Apart from the much awaited Hero starring Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty, this week also saw the release of The Perfect Girl, starring relatively new to movies Teeshay and Tara Alisha Berry. What Hero couldn’t achieve this small movie with a BIG heart did, i.e. ENTERTAIN!

The movie starts with a unique and quirky parody on the ‘anti-smoking‘ commercial that is run before every movie for public interest which always bugs me to the core. Here they have shown how unrequited love is equally dangerous to your health :).

Now coming to the story. Jay (Teeshay) is a single 35-year-old guy staying with his parents with no purpose in life. Although he aspires to become a filmmaker one day. His parents are bride hunting for him and his mother feels that solution to all his problems is marriage. However, oblivious to people closer to him, Jay had a chance encounter with a girl – Vedhika (Tara Alisha Berry), 14 years back in Goa at a bus stop.  After spending some time together, sparks fly between Jay and Vedhika and soon they begin to fall for each other as they realize they are perfect for each other. However, as destiny has other plans in store for them, they cannot take their relationship forward. Years later they do cross each other’s path but what happens after that? Would Jay and Vedhika come together and explore a life together or will they move on in life? Will destiny give them another chance? Watch the movie to know the answers.

Coming to performances, Teeshay and Tara both are apt for their parts and they bring life to their characters – Jay & Vedhika with their brilliant performances. Tara is cute, bubbly and loveable. She gets into her character effortlessly and makes the character of Vedhika her own. The chemistry between the lead pair is quite electrifying and you want to see more of them together onscreen. The story and screenplay are quite simple however the dialogues in parts showcases the quirky sense of humor of the director / writer.

Prakash Nambiar has done a decent job with his directorial attempt and shows a lot of promise. With a nice script, bigger budget and wider release he will shine out in his future projects. Music by Siddharth Mahadevan and Soumil Sringarpure is quite fresh. Cinematography by Girish Kant is good capturing the Goan locales imaginatively through his lens.

On the whole, it is a decent attempt by the entire team and I am sure the youth will connect to the movie if promoted well. In short, it is a SMALL movie with a BIG Heart that ENTERTAINS!

My Verdict: ***

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