After the last two disappointing weeks for Bollywood, here comes the ‘Baap’ of Comedy i.e. Double Dhamal which is a sequel to the hillarious Dhamal directed by Indra Kumar. Indra Kumar always had a knack for comedy, even if you watch his earlier hits like Dil, Beta, Raja, Ishq, & Masti although the movies were emotional stories or say family socials or romance the comedy track were always superb. With Dhamal and now Double Dhamal Indra Kumar has gone one more notch up on the comedy ladder.
Double Dhamal starts from where the prequel ended. The four good-for-nothing friends from DHAMAAL – Roy [Ritesh Deshmukh], Adi [Arshad Warsi], Manav [Jaaved Jaaferi] and Boman [Aashish Chaudhry]  are back again! They are still as stupid and useless as before. Hard work is a strict no and the only work they have ever done in their lives is to lie down on their backside and dream about a good life where they have everything without doing anything!

And then suddenly they spot their enemy the corrupt Insp. Kabir Nayak [Sanjay Dutt]. But he’s no longer a cop and instead of chasing crooks, he’s chasing money  driving a Merc, has a posh office and a lavish villa. The four mad caps are green with envy and decide that come what may, by hook or by crook, they will share Kabir’s good fortune. And so they blackmail Kabir into making them his business partners.

What they don’t know is that soon their dreams are going to turn into nightmares because Kabir has his own hidden agenda, only shared by his sultry girlfriend Kamini [Mallika Sherawat] and sister Kiya [Kangna Ranaut]. And so starts a game of one-upmanship, with both sides having tricks up their sleeves and where sundry characters like Batabhai [Satish Kaushik] and King of Casino, Bonzola, turn up to make their life miserable.

Actingwise everyone has given a career best performance. Ritesh is as hillarious as ever and so is Arshad, Ashish Choudhary and Javed Jaffery. Sanjay Dutt being the target in the movie doesnt have any comic lines or punches but the situations and the characters around him make the scenes more hillarious and he has done a fantastic job as always. Mallika Sherawat is a revelation in a comic role which she has attempted for the first time and so is Kangana. Satish Kaushik is one more brilliant actor who brings the house down with his mere presence.

Songs are nothing to write about apart from ‘Jalebi Bai’ which is an average fare. Tushar Hiranandani should be applauded for his screenplay and Farhad Sajid for the dialogues. One the whole Double Dhamal is a total entertainer and people should leave their brains at home to watch this comic caper. The movie should do fantastic business at the Box Office and this might also give way to another sequel in the Dhamal series.

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