I have been a regular user of Dazo App before it got its rebranded avatar from being Tapcibo. Earlier they used serve food cooked in their kitchen which I felt was thousand times better than the now sourced food from various other food joints viz. Beat-D-Hunger, Bhukkad, Momoz, Mast Kalander, Cup-O-Joe etc.

The menu is not quite extensive however, it has something or the other catering to every person. I am a major fan of the sandwiches sourced from Bhukkad, quite tasty and the complimentary juice is something I look forward to on most of the days. However, I am hugely disappointed with the rotis / paranthas provided by them with the meals sourced from Beat-D-Hunger or Mast Kalandar. The rotis / paranthas are mostly half-cooked or as hard as rock. Wouldn’t recommend them to you.

The food sourced from Momoz (which is one of my favorite dining outlets in Koramangala) is good, but the portions are small.  The Mast Kalandar food combos minus the rotis / paranthas are also good. The dosas sourced from Adigas get soggy by the time it reaches its destination. Khan Saheb rolls are not worth the money you pay as the wheat rotis they use as the outer cover gets really messy when they get delivered to you and the filling portion is very less.

On the plus side I would say the food is delivered mostly within the stipulated time however, I have a major problem with the app. They have the option to recharge their wallets which automatically pays out while you place an order without asking if the customer wants to pay by cash / by wallet. I find it quite uncomfortable because there have been times when I had to order for my colleagues in office and the money is taken from my wallet for the order. And there have been times when my colleagues have forgotten to pay me back. If they work on the option it would be a major advantage for app users like me.

Overall the app is good. There is some nice variety in the menu. However, I would definitely advice Dazo to reconsider cooking food in their kitchen like before or look at the quality of the rotis / paranthas they serve if they want to keep customers like me happy.

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