Today in Let’s Talk Films With, we have one of the most promising actors to hit the tinsel-town who also happens to be a good friend of mine. He is also the blue-eyed boy of the Bhatt’s who have cast him in one of their most successful franchises – RAAZ REBOOT. Here are some excerpts from our short conversation where we had some good fun over discussing movies. 


What kind of movies you love to watch & how many in a day can you watch?
I love allllllllll kind of films.. around 3 to 4, not more (winks).

Since what age are you watching movies?
I was in a boarding school and I used to bunk my evening preps, cross the fence and go the nearest theatre (smiles). Then when I was in class 5th I got caught miserably (guffaws).

Who is your favorite actor and us his/her favorite performances you have liked?
Hmm… It would be Al Pacino in Godfather, Scent of a Woman and Scarface.

Have you ever imagined yourself to be a superhero and tried to wear your briefs over your pants and tried to save the world?
Of course, I have but with my briefs under my pants (guffaws) would LOVE to do one soon (winks).

What is your secret fantasy when it comes to movies and movie stars?
I wish to work with some super cool directors and some super hot heroines (winks) & only if I could be a part of my favourite films.

The most bizarre movie you have ever watched?
Jack Ass.. but I laughed and laughed and laughed….(laughs) the thought of it makes me laugh now.


Your favorite movie and why?
Rocky…. you know this film motivated me the most when I was at my lowest and It helped me and how! And, if a film can touch you like that, nothing else matters (smiles).

The corniest dialogue you have ever heard?
I love corny dialogues..(laughs). Fully filmy… like How Arshad Warsi would give names to people in Munna Bhai MBBS – Baal ki dukaan, Chilly chicken, Dispensary and all… hilarious!

A movie dialogue you tend to use often or comes to your mind now?
My most favourite is ‘main aaj bhi pheke hue paise nahi uthata’ from Deewar. Bachchan sahab ki baat hi kuch aur hai (smiles).

Any filmmaker you would want to maroon in an island for making crappy movies?
A few (bites his tongue) cannot take names (laughs) too early for that.


What’s your next project?
Vishesh Films’ RAAZ REBOOT with Emraan Hashmi and Kirti Kharbanda.

Congratulations for that and may the movie put in the top league of movie stars (smiles).
Thank you so much and yes would like to congratulate and wish the best with your next novel – Alfie. I am sure it will be a huge bestseller (smiles).

Well, thank you (smiles). Any message to fellow movie buffs?
Just go watch have fun and enjoy films – in theatres (winks).

Thank you, Gaurav for taking out time and being a part of LTFW and hope you all the very best for your future.
Thanks and I loved being a part of LTFW too. You actually made me laugh the loudest with your questions (smiles).

So guys RAAZ REBOOT is releasing soon and I would request you all to go and watch the movie in the theater. The promo also looks amazing and you can watch the same exclusively here;

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