In today’s world where relationships are losing their true meaning, where partners do not think twice before cheating, a close check will always keep you safe. It is time to get alert when you find that your partner is ignoring you, he/she is always busy when you call at any hour, does not give you enough time, makes too many private calls or stops sharing his/her life with you.
A psychologist once told me “People take relationships very casually these days and ignore the seriousness of a relationship. As a result, this ends in giving less respect to the partner. Needbased relationships are more today and if needs are not fulfilled, a person does not think twice about moving on.”   The fact that monogamy is no longer a trend in relationships, partners have their perceptions about why the other cheats or indulges in being disloyal.
Incompatibility is often the reason cited for partners resorting to cheating. Sometimes psychotic possessiveness can also be irritating for a partner. But in any case, cheating should not be the option.
So if you find your relationship has hit a rough patch, do not overlook, it is time to do a reality check in your relationship. Recently, researchers have discovered that people can tell how likely their partner is a cheat just by listening to their voice.

At midnight you call him/her and your partner has kept you on call waiting. You check your partner’s phone and find frequent calls or messages to an unfamiliar number.

Is he/she suddenly addressing you formally? If he/she is behaving in a formal manner then it does mean that he/she is trying to keep some distance from you.

Cheating makes a person very aggressive. The slightest of irritation can result in a big fight. Suddenly, things about you that did not bother him/her start bothering.

If he/she starts insulting you in front of his/her friends and colleagues, it is not a good sign.

You don’t call him/her for a whole day and he/she does not care anymore! If your partner is indifferent towards you and does not care about your problems, it is time to confront him/her.

He/she no longer informs you about his/her daily routine and if you ask him/her about it, he/she accuses you of being insecure and possessive.

Giving attention to self is good but sudden interest of grooming; looking smarter and change of style could be an effort to make an impact on someone.

If he/she smells of a product that neither you nor your partner uses, this is an obvious sign to be on your
There was a time when love was considered the most purest form of emotion in the world. Great poets and writers wrote about them and immortalized them through their stories and poems. In today’s technically advanced world do you think Romeos & Juliets or say Heer Ranjhas still exist? Get a reality check done, maybe you would have ignored certain signs which could spell doom for you in coming few days/weeks/months.

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