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Shame on you Ola Cabs!


Before you board an OLA cab next time, be careful as your life might be in danger. Had one of the most nightmarish experiences with Olacabs tonite. I am in my hometown Pune and I booked a share cab with both onboarding and offboarding information however, the driver who came to pick me half way through the trip said that he cannot drop me at my place as my home is outside “his service boundaries” and if had to drop me at home then I have to pay him extra i.e. Rs.12 per kilometer. I had already made a wallet payment and didn’t understand the logic to pay extra because the destination was not outside the city limits and even OLA later confirmed to me because if it had then the APP wouldn’t pick the location. He said if I do not pay he will hit me and throw me out of the cab after taking me to an isolated place with no electricity or people around. Scared that he would harm me, I told him I will pay him the extra money and called Ola Customer Care and pretended to talk to them as if I am talking to a friend in a calm and composed way in English. The customer care was half as responsible as they kept on disconnecting my call even after knowing my situation. They kept on telling me I should not pay anything extra without understanding the situation. Finally I threatened the customer care rep of lodging a police complaint if the situation is not handled that’s when one of the high and mighty supervisors called the driver and asked him not to charge extra from me and if he charged me they will take him off the list. The driver got into an argument with the supervisor saying he has been told by the Ola trainers and managers to take extra fare for any destination beyond their service boundary from the customer irrespective of the customer having paid the money through wallet in advance. As the driver was engaged in an argument with the supervisor I got down from the cab some half a kilometer away from my destination and got away unnoticed. I do not know how a company like OLA can hire drivers without doing a background check? How safe can a customer feel with such reputed companies? If tomorrow this driver comes to my home and harms me or any of my family members who is going to take the responsibility? As I am writing down this experience here I got a call from OLA team trying to sympathize with me and my situation with a “I understand” dialogue. How can any of the Ola employee sitting on a plush chair warming his ass understand my situation and danger I was subjected to? Highly disappointed! The vehicle number is MH14CX5363 and Driver’s name Sagar Sawant OSN: 5052253… Time to do rectify your mistake and go beyond I UNDERSTANDS and APOLOGIES!!! 

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