Vikram Bhatt is synonymous with horror genre the way Karan Johar is to candy floss romance and Bhatt brothers with erotic thrillers and therefore 1920 – Evil Returns was always a much awaited movie as soon as the promos hit the tube.

However like RAAZ – 3, 1920-Evil Returns also disappoints highly. There is no novelty in the story and the movie is another heavily inspired version of THE EXORCIST. 

Now coming to the story; Smruti [Tia Bajpai] is on her way to meet Jaidev [Aftab Shivdasani] who is her pen friend turned lover whom she has never met. On the way she meets with an accident caused by an evil spirit and in turn she loses her memory. Jaidev, a well-known poet, who lives with his sister Karuna [Vidya Malvade] finds Tia one morning, lying unconscious near the lake and gets her home. Karuna is against Jaidev’s decision of bringing a stranger home. A few episodes later, Jaidev realizes that Smruti has lost her memory and doesn’t remember anything except his poems. 

Jaidev decides to get Smruti treated in Shimla. En route, while resting in the guest house, strange developments start taking place. Jaidev realizes that Smruti is possessed by a spirit. To save her it is necessary to unveil her past and how he goes in search of her past and what comes in front of him is the crux of the story.

Although the story is by Vikram Bhatt and Amin Hajee, Bhushan Patel has directed the movie who was the erstwhile assistant of Vikram. The music by Chirantan Bhatt was average and it hampers the narrative of the movie. 

Performances by every actors including the main leads are strictly okay, however Tia Bajpai enacts her part well in all the possessed scenes. Aftab looks and acts quite average. 

At the ticket window the movie might turn out to be a winner as it is made at a very low cost and has the advantage of Vikram Bhatt’s name attached to it.