Customer First

Professional training traditionally was once a small time business where trainings were considered as good as the trainer was. Therefore if you were a good trainer then you were booked all along to deliver trainings extensively. I remember once a trainer claiming to have delivered 52 trainings in a year where the training lasted for 5 days each. Wow! This meant, he trained every week of the year.

Now, let’s consider a scenario where a participant has undergone training, and post training he encounters a couple of queries which needs a trainer’s attention. In such a case how will he approach the trainer who trained him and get his queries addressed if the trainer is busy with other sessions and might not even be available on weekends and non-working hours? Moreover, the participant only paid for the classroom sessions and not for any post training support. In such a situation what would the participant do? Does he have to wait until the trainer gets some free time to address his query or does he go away without getting his doubts cleared? I am sure most of us who would have pursued professional certification trainings in the past would have faced a similar situation.

The training industry until now functioned in the above mentioned way but as times changed so did the training industry standards. With new age players like Simplilearn – one of the pioneers in the professional certifications industry, entering the market, there has been a boom and transformation in how participants look at training and certification. The focus for such new entrants were to give a customer-centric service.

On being asked about the professional certification training scenario these days, Krishna Kumar, CEO-Simplilearn says, “The industry has changed a lot in the last few years. One of the main features that attributed to our business model’s success was being ‘customer-centric’. In general, when a participant subscribes for a ‘course’ he is doing so to get trained effectively to crack his certification exams irrespective of who the ‘trainer’ is.”

Explaining Simplilearn’s customer-centric approach, Krishna says, “As per our business model, when a participant subscribes to a course, he immediately gets access to a world-class online training to prepare himself for the upcoming workshops that he would be attending. This is done to set expectations for the participant in terms of what is going to be covered in the training. Once the workshop is over, the participant gets access to 24/7 support to get their queries clarified and that’s something Simplilearn as a company promises and not the trainer. It’s immaterial who the trainer is, as again, the company takes care of identifying and getting the right kind of qualified trainers to do the ‘in-person’ live classroom training.”

The business model is also unique in a way that in case the participant does not get the desired result of passing the exam, the company has a 100% money back guarantee. Elaborating on the same, Krishna says, “For us our customer satisfaction is of great importance and therefore if any of our participants do not get the desired result from our trainings we give them a 100% money refund, however that is done only if they have followed all our instructions and taken up our practice tests to be exam ready.”

With players like Simplilearn entering the market with focus on their content driven courses, 24/7 support and money back guarantee, what was once considered a small time trainer-driven business today has become a multi-million dollar industry.

“We provide various ways to reach us in case our customers face any issues. Customer can either contact us through conventional methods such as contact us form on the website apart from email, chat support, phone or through our social media profiles and Simplilearn Community page, all of which are easily accessible and guarantees 24 X 7 support. This confirms our belief on “Customer First” and helps us provide a delightful customer experience at all times,” says Ashish Joshi, Senior Manager – Customer Delight at Simplilearn.

Explaining further on how the 24/7 support functions, Ashish says, “As soon as a customer contacts us from any of our contact mediums, he is assigned with a Client Support Representative (CSR) who owns the issue and takes it to the resolution point. This ensures that the customer gets a personalized support with just one person to update them about their ongoing issue.”

With such unique differentiators the company has become a hot favorite among its target audience. However, the entire business model is still a work-in-progress with occasional challenges thrown at them, that’s when they thought of setting up a separate team called VOC – Voice Of Customer. Any customer complaint registered via email or posted anywhere on the internet is monitored closely and resolved immediately by the VOC department. “Every customer complaint or issue is personally addressed by me so that the customer can be assured of being heard and also getting an immediate resolution. However there are times when false reviews and complaints are posted by competitors via fake id’s to tarnish our company image which cannot be helped. However we have thrived and succeeded in the market only on the basis of customer faith and goodwill,” explains Krishna.

Anthony Joseph, one of the participants who undertook Prince2® Foundation Test says, “I have tried taking coaching from other training companies, however the way I got prepared before and after the training by Simplilearn was awesome! Whenever I had doubts I could always approach them on phone, chat, email or even refer back to the online training sessions.”

The same sentiments are expressed by Binh Nguyen Van who took a course in PMP®, “Response from a customer support team person from Simplilearn has always been prompt. I appreciate it. Moreover I gained 40 PDU’s.”

As truly said by Krishna, the company definitely stays afloat only because of the customer loyalty and goodwill which can be gauged by the 200,000+ professionals worldwide who have trusted this brand for their certifications and excelled in their exams. With a repertoire of 200+ courses and many more to be added in the coming days, Simplilearn is slowly and steadily establishing itself as a one stop destination for every individual seeking professional certification training. With the customers on their side, the company is surely bound to reach mammoth heights in the coming years!

Shaiju Mathew is an Indian author, social media strategist, blogger, reviewer, screenplay writer, and short film director, known for his 2010 book Knocked Up and short film Planchette. For more information please visit his webpage or blog You can also check him out on Wikipedia (