Yash Chopra movies have inspired many a generations as it speaks about love and has some of the best songs ever created and shot on screens. So the last movie directed by Yash Chopra had a lot of expectations from the audience and yes I too had some wonderful expectations. However I felt that the movie went wrong in the scripting and the music was uninspiring.

Moreover like his character Samar Anand played by SRK who wakes up one day to forget his last 10 years memories after he meets with an accident the same way SRK has woken up after the huge debacle RA.One last Diwali to forget the last 12 years and imagine that he is still playing the conventional Raj and Rahul characters played for Dharma and YRF.

The movie tells the story of Mira played by Katrina who likes to make promises with God in return to get her prayers answered. Samar is a happy go lucky guy who happens to fall in love with Mira after he sees her in church when she comes to ask God to break her engagement and in return she will stop wearing fur. Soon Mira seems to see Samar everywhere singing on different locations in London. She strikes a deal with Samar that if he teaches her to learn a song in Punjabi she will teach him English.

Soon they fall in love with eachother in between music sessions and English classes. The day Mira goes to tell her father about her relationship with Samar, he meets with an accident and to save his life she tells God she will never meet him. Samar is saved and as promised to God she stops meeting him which in turn breaks his heart and he joins Army as a bomb diffusing specialist.

Ten years later he meets Akira played by Anushka who is a documentary maker for Discovery Channel. She falls in love with Samar and before anything could go further between them, Samar meets with another accident and he soon realises that he has lost his memory for the last 10 years. Then what happens is the entire crux of the story.

The screenplay by Devika Bhagat and Aditya Chopra lacks the punch. The predictability of the plot and the silly promises that Katrina’s character likes to make to God for silly reasons makes the story quite kiddish and boring.

The music apart from ‘Saans’ is quite uninspiring, the cinematography is wonderful. Dialogues are okay, it makes you remember the movies made by Karan Johar and Yash Chopra in the 90’s.

SRK has not done anything outstanding considering the fact that he was going back  to what he does best. Katrina is a revelation maybe she was waiting for Yash Chopra to tap out the best performance from her. Anushka Sharma as usual is good. Anupam Kher has a ‘blink and you miss’ kind of a role. The cameo by Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor was okay.

On the whole due to the hype and controversy surrounding the movie will help it to get a Super Hit tag. However the movie on the whole is a complete let down if you compare it to the masterpieces churned out by Yash Chopra in the past. So my verdict an average movie for a one time watch.

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