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6 Reasons Why Relationship With A Creative Mind Will Never Work!


Many a time people ask me how is it being a creative person, how different I feel being in a relationship and how lucky my partner is to have me around. However, if you ask my partner you would get a whole new dimension to our relationship – making you rethink if you are even remotely contemplating a relationship with one.

I do take pride in being a creative person and do believe that we are the best to be in a relationship with; however, years of self as well as peer observations have made me realize otherwise. Although not a relationship expert, I can still give you few reasons why being in a relationship with an artistic mind is difficult.

Almost every creative mind in the world has somewhat similar behavioral patterns when they are in a relationship. This might be because creative minds are rare and by virtue of their novelty, they never “fit into” the crowd of ordinary beings.

It is observed generally by many that creative people are often very attractive because of their enigmatic personality. They have a charismatic power to attract people towards them using their depth of thought, expression and intelligence. On the way, they also attract bad relationships – the reason being; they are not cut out for regular relationships. Therefore, as I mentioned earlier relationship with a creative person might not be always rosy and is difficult to sustain.

You might like the thought of being in love with a creative genius and make yourself their object of affection. However, it has been witnessed time immortal that creative minds can never sustain an everlasting relationship because of the following character traits;

1) Mood Swings: Most creative people suffer from mood swings. They are whimsical and might oscillate between extreme happiness and depression. Partners are suggested to understand such mood swings to maintain a healthy relationship.

2) Recluse: Mixing with anyone and everyone is ruled out, if your partner is a creative guy. They cannot tolerate mediocrity and would love to hang out with like minded geniuses making them often anti-social or recluse. So if you have friends who do not match your partner’s level of intelligence then do not expect your partner to ‘make friends’ with them, just for the heck.

3) Excessively Intense: Intensity in a relationship is something that a creative person values. They want their partners to be totally involved in the relationship and will not settle for anything less than perfection, leading to numerous relationship issues.

4) Need A Muse: Every artist in the world needs a muse to inspire them during their creative process. Often they look up to their partners to fulfill that void and if you fail to inspire the creativity in them, then your artist partner will get bored and claustrophobic in the relationship, leading to a break-up.

5) Financial Instability: Creative people are free spirited like flowing water, a gypsy by heart. They cannot be bound by the financial worries of the world. They are the most instable lot when it comes to making financial decisions or securing their future. Therefore there is less or zero stability or plans for a future when you are in a relationship with an artist.

6) Loves Freedom: An artist can never be bound to the ordinary rules and regulations of a relationship; they hate to be restricted. If you try to bind them or restrict their freedom, they will go into severe depression; at times leading to violent behavior.

These are few challenges of being in a relationship with a creative person. However, this does not mean that you can never make it work with an artistic person. All you need to have is a creative streak in you apart from patience to understand the uniqueness of an artist.


OLA Cab CEO’s Family Members Murdered By His Drivers!


While I was crusading against the system where Ola Cabs does not do a proper background check for their drivers resulting in customers facing multiple tragic incidents, including me.  I hear this shocking news about Bhavish Aggarwal – CEO, Ola Cabs paternal grandmother Pushpawati Aggarwal, 84, and aunt Dr Sarita Aggarwal, 57, a gynaecologist being murdered and the prime suspects are his own two drivers. Now as per Times of India these two drivers hold the key to solving this double murder.

My heart goes out to those victims and Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal because whatever happened is not right. If it could happen to the family of a successful and powerful businessman then it can happen to anyone in the society. My crusade was against anti-social elements who exist in our society and we could be subject to them anytime. I getting threatened by the driver on the night of 3rd February and due to a quick presence of mind I escaping a probable threat to my life is something that has etched in my mind. The driver who did this to me he is running scott free because Ola chose to relieve him from his services. Now if this person comes and does anything to my family or me who is going to be responsible?

I have run pillar to post to get this issue highlighted but the media, lawyers and the police who are supposed to help people have raised their hands and humiliated me in various ways. Whom will I look up to for help? It’s not only for me I am asking justice, if you read the comments on my blog and on the various social media groups where people have narrated their horrific tales relating to drivers hired by cab companies, you wonder where we as a society and as a country are headed. As cab service companies it should be their prime responsibility to have a stringent process in place for screening each and every driver they hire.

