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Music Review: Anjaana Anjaani

Coming from the stables of Siddharth Anand and Sajid Nadiadwala ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ comes with a lot of expectations musically. With superhit music tracks like ‘Salaam Namaste’, Tara Rum Pum’ and ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ in the past, Siddharth Anand’s latest movie offering with Vishal-Shekhar helming the baton is going to be a sure shot hit in the coming days.

The album starts with the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sung ballard ‘Aas Paas Khuda’. Rahat means that there would be something slow, subdued, subtle and soulful. This is exactly what one gets with ‘Aas Paas Khuda’ which does require a couple of listening before one settles down to the sound. Written by Vishal Dadlani with Shekhar Ravjiani adding to the chorus, ‘Aas Paas Khuda’ is about the protagonist being inspired to be positive and trust in the almighty. The treatment in fact has a Western touch to it though Rahat does his own stuff of staying in his ‘sufi’ zone. What works more though is the ‘unplugged version’ because with Rahat around, all you wish to listen to is his voice with nothing else around. In this version, there is Shruti Pathak around though one doesn’t mind that.

Next one ‘Anjaana Anjaani Ki Kahani’ sung by Monali Thakur and Nikhil Dsouza is a spunky club track that is already heating up the music charts. With Hindi and English lyrics thrown in with equal measure it would definitely appeal to the club going youngsters. This song written by Neelish Mishra gives a retro feel heard in the songs of 70’s and 80’s.

Lucky Ali surprises everyone with ‘Hairat’ another future chartbuster written by Vishal Dadlani. A love song that describes how life is beautiful if you have a great companion. Lucky needs to sing more often as his voice brings a freshness that is rarely to be seen these days. Another up for him after the ‘Ahista Ahista’ another Vishal Shekhar composition from another Siddharth Anand movie with Ranbir ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’.

‘Tumse Hi Tumse’ sung by Shekhar Ravjiani with a boyish charm has a Vishal-Shekhar stamp to it when it comes to simplicity. Written by Amitabh Bhattacharya and Anvita Dutt with Caralisa Monteiro contributing with the English Lyrics, ‘Tumse Hi Tumse’ is a modern day romantic track for a lazy coffee outing.

‘Tujhe Bhula Diya’ sung by Mohit Chauhan is not a typical sad judaai song. The song has its own uniqueness which captures you even in its remix and lounge versions sung by Shruti Pathak. Written by Kumaar and Vishal Dadlani, Tujhe Bhula Diya is a very good attempt.

The entertainment continues with the sixth song – ‘I Feel Good’ – and one realises that you are indeed feeling good by the time this song appears. In fact this Vishal Dadlani sung and written number makes one wonder that this song could well have come at the very beginning of the album as well. Normally some of the relatively weaker songs make a late appearance in an album but listening to ‘I Feel Good’ makes one sure that the team here indeed chose some of the best compositions that they had in hand. With Shilpa Rao giving Vishal some good company here, ‘I Feel Good’ (which has been set as a Western teenage love song) turns out to be yet another good inclusion in the album.

The last song that appears on this album is titled ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ sung by Shilpa Rao and Vishal Dadlani. The second title track is quite a revealation which draws parallel with the ‘Khuda Jaane’ song from Bachna Ae Haseeno.

Listening to the songs you feel really complete as every song is a gem and in today’s time where you just find one or two songs worth listening here you get an entire album with beautiful melodies.

I am already rocking to these songs…. I bet even you guyz would also agree to me once you listen to the same.


How do you feel when you crash onto a family of six accidentally
while learning to ride a bike?

How do you feel when accidentally you peep into a bathroom to see your girlfriend’s mother taking a bath?

How do you feel when high on beer you accidentally kick onto a dead body?

How do you feel when a dog chases and bites you when you accidentally stroll into someone’s garden?

How do you feel when accidentally you are caught red handed making love to your girlfriend by her mother?

