Well Well Well …. the biggest entertainer of the year released today to a thunderous applause. It’s been three years since Farah Khan’s last outing ‘Om Shanti Om’ released and broke all existing box office records, so it was expected from Farah to deliver another BLOCKBUSTER with or without Shah Rukh Khan. ‘TEES MAAR KHAN’ is a very risky attempt taken by Farah as heist movies need a lot of detailing in stunts and a good execution. A territory by far dominated by male directors, Farah has tried to attempt it well and surprise of surprise she has acheived it to a greater extent. Let me also inform you that TEES MAAR KHAN is a straight lift of Peter Sellers’ 1966 Italian film AFTER THE FOX [CACCIA ALLA VOLPE] with little changes to adjust to Indian audience.
Tees Maar Khan [Akshay Kumar] is the story of a con man who steals, cons and cheats all with such alarming audacity that even shame shies away from him. He and his gang comprising of Dollar, Soda and Burger have managed to keep the police, world over, on their toes.

Then one fine day international antique smugglers, the Johri Brothers, assign Tees Maar Khan the biggest con job of his life. He must rob antiques worth Rs. 500 crores from a heavily-guarded moving train. Will Khan and his gang, with some unwitting support from his wannabe-actress girlfriend Anya [Katrina Kaif] and the Oscar-greedy Bollywood superstar [Akshaye Khanna], be able to pull off this heist?

TEES MAAR KHAN is a joyride and like all Farah Khan movies in the past is a brainless comedy with full too paisa vasool timepass entertainment. TEES MAAR KHAN like her previous films will see a big divide in opinion as the masses will admire it, while the critics will go mad criticizing it. As a movie TEES MAAR KHAN worked in parts for me.
The story screenplay by Ashmith and Shirish Kunder is fast paced and develops the entire premise of the movie in quick succession. The dialogues are good in parts and the comic antics by the leading and supporting cast is good enough. Akshaye Khanna is a dream to watch as the movie helps him to explore his comic act. Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif are good and so are the Apra Mehta who play Akshay Kumar’s mother, Sudhir Pandey, Aarya Babbar and the three side kicks of Akshay.
Barring ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ the music by Vishal – Shekhar falls flat. Salman Khan’s item number with Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif is a must watch. Cinematography by P.S. Vinod is superb and so is the background score by Shirish Kunder.
On the whole TEES MAAR KHAN is an average entertainer that might make good money in the first week due to the heavy promotions and ofcourse ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’.