Wow a movie on sperm donation is something not many would love to venture out in India. The first time we heard or saw about the same was in Onir’s ‘I AM’ where Purab Kohli played the role of a sperm donor and Nandita Das as the receiver. The serious take on the issue was not accepted by the general public but I still maintain that it was a very sincere and sensitive take by Onir on this subject.

Now coming to Vicky Donor, this serious issue has been tackled in a comic manner without making it sound boring or preachy. Dr. Chaddha (Annu Kapoor) runs a infertility clinic in Delhi and he is in search of a person who has a good and healthy sperm count. He accidentally meets Vicky (Ayushman) one day and he is sure that his search for a healthy donor is finished. He undertakes different ways to convince Vicky to donate his sperms in bringing happiness to such couples who cannot conceive. After a lot of cajoling and convincing he agrees for the same.

Vicky’s mother Dolly (Dolly Alhuvalia) runs a beauty parlor and she also takes care of her mother-in-law (Kamlesh Gill). The bickering and love shown between the saas-bahu is hilarious and the best scenes of the movie are between them. The scene where the saas-bahu are downing few pegs or fighting over a 42 inch LED TV etc. are very funnily written and executed.

Vicky meets Ashima (Yammi Gautham) at a bank where she works as a customer service executive. They fall in love and decide to get married. Initially both the families are against the match as Ashima is a ‘Bong’ while Vicky a true blue Punjabi. The families give their consent in the end however Vicky’s past as a sperm donor breaks the marriage.

The story is very simple but the screenplay and dialogues lift up the entire premise coupled with fantastic acting by debutante Ayushman and Yami, as well as the talented supporting cast played by Dolly Alhuwalia, Kamlesh Gill, Annu Kapoor and the actors who have played Yami’s father and aunt. The music is fantastic and with the mood of the movie, especially the song composed by Ayushman ‘Pani da Rang’ and ‘Whiskey and Rum’.

Shoojit Sircar again springs a surprise after a beautiful start with his debut movie ‘Yahaan’. On the whole the movie will definitely do well at the box office as majority of the multiplex janta would love it. Overall a good movie for a good weekend watch. Please go for it.