RAAZ 3 the latest movie to come out of Vishesh Films and Mahesh Bhatt’s stable is another story set to cash in on the famous RAAZ franchise they formed 10 years back. However like all recent Vishesh Film movies or the movies made by the Bhatt family, this one too turns out to be a big Rumble in the Bronx.

The story is about a fading actress played superbly by Bipasha Basu who seeks revenge on another upcoming actress played by Esha Gupta, who also happens to be her half sister. To regain what she has lost out to the newbie Bipasha’s character resorts to Black Magic and to execute her plan successfully she chooses her boyfriend / lover played by Emran Hashmi.

As the story progresses Emran Hashmi has a change of heart and falls in love with Esha’s character and instead of taking the plan ahead of killing her, he enters the world of Spirits to get back her spirit.

There is nothing new about the plotline as every Vikram Bhatt movie has got the same old story treatment and the 3D is just used merely for marketing purpose, as there are not many 3D usable material in the movie. The entire movie revolves around the three characters and after sometime it tends to be boring.

As far as acting goes, Emran is okay, he has given much better performances in the past. Bipasha is good in whatever role she has however the biggest disappointment here is Esha Gupta who really needs to pull up her socks. Vikram is a good storyteller however Shagufta Rafiq lets him down. The cinematography by Praveen Bhatt is very good while the music by Jeet Ganguli and Rashid Khan disappoints considering the fact that the music of RAAZ 1 & RAAZ 2 were good. The 3D effects are good but not much scope for using thrills barring a couple of sequences.

On an average the movie is just a one time watch and considering the hype around the movie, it wouldn’t be a wonder if it turns out to be a winner for Vishesh Films, Emran Hashmi and Bipasha.

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