If you are a professional who want to stay ahead of competition and remain successful in your job field, then there is one thing that you must accept; Never Stop Learning!

It might sound very unreasonable when I say this, because the general perception around is to finish studies during your academic years. After you secure your dream job there is no need to study further. However with changing times and industry needs, this misconception of ‘stop learning once you secure your job’ is slowly fading away. The new mantra is ‘If you ease up on learning new skills, you are going to get lapsed!’

Industry experts feel that as the industry keeps moving, what you have to do is fall in love with the process of learning and iterating for getting better. Moreover, one should have a mindset that is quite fluid and adaptable to changes apart from facilitating personal growth with an unending quench towards the desire to learn.

People with an open mind and desire to augment their skillsets are poised to succeed in the future and gain an edge in a competitive environment. This is also one prime reason for the professional certifications and training industries to see a boom in the last few years.

With lesser supply to the increasing demand by almost every employer for certified professionals in the market, the certified professionals are an expensive catch – with lucrative compensations and additional benefits kept on offer to attract them.

But how do we overcome the mind block towards learning? With busy schedules and extended working hours the last thing one would want to think about is – Learning. How do we squeeze in those extra few hours for learning and upgrading our skills? How do we motivate ourselves to learn? Is job security the only reason for a person to learn new skills and stay updated or do there should be an unquenchable desire to learn? I would say, to each his own. A person might start learning to secure his job or he has an undesirable amount of thirst to learn new things and stay updated. Whatever the motive, the answer is, learning is a constant process and by indulging in the same you are widening your scope in an age where companies and jobs, rise and fall in a matter of months. That thing you do? Theres now an app for that, for free. Or there will be soon. That job title of yours could change next week. When thinking about careers, no one is safe.

There are many ways one can learn even when you are tied to your job. Like Krishna Kumar – CEO, Simplilearn says, “Understanding the industry needs and a professional’s challenge to put in extra hours for learning, we at Simplilearn started the blended model of training which is a mix of online as well as traditional classroom training. The idea being, to encourage learning that too at your own pace and comfort, and grow in your career. One of our brand campaign slogan is ‘Get Certified. Get Ahead’, urging everyone to learn and upgrade their skills with the changing times and industry needs.”

Today Simplilearn has successfully trained more than 200,000+ professionals worldwide and their repertoire consists of more than 200+ professional courses. Like Simplilearn there are many other companies in the market who are promoting the traditional and modern ways of learning.

In the coming days I will be covering more on learning and the different certifications that one as a professional must undertake to stay ahead in the competition.

So now the next question is, “Have you stopped learning?”

Shaiju Mathew is an Indian author, social media strategist, blogger, reviewer, screenplay writer, and short film director, known for his 2010 book Knocked Up and short film Planchette. For more information please visit his webpage www.shaijumathew.com or blog www.shaiju-mathew.blogspot.in. You can also check him out on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaiju_Mathew)