Beautiful, smart, vivacious, stylish, sexy, talented and more importantly confident are few adjectives that come to my mind the moment I think of Tara Alisha Berry. This bundle of talent never fails to surprise me with every movie of her’s whether it is a demure, shy girl in Mastram  or the bold and beautiful Alisha from Vikram Bhatt’s Love Games, Tara fits in every role and character to the ‘T’. It is my pleasure to have Tara back on Chai With Shai and today we are going to talk ‘dirty’. Presenting you excerpts from my conversation with my dear friend Taasha (nickname) over a glass of chilled iced tea and some delicious homemade cookies.


Welcome back Taasha… it’s a pleasure to have you on Chai With Shai and I must say you are looking stunning in the promos of Love Games (smiles).
Thank you Shy… it is always a pleasure to chat with you (smiles)

What is Love Games all about?
In one sentence Love Games is “Love in the time of Lust” (whispers)

Wow! That’s quite a nice one liner (winks) So tell me what’s so special about this character – Alisha, in Love Games that made you take up the role?
Her graph is beautiful in the film. Also when I read the script I got scared thinking how will I pull this off. It’s always nice doing roles which are challenging. Also I would have never let go of the opportunity to work with Vikram sir and Vishesh films (gushes).

Hmm… How close is the character of Alisha with you in reality?
She is not like me at all. She is much more mature than I am. I feel I have a lot more to learn before I reach Alisha’s level of strength and maturity!


How did you prepare for the role?
We did a few readings and also did workshops with Bhatt Saab. By the time we reached the shoot we all knew exactly who our characters were and so then everything just flowed very organically.

Will you ever want to play some Love Games in your real life (winks)?
Never! I am a full old school romantic kind of girl. I don’t believe in games at all when it comes to matters of the heart.

Really??? (teasingly)
Of Course… what do you mean really??? (rolls her eyes) You know me… (smiles)

Ok got it (Laughs)… In our society we never speak openly about our sexual life, do you think a movie like Love Games will find audience in present scenario?
People don’t speak openly but they all watch explicit videos and read things with sexual content in secret! Our film is much much than just a film about swingers and sex. It has a very gripping and thrilling story and I hope audiences give us a chance so they can enjoy the film!

Tell me your experience of working with Vikram Bhatt.
It was amazing! Vikram sir can read my thoughts so I could completely surrender to him as an actor and didn’t have to worry about “am I doing this scene correctly / I should have done this or that ” etc.


What did you learn from the Bhatts?
I have learnt that it is important to be honest. As a person and as an actor. Bhatt Saab and Vikram sir have stripped down any facade I had before this film and I feel I am better for it. I feel like I have much more to explore within myself as an actor and hope I get the chance to do that!

Most of the Bhatt girls have been successful in Bollywood, some even ended up in Hollywood say Mallika Sherawat and Bipasha Basu. How was it being the new Bhatt girl in tinseltown?
I am ecstatic! I can’t wait to see how the graph of my career pans out! And who knows maybe I’ll end up in Hollywood too! (winks) God willing!! (crosses fingers and smiles)

Touchwood! (knocks on her head)
Ouch! (throws a cushion at me)

Peace… (smiles and raises my hands)
Cool (smiles)

After Love Games do you fear of getting slotted in the erotic movie category?
Not at all! I think when people see the film and see my character on the film they will see that it is one of the strongest women seen on-screen.


How open are you talking about your sexual fantasies openly?
I don’t think I would in public and absolutely NEVER in front of you at least!

Why not me?

Tell me….
You want me to complete the answer or not?

Okay fine continue (pouts)
Where was I???? Hmm… Ya.. Like… Shut up don’t pout like a kid (laughs)

Okay fine… continue (smiles)
You are a total dramebaaz huh! Again you broke my flow… haan (pauses for a second before continuing).. As I said I don’t think I would talk sex openly in public, but definitely would with my boyfriend if I am in a long-term relationship!

How was it working with Gaurav Arora? Did you get to bully him considering the fact that you are 3 movies old and this is his debut?
(Laughs) Gaurav is a darling! He’s going to be the next heart-throb! He’s a wonderful actor and fun person! We got along really well and have become good friends. There was no bullying though! Come on I am sweet girl (giggles).

Tara with co-star Gaurav Arora

Hmm… Now for a catty question… PR agencies always play up to the fact that when there are two actresses paired in a movie, there are bound to be some cat fights. So were there any cat fights between you and Patralekha?
You know that era of cat fights is long gone. Everybody wants to work and everyone is very chilled out these days. Patra and I have become closer and closer as the film has gone on and now I think she’s become someone I know I can call at any time and she’ll be there to listen. She’s a wonderful person and a hardworking actor and a great friend!

What image you want to portray on-screen bold seductress or demure next door girl?
Since I’ve already played the demure girl next door I think I’d love the challenge of playing a seductress!

Nice… Have you ever indulged in threesome?
What? (burst out laughing) No I haven’t. That was a bouncer (continues laughing)

Okay… Would you like some experimentation like 50 Shades of Grey in real life?
I haven’t read the book or seen the movie so I don’t know (straight face).

Alright… If offered the role of Anastasia Steele in the desi version of 50 Shades of Grey, would you like play it?
As I said… I can’t say because I haven’t seen the film or read the book but if I found the story interesting then, who knows! For me it’s about the script and director!

Gaurav Arora, Teeshay, Rahul Bagga who is the best on-screen kisser?
(Burst out laughing) I don’t think I should answer this!

It wont be fair to each of these guys… before you get into your way of dissecting things… please let’s move on to the next question (giggle)

Okay… answer this… Erotic Thrillers or Sex Comedies?
Brilliant stories! (winks)


Steady relationship or partner swapping to spice up your sexual life?
Steady relationship.

Sex on the beach or Jungle mein Mangal?
(Laughs) What Jungle Mein Mangal??? Gross!!! Ummm I’m more of a mountain girl! So I think in a romantic setting in the mountains!

Smart…(smiles) So what are your future projects?
I’m in talks for a thriller and also doing two more films with Vishesh films.

Wow!!! What can the audience expect from LG and why should they watch it?
They can watch a thrilling story which will blow their minds with the twists and turns in it and that’s why they should watch it!!

Taasha as usual it is a pleasure to chat with you. I wish you all the best and may you become one of the biggest stars of Tinseltown!
Thanks Shy… wish you all the best for your new book Alfie The Elf! May it become one of the biggest bestsellers of all time!

Ooooh mutual admiration society huh? 
Nah seriously….

Anyway best of luck to both of us!
(both say in unison and laugh out loud)


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