Life has become more complicated these days with competition in every sphere of life. However the biggest challenge or competition one faces in their life is in their career. With increasing trends towards easing job technicalities and processes, new technologies are being invented, new studies are being researched and new processes are getting placed.

With growing competition, academic studies are not good enough, whatever you miss out in your set syllabus; one tends to learn on the job as well as through professional certification courses. However sometimes one needs to do more to stay ahead in competition and professional certification always add value to your resume. If you look around there are no dearth of professional certification courses in the world, as for every profession there are a set of courses one can do to polish ones skills and for upgrading oneself time to time. Similarly there are many institutions who conduct these courses worldwide.

In the year 2009, Krishna Kumar, a second time entrepreneur thought of starting a blog where he could help PMP aspirants to crack PMP exams. Few months into the blog Krishna had helped more than 3000 professionals and that’s when he realized the potential of helping more professionals by converting his blog into a business enterprise. Thus, came into being as a company in September 2010.

Today among competitors and in the general professional certifications and training world, Simplilearn is known as the ‘Largest Destination for Professional Certification and Training’. These claims are not futile when you look at the overall growth of the company in the last four years since its inception. No wonder it got its series ‘A’ funding as well as series ‘B’ funding in quick succession.

Today Simplilearn is a multi-million dollar turnover company with more than 200+ courses under 15 verticals, accredited by around 20 global bodies and over 200,000+ professionals successfully trained in 150+ countries of its presence. Apart from key achievements, the company stands firmly on the pillars of good content, quality training, certified trainers and flexible modes of learning.

When you take a look into the world of professional certification training companies, Simplilearn was the first company to introduce the blended model of training by which a professional could opt for his choice and mode of training. Blended model of training (which is nothing but a mix of Online, Instructor Led Online and Classroom trainings) was mainly introduced for individuals or professionals who wanted to take training, but could not due to busy schedules and travel hassles. With this model a person could learn anywhere, anytime. Ricardo Arnt a Software Architect in E-core IT who took up an online course in Cloud Computing says, “So what if you cannot go to the trainer, the trainer can come to you is something that the company believes in. I chose online training to learn at my pace and comfort. Moreover the way the concepts and activities were laid out was excellent.”

It’s not only Ricardo who has benefitted from the blended model of Simplilearn but he is one of the 200,000+ professionals trained by the company. Apart from individual participants there are companies like Accenture, Siemens, Abbott, Bank of America, Oracle and many more who have hired Simplilearn to train their employees and have benefitted with it. The blended model of training was also useful for corporates to impart same standard of training to their each and every employee irrespective of them being placed anywhere in the world.

With over 500 workshops held every month and 10,000 professionals getting trained on a regular monthly basis, Simplilearn is truly recognized as the ‘Largest Destination for Professional Certification and Trainings.” So what are you waiting for? Get Certified. Get Ahead. For more information please visit

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