The answer is “Knocked Up” a hilarious tale of friendship, love, happiness and togetherness experienced, redefined and celebrated by three best friends Sid, Ron & Prateik.

Growing up days is fun especially when you have a set of friends who are as whacked and crazy as you are. Sid, Ron and Prateik had nothing in common other than their friendship and zest for life. The fun loving trio who were never serious about their lives or career ultimately find their goals and meaning to their life through funny events and incidents.

A story that will relate to you and also put a smile on your face making you miss those fun filled teenage days.


As per the latest reports nearly 18 percent or rather one out of every five Americans feels that Obama practices Islam. The numbers have alarmingly risen from the 11 percent people who said so in March 2009, according to a poll released today. The number of people who say he is a Christian is down to 34 percent.
The largest number; 43 percent of people said that they didn’t know his religion which is an increase from 34 percent who said so in March 2009.

The survey, conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center and its affiliated Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, is based on the interviews conducted before the controversy over whether Muslims should be permitted to build a mosque near the World Trade Center site.

The poll emerged as the President said he has ‘No Regrets’ over the comments he made about the right of Muslims to build a mosque near Ground Zero. The President was asked about his comments while he was finishing a meeting with the public on the economy of Ohio yesterday which has sparked an outrage by the Republicans and the families of the 9/11 victims. Last week Obama had also commented that Muslims have equal right to practice their religion like any other citizens of America.

Emergency crews like the New York firemen, Police and ambulance workers who dealt with the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks have condemned his support for a mosque near Ground Zero and accused him of deserting them.

Since the terrorist attack by Islamic extremists, many who risked their lives saving others have been plagued by serious health problems. A bill which would give them £4.6billion compensation is stuck in Congress.

John Feal, who heads the Fealgood Foundation supporting emergency workers, said the plight of the Ground Zero workers and their diseases brought on by the toxic cloud over the twin towers had been sidelined.

‘Why have you failed us? We thought you would be our champion,’ he wrote in a letter to Mr Obama. ‘It is disturbing that you have the time and energy to speak in favour of the mosque, but not on the health crisis caused by the attacks.’

The rescuers want Mr Obama to show support for the £4.6billion Zadroga 9/11 health and compensation bill which will guarantee payments to workers who are suffering as a result of 9/11 rescue efforts. The bill was rejected last month by Congress amid accusations by the Republicans that it was a cash grab by New York.

There are renewed calls for an investigation into how the mosque will be paid for as reports suggest it may be funded by cash from regimes with questionable stances on terrorism.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, called for an investigation into those opposing the mosque plans. She told a San Fransisco radio station: ‘There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how… this opposition to the mosque is being funded.’ But her campaign was immediately rejected by New York Mayor Micheal Bloomberg as ‘un-American’.

According to the Siena Research Institute poll, 63 per cent of New Yorkers polled were against its construction and just 27 per cent were for it. But in the same poll a similar margin – 64-to-28 per cent – said the developers had the constitutional right to built it.

The mosque, previously called Cordoba House but now known as Park51, will be a 13-storey Muslim community centre costing £70million which will include a swimming pool, gym, theatre and sports facilities.

To add insult to injury, in the eyes of the victims’ families and the majority of Americans, approval has just been granted for a mosque to be built two blocks away from Ground Zero as the Construction is due to begin on September 11 next year – the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack.

Nine years after 9/11, the site of the Twin Towers is still an open sore on the face of New York — a festering reminder of the terror attack which claimed almost 3,000 lives.

What began as a local planning dispute could come to determine the fate of Barack Obama’s Presidency in the coming few months.
Source: Daily Mail


A new research has found that women who grow up with a younger brother tend to lose their virginity nearly two years later than otherwise because of their traditional care-giving roles.

Researchers said that elder girls were more likely to take on the role of helping with family chores and as a result were less likely to form sexual relationships.

