After getting Sumeet ‘Miku’ Vyas on Chai With Shai how can we ignore his pretty, vivacious, quirky, funny partner-in-crime Nidhi ‘Tanya’ Singh? So here I present you the most loved and celebrated actress in the whole web-series world – Nidhi Singh. We chatted dime to a dozen over the customary chai and this time we preferred biscuits over pakodas. Here are some excerpts from our conversation.

Permanent Roommates2

Welcome on Chai With Shai (raising my tea cup) Nidhi (smiles)
The pleasure is all mine (giggles and raises her tea cup)

So, Permanent Roommates 2 has started with a BANG, what can the audience expect this time round?
I liked the way you said BANG!!! (Giggles) Okay to answer your question (pauses) hmm… a whole lot of MADNESS mixed with realism (smiles).

How did your tinseltown journey begin?
I came to Mumbai for my graduation in mass media. Right after I worked as a Film Executive for J.Walter Thompson, Mumbai – they were the biggest and the best then, and to my surprise the advertising world fascinated me so much that I stuck around for 2 and a half years. Soon enough I was dying to explore the possibility of being an actor hence, I quit and started freelancing as an assistant director for ads to understand ‘how things worked’ better, that went on for almost another 2 years. I finally decided to stop playing safe and took the plunge. Also, I had gone through a horrible heartbreak around that time that ripped my ego apart so I think that helped (pouts and then bursts out laughing).

Quite an AMAZING story I must say PHEW!!! (shaking my head)
Hain Na! (both burst out laughing)

How did you land your first acting assignment? 
I started of with theatre….

…like almost every budding actor
Whatever (rolling her eyes), so that was post a few readings but the first job that paid me (very little) came out of nowhere after a couple of zillion unsuccessful auditions.

How has Permanent Roommates changed your life?
People talk to me differently now… ‘Good different’ (stressing).

How has been your association with TVF so far?
They are like family. I’ll call one of them if say, I was in trouble at 3 am. But all that aside they are extremely professional, courageous and sincere and I love that the most about everyone there. So the association has been great i’d say.

Tell us some interesting or funny things that happened during the making of your web-series Permanent Roommates?
There’s non stop laughter on set. Everyone there has a story to tell and I have a problem of breaking into a giggle fit at the drop of a hat so sometimes keeping a straight face and saying my lines as Tanya feels like a task (starts giggling). We just shot something that was just too funny and I was only watching it from the monitor  – THANK GOD! I had to actually hold my breath to stop myself from laughing and spoiling that take.


Three similarities between your character Tanya in Permanent Roommates and you in real life?
– honesty
– standing up for herself and people she loves.
– I really believe that “if you love me, you’ll let me sleep” (winks)

Nice… (shaking my head). Three similarities that you see in Sumeet and Mikesh from Permanent Roommates?
I don’t know about three because I don’t really see so many but let’s see (pauses and thinks for a moment) Sumeet too like Mikesh is quite chilled out and sorted in life. Also… He tells great stories. He’s a really fun narrator like Mikesh (smiles).

What are your future assignments?
Can’t talk about anything yet.

Where do you see the web series industry expanding in the next 5 years? 
It is here to stay foresure and it’s a great medium because there’s absolute democracy there. If your story or product is good, it’ll work.. Simple. People aren’t taking it lightly anymore which is great. I hope there are web movies soon. That’ll be interesting.

Will you advise youngsters to pursue this career?
Any youngster who is sincere and determined must go for it without a doubt.

Now Nidhi we have reached the part in my conversation series where I will throw few questions at you and you have to reply in a word or max a sentence. Not more than that… Okay?
Bring it on baby!!! (smirks)

Yup (Giggles)


Okay… So your Permanent Roommate in real life?
My boyfriend hopefully (crosses fingers and looks up)

Sumeet or Mikesh?

Your dream role?
There are so many. For now, Amy from Gone girl & Francesca from The bridges of Madison county.

PR 1 or PR2 the more interesting season?
It’s a continuation so no comparisons can be drawn.

Okay got it… One Night Stands or Committed Relationships?
Honest relationships, however short or long. My ideas about commitment are different.

Nice (smiles) Candle Light Dinners or Long Drives?
Long drives.

Favorite Actor & Actress?
Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep

The most underrated actress as per you?
Calling her underrated would be a disrespect but I wish I could see a lot more of Kalki.

The most overrated actress as per you?
Almost everyone is kind of overrated I feel. We should work more and celebrate people less.

So diplomatic (smiles) The worst dressed actor in the industry?
Oh God! Please stop (Giggles)

Marna hai kya? Pass (animatedly shakes her hand)


Your dream director?
Martin Scorsese, Alejandro Inarritu, Raj Kapoor, David Flincher.


Permanent Roommates or Man’s World?
Permanent Roommates

Favorite Author other than me (winks)?
William Shakespeare (smiles)

Unfulfilled dream if any?
Way too many.

Secret Fantasy?
Way too many.

Accha??? Too many??? (smiles)
Haan… Public platform hai nahi bata sakti (giggles)

It was great having you today on CWS Nidhi. You have been the most entertaining guest I have ever had on my show…
Seriously??? (excitedly)

Oops! (biting my tongue) I am in trouble now (winks and laughs)… In fact all were entertaining so far but you have been slightly above the curve
Now you cannot backtrack on your words… (giggles)

Maaf karna everyone it is not my fault, Nidhi has this effect on everyone anyway would you like to give any advice to your fans? 
Yes… To always be true to who you are and what you believe in. It’s very easy to forget yourself nowadays (smiles)

Well said… thank you once again and may you meet with greater success in whatever you do next (shakes hand)
Thank you Shaiju (smiles)

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