I recently got to taste few of  ‘Organa‘ products produced by Mother India Farms, especially fruit juices. You might ask what’s so great about this product? You will get fresh fruit juice at every nook and corner of the city then why Organa? Then the simple answer is, it is organic fruit juice.

Organic farming has been a traditional way of farming in India. The aim of organic agriculture is to produce high quality, nutritious food that contributes to preventive health care and well-being. With improved taste, flavor and nourishment, the benefits of organic foods are multi-pronged. It’s a natural complement to a healthier lifestyle, and builds a stronger immunity to prevent health complications caused by the use of conventionally processed foods.

Now coming to the products;

  1. RICH ORGANIC MANGO JUICE: Organa’s “Rich Mango” is a premium Organic Mango juice made out of organic mango pulp. A perfect blend of Alphonso and Totapuri mangoes gives it an irresistible rich mango taste. I am sure every mango fan will definitely love this one.
  2. ORGANA RICH PULPY GUAVA: Organa Rich Pulpy Guava Juice is made from naturally ripened Organic Pink Guava fruit. With 21.5% of Organic Pink Guava Pulp blended in each bottle of Organa’s Rich Pulpy Guava Juice, you can now enjoy the best of Guava in every sip.
  3. RICH PULPY MIXED FRUIT: The mixed fruit juice has a combination of Apple, Guava, Mango and Pineapple. The taste is nice and I am sure you might also like the same the way I liked it.
  4. ORGANA REFRESHING APPLE:  This refreshing apple fruit drink would just blow your mind away, with an incredible and unique taste. Made from Apples sourced from the Organic farms of Europe, this product is quite tasty, refreshing, and healthy.

On the whole you have some quality organic fruits in the form of bottled juice to carry anywhere and everywhere you go!