I love experimenting with apps and the latest app that caught my fancy is MOMOE. I being a person who hates carrying bulging wallets in the back pocket of my jeans, found it amazing to make payments through my mobile phone. Once I downloaded the app I browsed around and found some amazing features;

Instant checkout without waiting for the bill – That’s such a relief right?
View your order live when you dine – Again something nice for the impatient person like me 🙂
Split bills with friends – This is totally my zone, now I do not have to remind my friends to pay me back for using my wallet 😛
Get loyalty rewards – I love this feature especially getting Rs.500 cashback on your first transaction
Get referral credits when you refer a friend – Great however, you get Rs.100 credits only if your friend makes his first payment using Momoe 🙁
Enjoy exclusive offers at places you visit often – This is a great feature for businesses to attract repeat footfalls and customer loyalty
Book events and gigs at participating outlets – I have not used this feature yet, but totally recommend it

I used Momoe to pay my bill at my favorite restaurant two days back. It was quite hassle free as I just had to give my number to the waiter and then click on the restaurant name in the app. Punch in your bill amount and make payment after attaching your cards to the app. If you are concerned about security then let me tell you the payment system is totally secure with the two factor authentication used by every other known e-commerce app.

Apart from restaurants you can also use this app to make payments at your local grocery shops, apparel stores, electronic shops, salons and medical stores, etc. You can also get 10% cashback up to Rs. 500 per day on your purchases. Although this service is only available in Bangalore, I am sure in the coming days it will expand all over India.

The UI is clean and you can navigate the app with ease. For me this is one app that has to be there on my smartphone.

My Verdict: 4/5

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