This kind of incident can happen to anyone irrespective of you being rich or poor, weak or strong, man or woman. I do not want anyone else to go through the same pain several others like me have gone through again. That’s why I urge each one of you to stand up and say NO to keeping quiet to injustice. I alone cannot do anything but if we all get together, then we can change the world. The police who is supposed to be our protector will have to do their duty of protecting us. The lawyers will stop thinking about their fees and concentrate more on getting justice for the victims. The media who writes about everything under the sun only if they are bribed will start reporting actual news. The Government will be pressurized to make a change in our law and security system making our country a better place to stay. Let us all come together and run a crusade that will help us to have a SAFE and SECURE country to live. Let’s not wait for a tragedy like what happened to the Aggarwal family or like the Nirbhaya case or Professor Siras case or a Rohith case to happen to take action and do a candle march. Let’s become more responsible and say NO to injustice.

Please click here to read the Times Of India News about Bhavish Aggarwal’s tragedy.

To find out what happened to me click here

My ordeal with Ola Continues click here to read the full story


My Ordeal With Ola Continues…!



My ordeal with Ola still continues and I want to narrate the second part of my struggle that I underwent today. So apparently Ola called and very nicely said, “Dear Mr. Mathew we are sorry for all the ordeal you went through and you know what we have a good news for you.” I wondered what the good news would be? Is Ola Founder Bhavesh Aggarwal sending me a written apology along with an assurance of doing a thorough driver background check before hiring any more drivers to avoid any more such incidents in future? And then Mr. Zachary from Ola reads out the second part of his script, “We have fired the driver.” I am like… “What!” “Yes and we have blacklisted him and we will see to it that he won’t get any more business in Pune again. Moreover, we would suggest you for safety reasons please lodge a FIR against the driver.”
I collapse, was he giving me a good news or the worst nightmare I feared of? He then goes on and on from his script about how the procedure for Ola is all about caring for the customer and how they feel they have erred in my case and how they have penalized the driver. Really? I booked Ola… Ola hired this driver… I went through this life threatening ordeal last night… Ola customer care behaves insensitively with me knowing very well the danger I was in by disconnecting the calls midway… and who gets penalized? ME! You would ask how? So apparently his driver has my house location and he knows that he lost his contract with Ola because of the issue he had with me so in retaliation he can come to my place and harm my family and I. Worst part for a problem that could have been nixed in the bud by Ola was by hiring the right people to operate their fleet of cabs, by doing a strict background check, now it is my duty to safeguard my family and my well-being by lodging a complaint against the driver and live in fear.

So, whom should I ideally sue you might ask? OLA who else? Okay, so lauded by my friends and few members of the reputed media industry I write a letter and approach the nearest police station. Sitting outside on a bench a portly Inspector looks at me from top to bottom and asks with attitude while he twirls his moustache, “What do you want?” I narrate the entire story and then he looks at me disinterestedly and says, “Come on Saturday.” I look at him with open mouth and he says, “Time kitti wazlay? What time is it?” I look at my watch and reply, “9:10”. “Toh?” raises his brows and says, “Mera duty 9 baje khatam… toh kal subah aana.”
“Sir lekin FIR likhwana hai na,” I insist.
“Toh ek kaam karo, kidhar se chada tum gaadi?” pokes a toothpick in his teeth and spits.
“Chinchwad station ke peech se,” I reply.
“Toh abhi Chinchwad police station jao aur FIR likhwao,” looks at his subordinates and twirls his moustache while his sidekicks nod their heads and say, “Barobar.”
“Sir lekin aap zero FIR bhi toh kar sakte hai na,” I push further.
“Toh ek kaam karo raat ke 1:30 baje tak ruko yahan, agla inspector aayega uska mann karega toh likhega. Kai mandali kai boltoy (am I correct friends?)” he asks his sidekicks who reply by nodding their heads with a “Hoy Hoy.”
“Main itne der kaise ruku?” I ask looking at my watch.
“Kal raat ko kyu nahi aaya complaint karne?” he asks me again trying to show off his investigative qualities to his juniors.
“Sir kal jo kuch hua aapko bataya maine. I ran for my life as I was scared the driver will harm me.”
“Toh subah kyu nahi aaya?” laughs at me and looks at his sidekicks who join him in laughter.
“Sir woh Ola wale bole ki sham tak batayenge what they will do with my case.” I reply.
“Yeh dekho tumko idhar 1:30 tak baithna hai toh baito fir FIR bana toh bana. Aur tu zyada Angrezi mat jhad haan pachta nahi humko,” laughs louder joined by his juniors.
Dejected I walk aside and dial the number of my so-called friend who assured me that going to the police and lodging a complaint was the logical thing. His number rings and then stops. No one picks up. Then I remember the number of the journalist who gave me assurances to cover my issue in the next day’s edition if I could procure the FIR. I dial her number.
“Hello is it Madam X (name withheld due to privacy reasons)?”
“Yes. Who is this?”
“We spoke about the Ola thing in the morning, remember?”
“Oh yes, tell me?”

