This week saw the release of Ananth Mahadevan directed movie ‘Gour Hari Dastaan‘ starring Vinay Pathak, Ranveer Shoerey and Konkona Sen Sharma. The movie is based on the real life story of Gandhian Gour Hari Das who for 30 odd years fought against the corrupt and inefficient system of India to be recognized as a freedom fighter.

The movie moves back and forth between mid 70’s, mid 2000’s and 1946 when he fought for India’s Freedom as a member of Vanar Sena and also imprisoned by Britishers for 90 days. The story is complex but Mahadevan and co-writer CP Surendran does a brilliant job conveying it in a simple manner to the audience.

Although there are few glitches but that can be put aside when you see the effort and performances put in by each member of cast and crew. Rare are such occasions in the history of Hindi cinema where a filmmaker goes against commerce and BO results to tell a beautiful simple story.

Vinay Pathak as Gour Hari Das puts in a subtle performance that touches your heart. He has come a long way from his Bheja Fry and Chalo Dilli days. Konkona Sen Sharma puts up a brilliant act portraying the role of Das’ supporting wife. Ranveer Shoeroy as a 40 plus old journalist who comes across Das’s story and tries to help him, has also put in a wonderful performance.

There are few moments in the film that will make you question the bureaucracy. You will definitely feel for Das’s struggle to get that alluding Freedom Fighter Certificate and when he does you want to stand up and rejoice for him.

A huge salute to Ananth Mahadevan who has come up with another heart wrenching masterpiece after Mee Sindhutai Sapkal that won four National Awards.

On the whole the movie might not cater to the masses but as content driven movies are doing well at the BO, this movie will definitely find a place in the viewers heart.

My Verdict: ****