“Elder daughters may provide more help to their parents in raising their younger brothers than elder brothers,” said study authors Fritha Milne and Debra Judge, of Western Australia University. “Associated with this prolonged help is a delay in sexual activity and thus a delay in potential for starting their own family.”

The researchers studied 273 people aged 18 to 75 and found girls with exclusively elder brothers were almost a year older when they had their first period than those with no older siblings or those with only elder sisters. And girls with only younger brothers were on average almost two years older when they first had sex than those with no younger siblings. The findings were published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Scientists in the Salzburg University have found that the contraceptive pill has the potential to increase the grey matter inside your head to make you smarter. Their study has shown that contraceptive pills enhance the brain’s ‘conversation hub’ and memory. It increases brain size by around 3 per cent.

Scientists, who took high-resolution images of the brain, found that several areas in the brain looked larger for women who took the pill, irrespective of the brand or formulation of the drug, or how long it had been prescribed for.

These areas seemed to be the ones that dealt with social skills and memory. “The behavioural changes due to contraceptive use are likely to affect those skills that are already better developed in women compared to men like, for example, memory,” said Dr Belinda Pletzer of Salzburg University.

One theory as to why the pill affects the brain this way is that the oestrogen or progesterone used to stop eggs from being released also strengthens the links between nerve cells in the brain. The study is published in the journal Brain Research.

Bruce Lee to be immortalised by China into a Mammoth Statue

China is all hell bent on creating world history by creating a red painted 30m-tall and eight-legged sculpture of kung fu legend Bruce Lee , which they hope would eventually be recognised as a landmark very much like the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour.

According to the China Daily, the ceramic statue depicts an eight-legged Bruce Lee, known as Li Xiaolong in Chinese, balancing world famous monuments on each foot. The monuments include The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bird’s Nest or National Olympic Stadium, in Beijing.

Chinese artists in Foshan, a city in Guangdong province are working on the same. One of the artists Shu Yong said “We hope it can compete with the Statue of Liberty. But our sculpture, The Kungfu God of 1,000 Legs, is meant to symbolise Chinese wisdom, creativity and health.” It took 100 people six months to complete the sculpture, because of its complexity and size of the ceramics.
Bruce Lee, the star of the 1973 cult hit ‘Enter the Dragon’, was born in San Francisco but has ancestral links to Foshan.

The towering sculpture, which looks like a stop-motion capture of Lee doing one of his explosive high kicks, is expected to be ready by next year.

“We are taking it to the Guggenheim Museum (in Manhattan) next year as part of a grand world tour,” Yong added.

Foshan, the city in Guangdong province where the sculpture is being made, bills itself as the home of Chinese kung fu. In reality, it competes with several other Chinese towns and provinces for kung fu bragging rights, notably the Shaolin monastery in Henan province.


Marilyn Monroe the Hollywood diva who ruled the screens in the 40’s and 60’s was always known for her fashion and style. Recently some rare photographs taken between the shoots of 1961 film Misfits – the last film Marilyn Monroe completed has surfaced which shows a relaxed side of the Hollywood icon, who is synonymous with glamour.

In the newly released images, the actress is dressed in a simple white shirt and her hair is plaited in pig tails. She looks sombre but relaxed.

Monroe who was associated with many controversies during her lifetime had committed suicide a year after completing the film, which was written by her ex-husband Arthur Miller. It was directed by John Huston and also starred Clark Gable. The film tells the story of a depressed divorcee’s chance encounter with an ageing cowboy.

Other photos also show a fresh faced Marilyn caught off-guard wrapped in a towel, reading the script between takes and standing at her trailer door sipping coffee as she chats with co-star Montgomery Clift, Daily Mail reported.

These eight images have been captured by photo-journalist Eve Arnold and are on display in the US. Recalling his association with the star, the 98-year-old photographer said: “She was going places but she hadn’t arrived. She liked my pictures and was canny enough to realise that they were a fresh approach for presenting her – a looser, more intimate look than the posed studio portraits she was used to in Hollywood.”