I narrate the entire incident that happened at the police station. I get a reply, “Do one thing. You sit there in the police station and tell them you will not move without a FIR registered. They might hit you and try to drive you off but still wait there for the next two days. Bina FIR ke mat aana as I can’t file a story without one.”

I am shocked. To give her a story I have to undergo another round of emotional and physical turmoil? “Ma’am can’t we do some awareness for the issue? So many people on social media have responded to my post and have also narrated similar stories they underwent. Don’t you feel you have some moral responsibility to take up an issue and bring it to the notice of the general public and also the high and mighty Bhavish Aggarwal?”
“Boss don’t lecture me. I work for an organization. My editor will ask me did the guy get beaten up or is there any juicy story that will give us more mileage? If I say no then she will not file the story and my time in writing the article is wasted. If that driver would have beaten you and thrown you in the jungle then we could have taken some nice pics of yours in that condition and put it on front page. Still there is time, do a dharna at the Police station. Tell them you will not budge till you get a FIR done. Make all possible ways to get beaten up by the Police so that there is some juice to this story. Otherwise you will have to shell out some big monies to get featured in our newspaper,” she chuckles.

Now my patience is up and I think of giving her a piece of my mind, “So you need a Nirbhaya or a Rohith like incident to happen for you to highlight my issue? Then you don’t mind doing a candle march or a dharna seeking justice for me after I am dead so that your paper gets more circulation? As a helpless citizen I have nowhere to go and I come to you because you assured me of timely help and now you also raise your hands like others?” and before I realize she has already hung up on me.

In short, a middle class person like me with no political or bureaucratic connections has no place in this country where the Police has no moral responsibility to help the victims. The media want juice to write about any issue. The guilty company does not want to take any responsibility and a victim like me has to keep quiet and bear the atrocities done to us without batting an eyelid. Is this the kind of FREEDOM our ancestors fought for? Look around you will find more people like me who want to raise their voice but have to keep quiet because we have NO CHOICE!!!

Oh! By the way if anyone is interested please do listen to the voice recording of the conversation I had with the Ola Safety Manager today. Read part one of this issue here.

Shame on you Ola Cabs!


