While I was crusading against the system where Ola Cabs does not do a proper background check for their drivers resulting in customers facing multiple tragic incidents, including me.  I hear this shocking news about Bhavish Aggarwal – CEO, Ola Cabs paternal grandmother Pushpawati Aggarwal, 84, and aunt Dr Sarita Aggarwal, 57, a gynaecologist being murdered and the prime suspects are his own two drivers. Now as per Times of India these two drivers hold the key to solving this double murder.

My heart goes out to those victims and Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal because whatever happened is not right. If it could happen to the family of a successful and powerful businessman then it can happen to anyone in the society. My crusade was against anti-social elements who exist in our society and we could be subject to them anytime. I getting threatened by the driver on the night of 3rd February and due to a quick presence of mind I escaping a probable threat to my life is something that has etched in my mind. The driver who did this to me he is running scott free because Ola chose to relieve him from his services. Now if this person comes and does anything to my family or me who is going to be responsible?

I have run pillar to post to get this issue highlighted but the media, lawyers and the police who are supposed to help people have raised their hands and humiliated me in various ways. Whom will I look up to for help? It’s not only for me I am asking justice, if you read the comments on my blog and on the various social media groups where people have narrated their horrific tales relating to drivers hired by cab companies, you wonder where we as a society and as a country are headed. As cab service companies it should be their prime responsibility to have a stringent process in place for screening each and every driver they hire.

This kind of incident can happen to anyone irrespective of you being rich or poor, weak or strong, man or woman. I do not want anyone else to go through the same pain several others like me have gone through again. That’s why I urge each one of you to stand up and say NO to keeping quiet to injustice. I alone cannot do anything but if we all get together, then we can change the world. The police who is supposed to be our protector will have to do their duty of protecting us. The lawyers will stop thinking about their fees and concentrate more on getting justice for the victims. The media who writes about everything under the sun only if they are bribed will start reporting actual news. The Government will be pressurized to make a change in our law and security system making our country a better place to stay. Let us all come together and run a crusade that will help us to have a SAFE and SECURE country to live. Let’s not wait for a tragedy like what happened to the Aggarwal family or like the Nirbhaya case or Professor Siras case or a Rohith case to happen to take action and do a candle march. Let’s become more responsible and say NO to injustice.

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    1. SO true but then as a company they should ensure maximum safety for their customers… I am not only pinpointing OLA but all cab service companies big or small because a life gone is gone forever… the family’s loss can never be repaid… We need stricter laws and stricter processes to bring down these kind of incidents to minimum… Everyday you hear issues but not everyone highlights it as we as a nation has become immune to such things unless it happens to one of our dear ones or ourselves 🙂

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