I often hear from many of my friends especially women who are confused about what to gift the men in their life – father, brother, boyfriend, husband etc. Times have changed and these days you will find more and more women looking out for gifts for men. Often, women find it difficult to choose a perfect gift for their men and end up buying something that might be of no use to them. I have listed below five options that are always a sure-shot hit with men.

Image Courtesy: liveinstyle.com
Image Courtesy: liveinstyle.com
  1. White Shirt: Every man likes to have a nice branded white shirt in their wardrobe. White always makes them look smart and it goes with every trouser or jeans they wear. So when in doubt always gift your man a white shirt.
  2. XBOX or Gaming Device: Every man is a child at heart and therefore they fancy their ‘toys’. So if you are in doubt about buying gifts for him then a gaming device is a perfect choice. Gift one and you can see how the smile spreads on his face within seconds.
  3. Shaving Kit: Today’s metrosexual men love to groom themselves and if you can gift them a good shaving kit that has everything they need from razor to a cologne, nail cutter to scissors they will definitely thank you from their heart.
  4. Scotch: One of the most timeless gift option for any man in this world is gifting a bottle of Scotch. Surprised? Yes, every man whether it is your father, boyfriend, husband or brother will always like to cherish a bottle. I would suggest Scotch as a gift will always work and even if they are not into drinking, they will still keep it as a momento to show around to their friends when they come
  5. Swiss Knife: Every man has a hidden adventurer in him and always dream of having a good set of Swiss knife in his collection. So if you are wondering what to gift, then get one for him.

Disclaimer: This article is intended at audience above 25 years of age. 

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