Today the nation is celebrating 69 years of Independence from 150 years of British slavery. However how independent are we? Do we really feel independent in our country? What does Independence mean to everyone? This is one question I feel we should all think out loud.

For me independence means;
1) Freedom to live the way I want
2) Freedom to love / marry anyone I want
3) Freedom from corruption
4) Freedom from sexual discrimination
5) Freedom from social mindsets
6) Freedom to express
7) Freedom to make my own decisions
8) Freedom from dirt and garbage filled cities
9) Freedom from potholes
10) Freedom from racism
11) Freedom to follow any religion of my choice
12) Freedom from pollution
13) Freedom from poverty
14) Freedom to eat what I want, including beef
15) Freedom to surf any website
16) Freedom to watch any movie without the interference of censor boards / religious units
The list is endless…

So are we still independent enough to celebrate our FREEDOM today – 69 years later?