Teeshay Shah is one of the few popular faces on the small screen who is also making his presence felt on the big screen. After last year’s much appreciated movie The Perfect Girl, Teeshay is ready with his new movie I Wish. With the advent of high content regional movies like Duniyadaari, Timepass, Natsamrat, Sairat and Chello Divas doing great business at the Box Office. I Wish is one of the most anticipated Gujarati movies of the year. Here is an excerpt from our recent conversation we had over a cup of hot tea and cookies.


It’s great to have you back on CWS (smiles)
It’s a pleasure to be featured on CWS (smiles) I was looking forward for this interview.

How sweet… so tell me… I am all ears to know what is your new movie I Wish all about?
I Wish is about the struggles of a couple in love before and after marriage, and how they redeem themselves and their love, with music as a backdrop because the character I am playing “Vismay” is a budding rockstar and music is all that he knows.

With I Wish Team
With I Wish Team

After dabbling in mainstream Bollywood and Television, what was the thought behind doing a regional movie?
Well there are is tremendous talent all over the country and amazing stories hidden in every part of India which filmmakers want to express, plus over the last couple of years regional cinema is really standing its own ground and being noticed because of the talent which is there. I have been wanting to do something challenging always and I Wish gave me another opportunity to do so.

After Sairat and Natsamrat Bollywood is facing some serious competition from regional movies, what are your thoughts on this? Why is this happening?
People today are so exposed to internet and social media that a good product can never be ignored, and this will only grow. There is tremendous scope for telling unique stories and it  is reaching today’s audiences too. People want to watch good cinema and fresh stories and there is tremendous talent out there to feed the audiences with it. Hence, I believe regional films are here to stay.

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As Chello Divas was a big hit in Gujarati there might be some tremendous expectations from I Wish. Is the pressure bogging you down?
We had lots of crowds gathering when we shot outdoors. Even within the industry there is tremendous buzz, which is exciting because we know we are giving them something absolutely fresh and unique. It’s not fair to compare our film to Chello Divas because both the films are absolutely different and as far as the pressure is concerned it will always be there but we are a young and passionate team and have given it our best. We had a lot of fun while filming and that at the end of the day is important.

What can the audience expect from this movie?
The audience can expect a fresh young love story which has its ups and downs which everyone will relate to. It is an entertaining movie with some tremendous music to stay true to its genre of being a musical.

What are your future plans?
Nothing has been planned yet. I just want to take it one step at a time. Enjoy each day and have fun with the work I pick up.