Dear Friends, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Shilpa Savant Inamdar who is a great friend and also my soul sister who has done some mind blowing service towards humanity through her healing sessions. I would like to share my short chat session with her over coffee trying to understand the transformation of this advertising expert to an occult science practitioner. So here we go! 

Hi Shilpa, can you please tell us more about yourself and your background?
Hi Shaiju, happy to see your interest in learning more about the field of energy and healing. You can consider me as an interesting life journey that moved from questions to answers, materialism to spiritualism, from problem to solutions. At present I am very glad that Universe is giving me the opportunity of sharing the blessing it has showered on me. The journey in this life began as daughter of a Deputy Commissioner, who was always there to give his very best to the society at large. My Mother, a house-wife always shared her unwavering conviction in Almighty. My Professional journey started as the Proprietor of an Advertising Firm. The story of this life has come a long way sculpting Shilpa into what she is today.
From Advertising to Occult Science, how did this transformation happen?
Even after being successful in advertising, the core questions of my life, remained unanswered .These questions were the ones that had become companions of my soul since I was 8. Questions such as who am I? Where was I before this birth? Where would I reach after this life? What am I here for? What is the purpose of my life? Etc.
I needed to find the answers, as it is said “seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened” and so it happened to me. Although I did study honestly and intensely yet the true credit for this transformation goes to the blessings of the Universal sources.
How was your growing up years? How did your family react to your decision to become a healer?
Quite Luxurious, thanks to my father. I was known as a loving and generous person even as a child. Nobody in my family imagined I would be a healer except my mother as she had seen the traits right from my childhood. One particular incident made it very apparent to my father wherein my prenomination turned very true. Initially my father got highly concerned about my well being. Non the less my study continued so did my contributions. As my family went on witnessing me being instrumental in bringing well being in others life, their support grew slowly and steadily.
Who was your inspiration for becoming a well respected healer?
My Inspiration to become a Respectable Healer are the compassionate eyes of Maha Vishnu.
Is there any interesting case you handled that has left an everlasting impression on you?
Yes the interesting case that has left an everlasting impression on me is of myself. During the early phase of my spiritual studies, I used to get up before dawn at 3:00 am. Although I sincerely wanted to meditate, my mind used to struggle to keep itself in thought less state but I persisted day after day continuing efforts in front of idol of Maha Vishnu. One fine day at 3:30 am when I was at worst of my meditative efforts, I literally dosed off in front of the idol, Suddenly ,for the reasons best known to God, I got awake and to my biggest surprise the idol was watching me with those compassionate eyes full of life. And that where I felt Awaken. Even today , I experience presence of those eyes taking care of me, especially while healing.
What kind of services do you offer and how does it help the various people who approach you?
I am a energy therapist .It helps people by restoring balance in their energy field at all levels of existence.
So what is Past Life Therapy and how does it help?
PLT is identifying the unresolved issues carried forward from past lives. It helps people unburden their minds, releasing greater energy to embrace present life better.
What is soul connection?
All matter is connected including souls. Soul connection facilitates this realization restoring harmony between two souls.
What are Angel Cards and how does it work?
Angels are Guardians of Virtues. Angel cards are source of signs that universe wants one to focus on. It brings one’s attention to the virtue that deserves to be given highest priority at that point of time to resolve a particular issue.
With such vast knowledge about various fields like Tarot Card Reading/ PLR/ Healing/ Soul Connection etc… Do you ever plan to write a book on occult science like say Linda Goodman etc?
What would be this blog all about?
It is about sharing and applying spiritual solutions to uplift your life and bring honor to your soul.
What is that one thing about you that your fans don’t know about?
I am a foodie and enjoy having a good time like a child.
What is your message to our today’s youngsters?
Live true to yourself and be sensitive and respectful to others.
How do you describe yourself in just one word?
Student .
Last not the least a question I like to ask every person I interview, have you read my book ‘Knocked Up’? If no then when do you intend to read it ? If yes then what are your comments?

Yes and I realized once again that life is so wonderful at every stage of its journey. Thank you so much Mr. Shaiju Mathew and Best Wishes for your upcoming book “A Pocket full of Sunshine”. The name itself brings smile on my face. Looking forward to reading it too.


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