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Life has never been better! A few years back, when you were standing in a long queue to book tickets in a movie theatre or a railway station, could you have imagined that you would one day be able to book tickets in the comfort of your home, on your mobile phone? Could you have imagined purchasing clothes, food items and groceries without venturing out to a shopping mall? Have you ever thought of getting medical services at home?

In the last few years with developments in the technological field as well as emergence of start-ups, all those things that seemed impossible once, are now a reality. Here are few start-ups that have made our life easier in the last few years.

1) Myntra: Founded in 2007, Myntra is one of the biggest online retail shops for fashion and casual lifestyle products. Gone are the days when one had to visit a showroom to check out clothes and purchase them. Myntra not only offers you a platform where you can check all your favourite brands but also get heavy discounts on anything you purchase.

2) Just Eat: Ordering food has never been easy until Just Eat raised its head in 2006. Just Eat is an online service acting as a web based intermediary between independent takeaway food outlets and customers. So whenever you want to invite friends over for a small get together or feeling lazy to cook, log onto Just Eat app and order your favourite cuisine, and get it delivered at your doorsteps.

3) Commonfloor: Buying, selling or renting property has become easier and less stressful. You can avoid brokers and directly deal with the property owners or prospects — Commonfloor, an online property portal, has made this possible for you. As a user you get access to all possible property details for over 5 lakhs active property listings across over 200 cities and over 1,10,000 projects. So say bye to brokers and wasted time running around looking for a place to rent, buy or sell.

4) Furlenco: Have you ever thought of renting furniture for your home? Never? Then you should check out Furlenco, which has revolutionized the home furniture rental market. They not only offer furniture but also match it with free soft furnishings and appliances at an affordable price. You can mix and match styles for each room of yours and can also change the look of your house every year with no added charges at the click of a mouse button. In short they offer you an experience to live a better life. There is an exclusive offer for readers use discount code CHAIWITHSHAI and avail one month rental FREE!

5) Bookmyshow: There was a time when you had to travel all the way to a movie theatre and stand in long queues to book a ticket. Sometimes if you are not lucky then you had to run around to few other nearby theatres to finally get a ticket. With the emergence of bookmyshow, India’s biggest online movie and events ticketing brand, in 2007, you can check out tickets for any movie you want to watch, along with their showtime at any theatre in your city. Bookmyshow has not only made it easy to purchase tickets online but also offer heavy discounts on bookings by the way of tie-ups with leading banks.

6) Big Basket: Have you ever imagined shopping for groceries, food items and vegetables over the net? No? Then Big Basket, India’s largest online food and grocery store, made it possible. With over 10,000 products and 1000+ brands you will find anything and everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and pulses, spices and seasonings to packaged products, beverages, personal care products, meats — they have it all. If you are not happy with the products delivered to you or are damaged then they replace the products immediately or do a full refund.

7) Portea: With advancement in every field, how can the medical field be behind? Making appointments and undergoing health checks is not only stressful also hectic with busy work schedules. Portea Medical brings medical care at your doorsteps. Portea brings world class doctors, nurses and infrastructure to your home. So you get the one-on-one attention you need. And the peace of mind that you deserve. The services are not only affordable but also accountable.

8) Ola Cabs: In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore traveling within the city in your own vehicle is something one would not want to consider, due to growing traffic. Also if you decide to take a cab or a rickshaw the thought of haggling with taxi drivers and rickshaw drivers can give you nightmares. This was the case until Ola cabs showed up on the scene. Today you can book from an auto rickshaw to hatchback, sedan to SUV using their app on your phone, as per your need and budget, and travel hassle free.

9) Wassup Laundry: Gone are the days when you had to wash your own clothes or you had to wait for your Dhobi to show up on your doors. WithWassup, you can schedule a pickup using their app as per your convenience and get your clothes laundered and ironed. You can be assured that your clothes get time and attention needed to make them look and feel good when you wear them.

10) Makemytrip: There was a time when one had to break their heads for days to get a good deal for going on a holiday or stand in long queues to book tickets for train, bus or flight, or make rounds of a travel agent’s office. With the emergence of Makemytrip in 2000, you can book your tickets and plan your holiday at your convenience and comfort of your home. Also you can check out some wonderful hotel room deals for your stay.

Above are few of the startups that have made our life easier, there are many more that I would be covering shortly. However, one important point to be noted here, almost all of them have their base in namma Bangalore.