After watching a mind blowing ‘English Vinglish’ last week, comes a drab ‘Aiyya’ which infact even I am surprised how a director like Sachin Kundalkar (who won a National Award for the same story in Marathi) could make. I am wondering how Rani Mukherjee and Anurag Kashyap who are known for their brilliant script sense could actually go for a script like this?

To give you a backhand story, Sachin Kundalkar made a movie “Gandh – The Smell” in Marathi few years back that had three short stories woven together, revolving around ‘smell’. One of the short stories titled ‘Lagnacha Vayachi Mulgi’ has been stretched and made into a 2hr 30 mins ‘masala’ potboiler in Hindi by him.

Like Rani’s screen father says in the end of the movie, “That he could not understand what was happening all the while?” was the same thing I uttered to myself after the movie came to an end (actually I was waiting for it to end). The movie was neither a comedy nor a thought provoking drama or even a masala entertainer that it was being projected as, all through its promos and songs.

The story is about a middle class girl Meenaxi (Rani) who falls in love with a South Indian guy named Surya (Prithviraj) only because of his body smell. Her quirky or rather an over dramatic family fixes her marriage with a simpleton Madhav (Subodh Bhave) who loves Farooque Shaikh and Deepti Naval movies. Soon Meenaxi realizes that she can never be happy with Madhav as she is in love with Surya or rather his smell and what happens to Meenaxi and would she get the man of her dreams is what AIYYA is all about.

Performances by every actor including Rani is over the top, loud and dramatic. South Sensation Prithviraj has nothing much to do and has just a couple of dialogues in the entire movie. The songs are wonderful and they are choreographed well by Vaibhavi Merchant. Dialogues are too loud and at times too boring. Direction was average, I still want to believe that Sachin was either sleeping when he directed this movie or maybe he drank a bottle full of vodka from the water-bag named ‘Jumbo’ carried by Rani’s colleague Maina in the movie.

On the whole this movie is not worth watching unless you want to hold your head and scream angrily “AIYYA”. This movie will be a total loss at the Box Office, maybe a miracle can save it.

As for the other release of the week BHOOT RETURNS… I would rather say Mr. RGV can you please stop wasting your time and producers money by making such crass movies…. Please take a break and do some soul searching… We want to see RGV of Rangeela, Satya, Bhoot, Company and Sarkar series…. The worst movie I have ever seen so wouldn’t waste my time and energy in reviewing it… At the box office this BHOOT will not make any RETURNS 😉

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