Tera Sur

Himmesh Reshammiya is one person who is an answer to Santosh Pandit from Malayalam movies or Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan closer home. He has so much of energy that he can do everything from acting to writing scripts to composing music to writing lyrics to….. the list is endless. This week saw the release of Terra Surroor produced, acted, composed, written etc… etc… by Himesh and luckily directed by Shawn Arranha.

Aap Ka Surroor was a surprise hit of 2007 which has given confidence to Himmesh to start a Surroor series and this happens to be the second in that installment. Like the first movie, the sequel also starts with a murder. However, unlike the first part, this time around luckily the heroine – Tara (Farah Karimi) is put behind the bars under drugs case when she visits Dublin. Raghu (Himmesh) who happens to be her fiancee is entrusted with the responsibility to get her out of the jail and for that he first engages the service of a lawyer Elle (Monica Dogra) and later The Bird (Naseeruddin Shah) who is known for his innumerable jail breaks to help him get her out of the prison. Detailed investigation reveal that Tara confesses to Elle that, she landed up in Dublin because of a certain ‘Aniruddh Brahmin’, her Facebook acquaintance, who invited her to perform on ‘India Day’ in Dublin. And when Elle tells her that there is no such day that exists in Dublin, the search then begins for the mysterious Aniruddh Brahmin and the reason as to why he implicated Tara falsely in the drugs case.

The script is good but the execution especially in the first half is slightly over the top followed by too many songs. However, Shawn should be given enough credit to pull this movie with his decade long experience as an AD to numerous high profile directors. Shawn definitely shows sparks with this movie and if given a good script and a good set of actors he will definitely come out with a great product. We should give him credit to make Himmesh act.

Few of the scenes in the movie definitely stand out like Naseeruddin Shah’s entry and the way the suspense unfolds. Himmesh is okay in the movie and he should strictly stick to composing music which he does really well. Each and every song in this album is a treat. Farah Karimi in her debut movie has done a decent job while Shekhar Kapoor, Naseerudding Shah, Shernaz Patel and Monica Dogra in their brief roles have done a good job.

The camera work of DOP Maneesh C Bhatt is wonderful. Bhatt has captured the foreign locales brilliantly and the movie actually looks quite glossy and rich. Aashish Gaikar the editor could have done a better job as few scenes are quite lagging and do not do much justice to a movie in the thriller genre.

On the whole the movie has already recovered its costs due to its music rights, satellite rights and other miscellaneous rights. Anything that would be made on the BO will be an added cherry on a cake. This movie is strictly recommended to Himmesh fans.

My Verdict: **

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