The most anticipated movie of the year – Dilwale starring the evergreen jodi SRK-Kajol and directed by ‘Hit’ machine director Rohit Shetty released this week. Considering the fact that SRK-Kajol does very few movies and they are coming after a gap of 5 years, the hype is unprecedented. Alas, not every movie starring SRK-Kajol can be a DDLJ or a KKHH and Rohit Shetty should be blamed for this fiasco called Dilwale.

The story revolves around Raj /Kali (Shah Rukh Khan) and Mira (Kajol) who belong to two warring Mafia families from Bulgaria (one more new age Romeo-Juliet attempt) who fall in love. However, if you are expecting for a happy ending waiting for this much-in-love couple then think again. They go separate ways hating each other due to misunderstandings.

Years later, Raj and Mira’s siblings Veer (Varun Dhawan) and Ishita (Kriti Sanon) fall in love in Goa. The ex-lovers come face to face once again bringing back painful memories of their past. Will Raj and Mira get over their past for their siblings? Will they rekindle their love as well is what the film further unfolds.

Coming to the script it is full of blemishes. There are unnecessary ups and downs which fizzes out by the climax. The climax is weak. The built-up to Boman Irani’s character falls flat on the face. The misunderstandings due to which SRK-Kajol split is not very convincing and when they patch up, it is again done in an unconvincing way. If the misunderstanding was so small and didn’t need much of justification and help was right at an arm’s distance for Kajol then why did it take 15 years (and 2.5 hrs screen time) to sort out?

The love stories of SRK-Kajol or Varun-Kriti is not much exciting. The five-minute dating scene is a ‘Joke’… really??? The comedy is okay with few comic punches provided by Johnny Lever and Sanjay Mishra’s characters. The music is average and apart from Gerua and to some extent Janam Janam, Pritam fails miserably. The picturization of the songs are superb. The action scenes are standard Rohit Shetty fare that we have seen repeatedly in all his movies including the cars flying in the air – nothing new! Rohit in your next movie please blast a tank or a plane or a ship or some other stuff maybe a UFO but give us something new ;).

SRK-Kajol chemistry is timeless and it is quite evident in this movie too. However, the screenplay does not live up to the actor’s caliber. Shah Rukh should select his future scripts carefully as he has not given one meaningful movie after Chak De! For Kajol it is not a great comeback character and script-wise however, you cannot point any flaws in her performance. Varun is okay – nothing much to deliver and Kriti looks beautiful and ‘tall’. Johny Lever, Sanjay Mishra, Varun Sharma and Boman Irani are superb.

On the whole SRK-Kajol chemistry works for me, DILWALE & Rohit Shetty FAILS MISERABLY!

My Verdict: *


  1. Rohit Shetty is well known talented screenwriter.Failure is not seen in any of his movies.The movie had a large cast of people that sounded as if they were reading their lines instead of displaying the art of acting .Their hearts were half hazardly into their acting.It was too early to see Kajol holding a weapon on a co star who has dazzled many on the sets of the big screen.Shah Rukh saved the movie by putting effort inspite of lacking the stamina of a challenging dialogues.His action pack stunts on screen as he fired his shot gun and his effort for grasping the gun left audience with a slight hope.Others its just another roll of dough to receive and spend.With no heart into their roles and a messy outlook in the costumes except for Kajol who displayed her well chosen outfits.She wore it well.The rest of the outfits worn by the cast total negligence.Rohit Shetty an excellent writer but did not see that a lack of focus on his script.A wrap up that seemed too quick with no care.He could of use an extra heroines instead of the young actors that dragged the movie to doom. Varun and Kriti are great actors they acted well in their first movies but neglected in working the effort of expressing.. Their clothes were untidy as well the appearance seemed if the actors were all photoshopped.There seemed no meaning in how they delivered their dialogues .A suppressive and constipated look.Next time choose actors who are not afraid to give it all.The beauty is not how good or she looks it is equally important how am actor delivers and displays his or her words.Facial expressions instead of mask like appearance.Next time decorate the house with brighter settings instead of a dark gloomy look. I can say if any hope only the cast who performed their magic on screen was Johnny Lever, Sanjay Mishra , Bowan Irani and Shah Rukh Khan .Kajol has a sweet debonair and strong gang leader magic on screen .The mistake was the two heart warming stars as we remember in the past set a negative aura as soon as Kajol held the gun towards Shah Rukh Khan as he was situated upside down bleeding.Kajol as a comeback actress it was too early to depict her in a dark role for vengeance.If it was a double act of Kajol or actresses such as Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Deepika Padukone could of played a dark role.Instead of placing extra actors which dragged and noted us an extra heroine could of been placed .A protagonist or antagonist who is capable of playing the scene in full motivation would be loved as a heroine , hero , or a villain. Looks is very vital but it can also lead many directors to a grand loss if it fails to deliver the message of the story.Team work includes from the techs working on the lights , stage crew ( stage help) to the actors , writer needs his peace to edit ,read ,reread before he wraps up.There was negligence the dialogue displayed no expression.Varun and Kriti seemed as if they were daydreaming .Kajol appeared nervous. Shah Rukh Khan spaced out in between to recall his lines or was actually thinking how could I say and express the lines in a better manner. Am uncomfortable setting of gloom appeared on camera.Can’t wait till this is over kind of look.Anyway I hope I’m wrong and it does well on the Box office.All the best Mr.Shetty .Looking forward to your next film.Keep smiling and continue working on your next masterpiece.Please before you select new arrival see how their skills compared to their looks.No need to loose money for those who don’t set or want to set their hard work upfront.

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