After watching some not so good movies in the last few weeks out of which Agent Vinod was an exception. Like all Sriram Raghavan movies Agent Vinod happened to be a fast paced thriller and I being a huge fan of his earlier movies ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ and ‘Johnny Gaddar’ could find much flaws or maybe I just chose to ignore it even if there were any. 
The story is of a secret Agent named Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) who pulls the strings right in front of the villians’ nose and turns table at the drop of a hat. He is assigned a job to find out a bomb which is highly destructive and can cause bigger damages to the world than what the Atom Bomb did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 
So up he goes cracking the mystery of the whereabouts of the bomb in 12 different countries, falls in love with another Pakistani Agent (Kareena Kapoor) who works with the terrorists in unraveling the mysterious bomb. She helps Vinod to track the bomb which is transported to India and in an attempt to foil the plans of the terrorists even loses her life.
The pace of the movie is very fast and there are many characters popping in and out of the frame. The screenplay is very tough and hats-off to the writers who have worked on this difficult screenplay. The music is just average out of which ‘Pungi’ has turned out to be a chart-buster. The other two song’s are well placed in the script and doesn’t look like a forced intrusion to the slick script.
Acting-wise it is a Saif Ali Khan movie from start to end and he proves that he can be our answer to James Bond (I hope they are not disheartened by the box-office results of the movie and not plan a sequel). Kareena is good with whatever screen space she gets. Rest of the cast and crew have also justified their roles.
On the whole Agent Vinod is a great movie to watch that leaves no time for you to think or feel bored as it is a edge of the seat thriller. Box Office wise the movie has not done well but it did deserved more as it is a far better product than last week’s HouseFull 2.

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