Before you board an OLA cab next time, be careful as your life might be in danger. Had one of the most nightmarish experiences with Olacabs tonite. I am in my hometown Pune and I booked a share cab with both onboarding and offboarding information however, the driver who came to pick me half way through the trip said that he cannot drop me at my place as my home is outside “his service boundaries” and if had to drop me at home then I have to pay him extra i.e. Rs.12 per kilometer. I had already made a wallet payment and didn’t understand the logic to pay extra because the destination was not outside the city limits and even OLA later confirmed to me because if it had then the APP wouldn’t pick the location. He said if I do not pay he will hit me and throw me out of the cab after taking me to an isolated place with no electricity or people around. Scared that he would harm me, I told him I will pay him the extra money and called Ola Customer Care and pretended to talk to them as if I am talking to a friend in a calm and composed way in English. The customer care was half as responsible as they kept on disconnecting my call even after knowing my situation. They kept on telling me I should not pay anything extra without understanding the situation. Finally I threatened the customer care rep of lodging a police complaint if the situation is not handled that’s when one of the high and mighty supervisors called the driver and asked him not to charge extra from me and if he charged me they will take him off the list. The driver got into an argument with the supervisor saying he has been told by the Ola trainers and managers to take extra fare for any destination beyond their service boundary from the customer irrespective of the customer having paid the money through wallet in advance. As the driver was engaged in an argument with the supervisor I got down from the cab some half a kilometer away from my destination and got away unnoticed. I do not know how a company like OLA can hire drivers without doing a background check? How safe can a customer feel with such reputed companies? If tomorrow this driver comes to my home and harms me or any of my family members who is going to take the responsibility? As I am writing down this experience here I got a call from OLA team trying to sympathize with me and my situation with a “I understand” dialogue. How can any of the Ola employee sitting on a plush chair warming his ass understand my situation and danger I was subjected to? Highly disappointed! The vehicle number is MH14CX5363 and Driver’s name Sagar Sawant OSN: 5052253… Time to do rectify your mistake and go beyond I UNDERSTANDS and APOLOGIES!!! 

Read the second part of this case here.

Movie Review: Mastizaade – Another Sleep Fest!


Last week saw the crashing of a overhyped sequel to a ‘Hit’ franchise at the box office – Kya Kool Hain Hum 3. This week again we are put to test our patience and senses with another raunchy ‘porn’ com Mastizaade starring Sunny Leone, Vir Das and Tushar Kapoor (the official porn star of India) 😉

Mastizaade starts off with the ‘flashy’ introduction of Riteish Deshmukh, a self-confessed ‘mastizaada’ (literal meaning of the same as per the dialogue promo – “Jise duniya kehti hai haraamzaada, jise pyaar se ladkiyaan kehti hain ‘aur zyaada’, wahi hota hai asli mastizaada“). Aditya Chotiya (Vir Das) and Sunny Kele (Tusshar Kapoor) two self-confessed sex-maniacs after seeing his antics and his magnetism towards girls, want to become his disciples.

Aditya and Sunny who are thrown out of an ad agency due to extreme sexual content in all their ads, end up starting their own ad agency named ‘XXX’. On the other hand, in order to find a solution for their sexual obsessions, they check into a rehabilitation centre run by the twin sisters (who are sex addicts themselves) Laila Lele (Sunny Leone) and Lily Lele (Sunny Leone again). While Laila Lele is modernity personified, Lilly Lele is a girl with simple values, but, stammers while talking. A lucky draw in the rehab centre wins Aditya and Sunny a trip to Pattaya alongwith Laila and Lily. Amidst all this, Aditya and Sunny land up falling in love with Laila and Lilly respectively. The movie then goes on a spree of double meaning words like Kholde, Daalde, Pakadle, Lele, Kele what not…

In the entire confused plot to bring in more confusion there are few more added characters like Asrani who is Laila and Lily’s father, Sondas (Suresh Menon) the typical filmi gay brother of the twins who also falls in love with Sunny and his ‘Kela’. Then there is Deshpremi (Shaad Randhawa), a wheelchair bound wannabe army man who finds it tough to ‘stand’ on his feet and also the fiancee of Laila. The plot just goes topsy turvy and if you have the patience to go through the entire movie then find out what happens to Aditya and Sunny in the end, do they get the love of their lives, who ultimately gets Sunny Kele between Lily Lele and ‘Son-Das’ and do these ‘mastizaades’ find a solution to their sexual obsessions etc.

Milap Zaveri who had earlier delivered a dud – Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai, loses the plot with this movie too. For an adult comedy this is a very weak effort as one cannot ride an entire movie based on Whatsapp and SMS jokes. The music by Anand Raj Anand, Meet Bros Anjaan and Amaal Mallik  is average, the cinematography by Sanjay F. Gupta seems patchy in few scenes, background score is not that great, editing by Nitin Rokade is okay.

Coming to performances none of the actors are upto the mark. These kind of movies will definitely hit Tushar Kapoor’s career. On the whole the movie is another ‘Sleep Fest’… don’t mind if you hear anyone snoring in the movie hall 😉

My Verdict: *

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Movie Review: Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 – Zzzzzzz!


