This week opens with the sequel to the 2011 surprise hit Pyaar Ka Punchnama. It has become a fashion to ride on the back of one’s successful movies when your last movie is a flop. That’s what director Luv Ranjan does after the debacle of his last release – Aakash-Vani by following it up with Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2.

Coming to the story, there is nothing new apart from two new boys and one new girl added to the cast. The story, the premise and situations is similar to the previous movie with few added punchlines and better dialogues. Like in the previous movie, the three boys Gogo (Karthik Aryan), Siddharth (Sunny Singh) and Thakur (Omkar Kapoor) are best friends and roommates. Out of the three boys, Thakur has a steady job that pays him a lucrative pay, which also helps his pile on friends to lead a life of luxury. The three boys fall in love with three different girls on the same day and they even easily pataofy the girls.

After the initial honeymoon days, the boys realize their mistake of being with the girls. The girls, Ruchika (Nushrat Bharucha) being a spoilt brat is more interested in keeping her friends happy rather than her boyfriend Gogo and makes him do things that he normally wouldn’t. Kusum (Ishita Raj), Thakur’s girlfriend is an outspoken and controlling person, who in the name of handling his finances makes him spend more on her while Supriya (Sonali Sehgall), Siddharth’s girlfriend makes him do all the household chores to please her parents, only to approve of a guy selected by them. What happens to the boys and their lovers? Will the girls repent and try to pataofy the boys? Will the boys leave the girls and look for someone else are few things you will discover while watching the movie.

The story, screenplay is nothing new, it just plays around with the same concept as seen in the previous movie however, the dialogues by Rahul Mody, Tarun Jain and Luv Ranjan is praiseworthy. Musically the movie doesn’t boast of any chartbusters although the movie has three music directors Hitesh Sonik, Sharib Sabri and Toshi Sabri while the background music by Hitesh Sonik keeps the audiences hooked to the movie. The editing by Akiv Ali and Ajay Sharma is crisp while the cinematography by Sudhir Chaudhary is average.

Coming to performances, all the three male actors have done a wonderful job. Among the girls Nushrat takes the cake while Sonali and Ishita is average. Director Luv Ranjan does a decent job however, would want to see him do something better than just known for his PKP series.

Overall it is a decent one-time watch.

My Verdict: ***