In our ongoing series about learning where I discuss about the various courses or skill sets one needs to lookout for in the coming years, I am picking up the IT industry today. With continuous extinction and evolution in products, the technology industry is considered to be a volatile one giving rise to newer skill sets and job roles. One has to be up-to-date and aware of the emerging trends and shifts in the technology industry; otherwise, you might just wake up one day to find your skills to have gone extinct and your job profile obsolete. Therefore, I have compiled top 7 much-in-demand IT skills to check out in 2015;

  1. Ethical Hacking: If you have been following the news regularly, you might have come across the high profile hacking operation that took place recently in Sony and the US Military. Since then, governments and businesses worldwide have become quite alert and are increasingly looking for professionals who can beat these cyber criminals in their own game. An Ethical Hacker is a professional ‘good guy’ who uses the same tools and techniques that a cyber criminal uses to crack networks, as a mean to keep them out, by finding better ways. Therefore, in 2015, security will be a primary concern for businesses, and professionals with ethical hacking skills will have better opportunities in the market.
  2. Data Management: If there is any other skill that is finding more takers in 2015 due to the big data boom, is that of data management. Data Management is nothing but the development and execution of policies, procedures, practices and architectures that manage the entire data life-cycle needs of an enterprise properly. Therefore, professionals with data management skills will be highly pursued by businesses as they continue to derive understanding from various data sources to create actionable business decisions.
  3. Enterprise Architecture: With growing complexity of organizations, businesses are finding an increased value in successfully implementing enterprise architecture. This has in turn given rise to widespread adoption of enterprise architecture by businesses and increased demand for certified architects. The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a leading architecture these days and is supposedly being applied in around 80% of Fortune 500 companies. Therefore, if you are certified in TOGAF, you will be one of the prized catches for any organization looking out for architects.
  4. NoSQL: As big data and cloud continues to flourish in the market, we can see a new mobile application coming up on a daily basis giving rise to NoSQL databases. Therefore, professionals who possess the skills to utilize as well as know when to avoid, NoSQL will offer efficiency, flexibility and agility within operations that will be valued by businesses. This is again a much-in-demand skill to go for this year.
  5. Mobile Application Development: As more and more mobile applications for employees, and applications are deployed by businesses, an increased number of these applications are being transitioned to the cloud by them. In the current market space, professionals with the skills to understand how all these pieces and processes fit together are of great value. Doing a course in Microsoft’s MCSD certification track offers a series of avenues to develop and demonstrate these skills. So get skilled to get employed at a company of your choice.
  6. Data Science: Among the hottest skills predicted for 2015, skills relating to data science are being considered big. This group of skills, although in transition, traditionally combines the knowledge of statistics, programming, mathematics and data analysis. Combining a deep knowledge and understanding of a business with the ability to uncover, analyze and communicate patterns in data, a data scientist can discover as well as address various business problems. Therefore, a data scientist is one of the most pursued professional, with companies beginning to control greater returns from big data.
  7. Secure Coding: Advancement in technology in recent years has given rise to more and more mobile and desktop applications making its way to the market. Therefore, businesses looking to develop software for internal use or external sale depend heavily on the development of secure applications. This in turn protects the organization from any amount of threats that arise from the release of flawed applications, which also includes data theft as well as class action lawsuits. Professionals possessing secure coding skill sets are hotly pursued, as it is vital for any organization in the process of developing computer software that guards against the introduction of security susceptibilities.

In 2015, if you wish to be the one who stands out in the job market or among your peers, consider up-skilling or re-skilling yourself with one of the above mentioned skill sets. Get Certified. Get Ahead is one mantra one should follow in 2015!

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