What is happening to our good old YRF? It’s been ages we saw some sensible movie from this giant movie stable. This week we have ‘Kill Dill‘ directed by Shaad Ali (after a long hibernation). Like Rip Van Winkle who woke up after years from his deep slumber to see how world changed while he was asleep, Shaad is still trying to figure out where he belongs.

After giving a frame to frame copy of Mani Rathnam‘s ‘Alay Payuthe‘ as ‘Saathiya‘ and an uninspired version of ‘Bonnie & Clyde‘ in ‘Bunty Aur Babli‘, Shaad makes another non-nonsensical movie like his last almost decade old release ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom‘. I would like to ask Shaad, why did you wake up to make a bad movie like ‘Kill Dill‘? It was better you remained asleep.

Dev (Ranveer) and Tutu (Ali) are two orphans found in a dustbin and brought up by Bhaiyaji (Govinda) to become dreaded professional killers as they grow up. Dev falls in love with Disha (Parineeti) who is a social worker hell bent on reforming the society. Dev leads a dual life to please his lady love and Bhaiyaji. The day Bhaiyaji comes to know about Dev’s transformation and steps he is taking to lead a normal life, he reveals his secret to Disha. Then what happens to Dev and Disha’s love story and against Bhaiyaji’s possessiveness towards Dev and Tutu is something you would not want to know. In fact I feel you would just want to leave the auditorium cursing the makers for wasting your time, money and causing a headache.

The performances are wonderful I must admit. Ranveer is endearing and he lives the character of Dev to the ‘T’. Govinda as usual is superb and so is Parineeti and Ali. The movie falters at the execution level. Shaad has not made a bad movie, he has in fact made the movie badly. A different director would have done a better job.

Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is good but you will get bored watching them unfold on the screen one after the another. Background music is good especially the signature ‘Cowboy‘ style music. Editing and cinematography is good and so are the dialogues.

On the whole, this is not even a one time watch movie.

My Verdict: *

Poor – *, Average – **, Good – ***, Very Good – ****, Excellent – *****

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