The second release of the week is Umesh Ghadge directed Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 the third part in the successful Kya Kool Hai Hum series. However, even hardcore adult-comedy lovers will be disappointed. Apart from some funny jokes and few sequences the movie falls flat.

Kanhaiya (Tusshar Kapoor) and Rocky (Aftab Shivdasani) are unlikely friends. The two end up in Bangkok when invited by their friend Micky (Krishna Abhishek) to work in adult films produced by his banner, Horney Singh Productions. While the two have a good run with porn spoofs of Hindi films, things get messy when Kanhaiya finds his soulmate, Shalu (Mandana Karimi) and must impress her sanskari father, Surya Karjatya (Darshan Jariwala). But porn isn’t `punya ka kaam’ so the two team up with their fellow porn stars, Meri Lee (Gizele Thakral), Suckuntala (Claudia Ciesla) and two others to portray an ideal family.

There is not much of a story. The producers and the director thought of banking on the successful series to create some hype for their product. The teasers were good but that’s that. Porn-com regulars Tusshar and Aftab have very less to offer and Krishna Abhishek as always is funny. Mandana does an impressive job however, she is not an actor yet. Gizele and Claudia are passable and Darshan Jariwala is wasted.

The dialogues are corny, the music by Sajid-Wajid is nothing great but the visuals are good. Few sequences in the movie are hilarious. However, one cannot ride an entire movie on the shoulders of such few sequences.

On the whole, KKHH3 does not live upto the hype created. You can pass it on and wait for next week’s Mastizaade.

My Verdict: *

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Movie Review: Airlift – Simply Brilliant!


This week opened with two movies catering to different genres – Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 and Airlift. More on KKHH3 later. Airlift is one classic movie directed by director Raja Krishna Menon who brings to life the real life story about the evacuation of Indians in Kuwait after the invasion by Iraq in 1990. Some stories should be told and this is one beautiful story that was waiting to explode on screen which also has a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records about the biggest and most historic air evacuation in the world history.

Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) is a Indian born Kuwaiti businessman who likes enjoying the high society life of the desert country. His wife Amrita Katyal (Nimrat Kaur) is happy in her own world with their little daughter. On August 2nd 1990, their world is turned upside down as Iraq invades Kuwait. Circumstances get the best or worst out of people. Ranjit who is a selfish businessman turns a new leaf as he watches his driver murdered in front of his own eyes. He along with a group of rich friends organises a camp for 1, 70, 000 Indians. The subsequent days are a glorious account of his powerful negotiating skills with enemies as well as friends to bring back the Indians to their homeland.

Menon does a brilliant job with writing as well as directing. He has the making of a great filmmaker and coming days will prove my words. The screenplay is gripping and the dialogues are applause worthy.

Akshay Kumar has given one of his career best performances with Airlift. He lives the character of Ranjit Katyal and his performance is flawless. Nimrat Kaur proves again that she is no flash in the pan actress and gives a career defining performance as Amrita Katyal. Few of her scenes are wonderful especially the scene where she is seen confronting the character of Prakash Belawadi. The supporting cast of Prakash Belawadi, Kumud Mishra, Purab Kohli and Inamulhaq is brilliant.

The background score is the second hero of the movie. Although Airlift is not a musical, the score is quite soothing and nice especially songs like Tu Bhoola Jise and Soch Na Sake. The editing by Hemanti Sarkar and cinematography by Priya Seth is very good.

On the whole, Airlift is a BRILLIANT movie coming out of Bollywood and it will make its place amongst the top classics. A must watch!

My Verdict: ****

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61st Filmfare Awards 2016 – Winners List!

Filmfare is the Oscar of India and it is one of the most prestigious awards that every actor in India would kill to win. Recently the winners were announced and we have compiled the same for all chaiwithshai fans!


Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male)
Ranveer Singh – Bajirao Mastani

Best Actor in a Leading Role (Female)
Deepika Padukone – Piku

Best Film
Bajirao Mastani

Best Director
Sanjay Leela Bhansali – Bajirao Mastani

Best Debut Director
Neeraj Ghaywan – Masaan

Best Debut (Male)
Sooraj Pancholi – Hero

Best Debut (Female)
Bhumi Pednekar – Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Critics’ Choice Best Film Award

Critics’ Choice Best Actor (Male)
Amitabh Bachchan – Piku

Critics’ Choice Best Actor (Female)
Kangna Ranaut – Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Lifetime Achievement Award
Moushumi Chatterjee

Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Male)
Anil Kapoor – Dil Dhadakne Do

Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Female)
Priyanka Chopra – Bajirao Mastani

Best Playback Singer (Male)
Arijit Singh – Sooraj Dooba (Roy)

Best Playback Singer (Female)
Shreya Ghoshal – Deewani Mastani (Bajirao Mastani)

Best Story
Vijayendra Prasad – Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Best Music
Ankit Tiwari, Meet Bros. Anjjan and Amaal Mallik – Roy

Best Lyrics
Irshad Kamil – ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho‘ (Tamasha)

Best Dialogue
Himanshu Sharma – Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Best Screenplay
Juhi Chaturvedi – Piku

Best Costume Design
Anuj Modi, Maxima Basu – Bajirao Mastani

Production Design
Sujit Sawant, Saloni Dhatrak, Sriram Iyenger – Bajirao Mastani

Best Sound Design
Shajith Koyeri – Talvar

Best Background Score
Anupam Roy – Piku

Best Cinematography
Manu Anand – Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Best Action
Sham Kaushal – Bajirao Mastani

Best Choreography
Pandit Birju Maharaj (Mohe Rang Do Laal) – Bajirao Mastani
Remo D’Souza (Pinga)- Bajirao Mastani

Best VFX
Prana Studio – Bombay Velvet

R.D. Burman Award
Armaan Malik

We wish all the award winners the very best for their future!

Movie Review: Wazir – Only Style, No Substance!


2015 came to an end on a happy note with both Bajirao Mastani and Dilwale doing well at the Box Office. However, 2016 has just begun with its first release – Wazir, directed by Bejoy ‘Shaitan’ Nambiar. Let us find out if Wazir will break the January jinx this year at the BO.

The movie starts off with a song introduction of ATS officer Danish Ali (Farhan Akhtar), his wife Ruhaana (Aditi Rao Hydari) and their only daughter Noorie. One day, when Danish is out with his family, he spots a dreaded terrorist Rameez (Naseer Husain) and within minutes there is a series of chase sequences resulting in the death of Danish’s daughter Noorie.  Both Danish and Ruhaana are completely shattered by the death of their child and are suffering in their own solitary ways. A mentally disturbed Danish gets suspended from his job after he kills Rameez. Unable to bear the grief, one day, when Danish is about to kill himself, enters a wheelchair-bound chess champion named Panditji aka Omkar Nath Dhar (Amitabh Bachchan) in his life, and he gets sucked into the latter’s world, which is full of light and darkness, the contradictions arising from a painful past loss, and a present trying to come to terms with it.  Panditji, teaches Danish the ‘similarities’ between the ‘game of life’ and the ‘game of chess’. Gradually, the two become the best of buddies and start spending time over chess and drinks.

One fine day, Panditji reveals to Danish that his daughter was murdered by a politician Yazaad Qureshi (Manav Kaul) and he is waiting to take revenge for the same. Danish joins Panditji in his battle against Yazaad Qureshi. As days pass, Danish realizes that Yazaad Qureshi is not just a mere politician, but is more than what meets the eye. Just when Danish plans to eliminate Yazaad Qureshi, Panditji gets ‘attacked’ by a certain mysterious villain named ‘Wazir’ (Neil Nitin Mukesh). What happens towards the end is something that turns Danish Ali’s world upside down. Who is the real ‘Wazir’, what happens to Panditji in the end, does Danish Ali become successful in eliminating Yazaad Qureshi is what forms the rest of the film.

