OMG – Oh My God is this week’s new release and to tell you frankly it is one of the best movies to come out starring Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal after a long time. Although Akshay had a good year earlier with Housefull 2 and Rowdy Rathore which were inane comedies that made good money at the box office,  he also had an insipid ‘Joker’ which was one of his biggest flops. However OMG is something that Akshay will be proud off not only as an actor but also as a Producer.

To start with, the movie is an official adaptation of the popular play “Kishan V/s Kanhaiya” which has been successfully running from past one decade and the movie makers have also given credit to ‘The Man Who Sued God’ which was an English movie released in 2001. The movie has some fresh plots and scenarios which were not seen in the original play and it really compliments the movie as a whole.

The story is about Kanji (played brilliantly by Paresh Rawal) who runs an antique shop in Chor Bazar and he does not believe in God. One day an earthquake strikes the city destroying his shop and he approaches his insurance company who raises their hands saying as it an ‘Act of God’ they are not liable to compensate. Upset with the situation, Kanji files a case against God in Court of Law and he sends notices to every Godman and religious institutions to compensate for his loss.

The case creates a furor in the city and the entire city is divided into two, one group supporting Kanji and the other group supporting the religious priests and Godmen. Finally God (Akshay Kumar) is forced to come down to handle the situation.

The message is very strong where one gets to understand that one should not be God Fearing but God Loving. Moreover the movie is not anti-religion and gives us a clear picture that instead of searching for God in temples and religious places, one should search HIM within ourselves.

Performances are wonderful and every supporting actor has done a great job. Paresh Rawal steals the show with his perfect portrayal of Kanji Bhai and Akshay Kumar as Lord Krishna is wonderful. Akshay suits the role like a ‘T’ and it is a pleasure to watch him whenever he comes on screen. Mithoon Chakraborthy as the effeminate Godman is brilliant and hilarious and so is Govind Namdeo.

Music by Himesh Reshammiya do not have much scope in this movie and apart from ‘Go Go Go Govinda’ song there are non that impresses. The cinematography is good however art direction could have been better as one can clearly see that the movie was shot in a set and not original locations. Director Umesh Shukla has done a wonderful job and on the whole the movie will do well at the BO even though it has some blemishes.

My verdict, this is one wonderful movie to look forward to, so GO FOR IT!