This week we have a miracle lady – Shilpa Savant, who has dedicated her life towards the benefit of humanity through Reiki therapy. There are many doubts on the subject and I take this opportunity in clearing few through this interesting chinwag with Grandmaster Shilpa Savant. Here are some excerpts;

What are the different forms of Reiki you practice?
There are innumerable forms of Reiki ranging from Usui to Kundalini, Rainbow to Angelic I practice integrated form of Reiki to facilitate healing at multiple levels simultaneously. Holistic approach in healing ensures deeper treatment for complete health.
How Reiki works in curing disease?
Everything is a form of energy. The disease is either Congestion or Depletion of energy. Regaining the energetic balance cures. Reiki promotes the body to balance and thereby cures.
How much time a person takes to get well?
On an average, 90 percent of the cases get cured anywhere in 1 to 9 sessions. It depends from person to person. Some may get instant relief and if blockages are heavy it may take a longer period. The only exceptions are Cancer or terminal disease.
Can Reiki cure cancer or terminal disease?
Not proven as yet. Karuna Reiki helps to feel deeply relaxed, improve pain levels and increase overall comfort, which does reduce the dosage of pain medication. As a result, Reiki motivates the patient ‘s desire to get well. Based on these findings, it is worthwhile to apply the soothing benefits of Reiki over and above mainstream treatment.
How symbols of Reiki work in healing?
Reiki symbols are sacred and secret. It is part of the Reiki tradition that they are kept confidential. They contain electromagnetic wavelengths and frequencies unique to each symbol. They harmonize the body through the biomagnetic ( auric ) field. It brings significant healing on the psychological and physiological level.
Can anyone learn Reiki?
Yes of course. In my direct experience of teaching Reiki, I have come across students from varied backgrounds. Across different levels of education, experience, social status, psychological development and physiological abilities. All of them were able to learn and apply reiki with equivalent efficiency and effectiveness. Every human adult above
age 18 years can learn Reiki.
What is the relationship among Reiki, Karma and God ‘s will?
Reiki is an integrated form of Gnana, Karma, Bhakti in one. It is an ancient science of universal energy.
It is Gnana based on proven science of universal energy.
It is Sat Karma ie well-intended work for the well-being of all concerned. It is not taking anyone else’s Karma. Karma is non-transferable. It just helps the troubled person to reorganize his or her energies to help oneself. This is similar to Sat Karma done by any health practitioner, social worker/well wisher.
It is Bhakti to establish complete faith in God’s will ( Direct experience of Universal vibrations ) to re-establish health and harmony. In other words, Reiki is integrated treatment where Gnana , Karma and Bhakti compliment each other creating a virtuous cycle for the evolution of collective consciousness.
What is your vision for humanity to be reached through Reiki?
Health is natural so is Harmony. Human beings are blessed with the power to acknowledge this universality within and around. My vision for humanity is to have healthy humans in United World. Reiki shows the energetic path to experience and expresses mutually nourishing interconnectedness.

In case, anyone wants to consult Grandmaster Shilpa Savant for her services on Karuna Reiki, Energy Therapy, Neuro Muscular Feedback, Tarot & Angel Card Reading, Numerology, Crystal Healing, Life Connections, PLR & Hypnosis, Fengshui & Vastu Consulting; Please visit her website or call on +91 9028023406 / 9923700111 or email at


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