Bejoy Nambiar on paper had a great subject written by Abhijat Joshi and Vidhu Vinod Chopra but he spoils the same with his aimless and poor direction. The movie is high on style but very low on substance. The movie starts off with a ‘bang’ but loses steam as it progresses with too many dull moments included.  The movie suffers from as I said earlier an aimless direction, the plot is unconvincing and the director has taken unlimited cinematic liberties which does not make sense leaving the viewers confused. Akhtar’s character is shown to be a suspended ATS officer but he still carries a fully loaded gun (how and why? Doesn’t the department take back all the arms and ammunition along with the badge from a suspended police personnel?). Also he is called for action as and when required (brain goes spinning – is he a special case? If that is the case then why suspend him?)

The best part of the movie is to watch Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar perform. They have lived the characters and have done justice to their roles. Aditi Rao Hyderi has a small role but she has given a decent performance. Neil Nitin Mukesh and John Abraham are wasted.

The movie has a buffet spread of music directors Shantanu Moitra, Advaita, Ankit Tiwari, Prashant Pillai, Gaurav Godkhindi, Rochak Kohli etc. however, only song ‘Tere Bin’ is hummable. The background music by Rohit Kulkarni is quite powerful. Cinematography by Sanu Varghese is good. The film editors lacked style and substance, they could have edited some of the dull moments and made the movie more crisp and faster. The climax is very bad, it is quite predictable and that pulls the entire movie down.

On the whole, despite some wonderful performances fails to impress.

My Verdict: **

Renting Furniture – The New Way of Life!

_DSC9347 (1)

Why should you rent furniture?
After you have finished reading this article, you’ll be wondering why you never did!

The only thing constant in life is change and its impact on lives. What if you shift to a new city for work or studies? After you rent a place, the biggest challenge is to either shift your furniture from your hometown or buy new furniture. In both cases, you end up spending a lot of money. Towards the end of your stint at the city, finding buyers for your used furniture or costs involved in transporting them to your home/another city is such a pain!

Have you ever thought how convenient it would be to rent furniture in such cases? This would make the entire process of moving to another place so simple and smooth. No worries about assembling or damaging the furniture during transportation. Furniture renting companies make your lives easier ­- once your tenure is nearing the end in a city, they come and collect the furniture, leaving you with only few bags of clothes and other easy movables.

Or are you a person who would get bored of the same furniture? With renting of residential furniture, you can change the look of your house frequently, and that too without worrying about financing or disposing the old furniture.

In India, not many people are aware of the concept of renting or leasing residential furniture, while some feel that renting or leasing of residential furniture is a waste of money as they do not acquire ownership. Moreover, they end up paying more than the value of the furniture through monthly subscription plans. Here are some indicators, which would help understand why renting or leasing residential furniture is the best financially-sound decision.

1) Save Money: Why should you invest a huge amount of money in purchasing furniture when you have an option to use the best and most desirable furniture in the market at cheaper monthly subscription? You can save a considerable amount of money by renting furniture and this money can be invested in assets that give good returns.

2) Be Hassle Free: The most expensive and stylish furniture today might not always remain in vogue. Selling them off at low prices to upgrade in a few years is not a great idea! Moreover, if your stay in a city is not too long, selling/transporting furniture will be at a loss/cost. Make your life easier by simply renting furniture!

3) Speedy Delivery: Once you select your furniture and monthly subscription, the dealer ensures that the furniture is delivered at your doorstep within 24 hours. What more can you ask for to set up a new home with all the comforts you need!

4) Easy Availability: What you see is what you get! Your choice of furniture is just few clicks away. Only readily available furniture are posted on the website, and hence you need not worry about the availability.

5) Convenient and Pocket Friendly: You can select and rent from a range of furniture within your budget. Once you have your home set up and if you feel that a furniture is of no use, you may just contact the dealer and he will pick it up at your convenient time at no added expense.

6) Zero Wear and Tear Expense: You do not have to worry about the wear and tear of the furniture, as the cost is included in the monthly rental plan.

There are few residential furniture leasing or renting companies in the Indian market, and FURLENCO beats them all in their game with its pocket friendly monthly plans. They have monthly subscription plans ranging from Rs. 1,500/- to Rs. 7,500/- per month, wherein you can get your 1BHK house to a 3BHK house fully furnished. For more details, visit You can pick and choose your plan as per your need and budget, and make furniture rental a way of life!

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