At last the prayers of all Sridevi fans including me have been answered with the release of Gauri Shinde directed ‘English Vinglish’. A simply and cute story told in a very simple and emotional way. Nothing new if you want to give a straightaway judgement, but that is the beauty of this simple movie.

Sashi (Sridevi) is a housewife and a small time ‘Entrepreneur’ who sells home made ‘laddoos’ and takes care of her family. However her biggest problem in life is not knowing English language because of which she is not valued by her children and husband.

On her sister’s insistence she goes to US to help with the marriage preparations of her niece. There she happens to enroll herself for a short term English learning class. She discovers, like her there are couple of characters who have come from different countries to US for work and are struggling with their lack of knowledge of English language.

Soon she is on a roll and she learns the language to earn respect and dignity among her family members.

The story is very simple, the direction is wonderful although there are few glitches in the screenplay but that can be ignored when you see the end result.

Sridevi as always is endearing and she is as natural as she can be. It seems the character was tailor-made for her. Even after 15 years she is still in great form and will beat every competition to win all the awards and  maybe even the National Award for her potrayal of Sashi Godbole. The rest  of the supporting cast is wonderful so is the cameo by Amitabh Bachchan. The music is very good especially the title song and ‘Navrai’. After ‘Cheeni Kum’ and ‘Paa’, R. Balki comes back as a producer for ‘English Vinglish’ bringing back the feel good quality of his past ventures.

On the whole this is one movie which everyone should watch and maybe after that our views about our mothers and housewives in general will change. As it is said, being a housewife is a 24 hour duty and even though a woman does her chores with dedication, still she never gets to hear a ‘Thank You’ or a word of appreciation from her family members, because she is taken for granted. I am not saying that suddenly the views towards the housewives will change however one will definitely think about it.

My verdict please do go and watch this BRILLIANT movie… as for box office numbers, it will definitely bring in good numbers and ensure everyone associated with this movie gets benefited. 

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