Imagine living in a great-looking house every corner reflects your personality. What if you could be a bookworm today, and a lazy couch potato on a movie marathon tomorrow? What if you could work from home like a boss or just stay in a cozy bed all day long? What if?

Couch Potato

It’s not wishful thinking anymore. Furlenco, India’s largest home furniture rental company is now in Pune with its unique range of furniture packages designed to transform your living experience.

Work From Home

From living room, to bedroom and dining – Furlenco has made furnishing a house quick, easy and affordable. Carefully designed & curated in-house, Furlenco’s premium furniture packages come with exquisite soft furnishing, home decor and accessories on a monthly subscription fee. What’s more? The service includes free doorstep delivery and installation, making it extremely convenient and hassle-free to furnish your home. All this within one week of an order being placed. You can swap/return furniture whenever you want.

Reading Nook

After beautifying 5000+ homes in Bangalore and Mumbai, Furlenco is now all set to bring the good life to Pune. Check out and rent the good life!