The festival season has kick started with a BANG with the third installment of KRISHH and as expected the movie does a wonderful job in entertaining its target audience.

Krishh 3 is a visual treat with superior VFX ever seen in any of our movies and to note that the VFX was used in fraction of a budget that Hollywood uses for its super hero movies. The story is average and the movie is too Indian with songs and dances which I feel does not add much to the progression of the movie and if edited out will not do any harm.

Lets not compare our super hero with the super heroes of the West because unlike their super heroes our KRISHH doesn’t wear his briefs over his pants, he does not have a cape, he sings songs and woos his heroine running around the trees (err! in this movie we can say woos his heroines around the city of Petra) and he has a family that he needs to save from the Super Villian ‘Kaal’ who happens to be his evil brother.

Now coming to the story, Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) is a wheel chair bound Pharmaceutical giant who resides somewhere in the Alps with a bunch of self created mutants (one among them is Kaya played by Kangana Ranaut) and scientists. His aim in life is to find a cure for his paralysis and to take over the world, therefore he creates viruses and antidotes and creates havoc among the human kind.

Krishh aka Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) is happily married to Priya (Priyanka Chopra) and they are expecting their first child. Rohit (Hrithik Roshan again) is busy researching the science that Jadoo used to get power from the sun light that might help human kind over come any kind of diseases. The story takes progress when Kaal comes to know that the virus he has created (that can be cured only by an antidote created from his own blood) to attack India has been defeated by an antidote used from a similar DNA structure from someone else’s blood. The search leads to Rohit and his family of Krishna and Priya. The story takes momentum the moment Priya is kidnapped and Kaal comes to know of some truths that were hidden from him since long.

Acting wise Hrithik as father and son does a superb job. Priyanka and Kangana are in top form. Vivek Oberoi for a change gets one of the best roles of his career and he does justice to it. The music is plain average. The cinematography and VFX is TOP CLASS. The background score by Salim – Suleiman is average. Action is again top class watch the climax fight between Krishh and Kaal which is one of the highlights. Even the pre-climax fight between Krishh and the mutants have been filmed wonderfully. The direction by Rakesh Roshan is without doubt excellent, he knows the pulse of the audience and has always picked subjects keeping the changing trends and audience tastes. However I still feel the script could have been tighter in the first half and the songs could have been done away with as I suggested above.

Overall India’s first Super Hero movie is a Superb attempt and will be loved by children and families. So my verdict go for it and please do not compare our movie with the west, then you will be able to enjoy it.

Verdict: ***

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