zeenat Aman and Kabir Bedi. That was in fact a very big shock. Hopefully we are expecting this time around there will be changes in the mindset of those people who protested and theaters who refused to screen.

Is Dunno Y2 a continuation of what we saw in the first movie or a totally new story with the same set of actors?
Will this time the story is completely new. But the names of our characters are same of last films. This time we meet in a new background and with a different approach. Last time the film was more serious this time also the message is the same but in a more fun and celebration way.

What is DunnoY2 all about? (story in brief)
Dunno Y2 is a sweet funny love story between a Pakistani and Indian boy. It gives a message that love is above gender, religion, race and manmade boundaries.

What is the USP of DY2?
The freshness in the story. A different approach of script which is an amalgamation of Indian and Norwegian sensibilities. The beautiful locations of Norway and the lovely music and of course our performances (winks).


How confident are you of Dunno Y2 getting acceptance in present scenario?
This time we are much more confident with the acceptance. The generation next is very cool and open-minded. We pray things go fine and our film should lead to more awareness and acceptance to the LGBT issue.

Dunno Y1 has reaped some of the prestigious awards how confident are you to repeat the same with Dunno Y2?
Well Dunno Y1 is considered a cult film worldwide as it won 11 international awards and it’s still getting screened in some or other part of the world. To touch this benchmark for the sequel is not easy. But still, Dunno Y2 started with its first screening at the prestigious Opera House of Oslo, that’s an honor for a film if it gets selected to screen there. Lot of Norwegian political dignitaries, artists saw the film there and their response was terrific. It was again recently shown in Norway at a festival where also it got a good response. It is now selected to screen at  other prestigious film festivals in Barcelona, Germany and another one in Norway. Well things have started moving. Lets see where the sequel’s journey leads to…(smiles).

What was the inspiration behind both the movies?
To send across a message of acceptance of human rights which has been ignored for years. To make films, which many may not dare to make, at the same time try to make those films entertaining and simple so that any common man may connect to them.

premiere 1

How did Anilji react to your decision to make Dunno Y series?
Before we started Dunno Y 1, he wanted to hear the narration of the entire script. He had said that if he likes the script then only he will allow us to go ahead with the film. When he heard the narration, he loved the script and after that he never interfered in any creative aspect of the film. He is proud that Dunno Y has won so many awards and has reached internationally without any push from his end or any corporate or Godfather from the industry. He liked my acting very much especially my introduction scene and my emotional scenes. Now he is looking forward to see what we have made this time (smiles).

Where no actors in India dared Yuvraaj and you have fully gone ahead and shot some really steamy scenes how apprehensive were you while shooting such scenes?
I believe if you are an actor and after reading the script you have agreed to do a film, then it’s your responsibility to follow the vision of the director. If the script requires steamy scenes then one should go ahead and do it, because when you are performing those scenes you are not yourself, you are the character you are portraying. Though its natural, while shooting such shots at times hesitations and nervousness occurs, but then I keep on reminding myself that I am an actor and it’s part of my job.

Future ahead?
My next release is a crazy comedy called Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. I am playing an interesting character which you can say is a grown up version of Dennis the Menace (smiles). It stars some very fine actors like Anupam Kher, Vijay Raaz, Dilip Joshi, Makarand Deshpande, Govind Namdev, Prem Chopra, Kulraj Randhawa, Sneha Ullal and Moushumi Chatterjee’s daughter Meghaa Chatterjee. Couple of more projects are also in the pipeline.


Do we see Dunno Y3 happening (winks)?
I don’t know! As we had never planned Dunno Y2, similarly we have no idea about Dunno Y3 at least for now (winks). But, if fans of this franchise want more of it, then you never know it may happen (smiles broadly).

Okay enough of serious question answering… let’s move on to something fun.
Great! So what are we going to do?

After making such controversial movies, you should be the last one to worry about such things (laughs out loud together)
Okay (rubbing his hands together) Come on shoot!

Simple, I am going to ask you few questions for which you have to answer in one word (winks).
Okay (laughs) hope you won’t put me into trouble (winks).

Who is the most good-looking male actor in India?
Salman Khan

Mine too (winks). If given a chance which actor other than Yuvraaj would you like to cast as your gay lover in Dunno Y3?
Ranbir Kapoor (winks).

Aha! As Aryan who is your dream date other than Ashley in real life scenario?
Aryan has been flirtatious in both the parts. In part two his dream date is Ricky Martin (smiles).


One Night Stand or Committed relationship?
Both (winks).

What do you prefer a dream dinner date or a long drive with your lover?
Dream dinner date.

Wow (smiles) now the last question. Drumroll…Who is your favorite author?
I am sitting with him now (laughs).

Floored (smiles)! All the best for your movie Kapil and I am sure we get to see in many more movies portraying varied characters and I am sure you will definitely shine out as always.

So girls and guys, brace yourself as Dunno Y2 is going to hit the screens on 17th September at a theatre near you. Please go and watch it!