Indians howsoever modern they grow their roots are still Indian and still Hindi movies with western sensibilities never work in India case in point Aisha. With Break Ke Baad Kunal Kohli gets into full time production handling the directorial baton to Danish Aslam who debuts with this movie starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone. Danish has tried to target the urban audience with this romantic comedy that talks about giving space in a relationship.

 The story is of Abhay [Imran Khan] and Aaliya [Deepika Padukone] who have known each other since their childhood and soon their friendship turns into love at the tender age of 15, when Abhay realizes that Aaliya is the girl for him.

Aaliya’s life is defined by her burning desire to become an actress and she is unmindful of what or who comes in her way. Abhay, who is still unsure about what he wants to do, finds himself competing with Aaliya’s incessant plans and projects to fulfill her dreams. Things come to a head when Aaliya decides to go to Australia to study and Abhay has to deal with the prospect of a long-distance relationship, secretly fearing that he will lose Aaliya forever.


They decide to give their relationship a break, so that Aaliya can pursue her dreams. As time passes by, Abhay realises his skills, while Aaliya realises that there is no joy in achieving one’s dreams if one has no one to share it with. 
On the outer premise the story looks interesting however the screenplay by Renuka and Danish falls flat. Moreover Deepika’s character seems to be a confused person and keeps on breaking the relationship then makes up and then breaks up and finally gets married to Imran’s character. The songs are average apart from ‘Adhoore’, ‘Meri Padosan’ and ‘Dooriyan’. Danish handles few scenes well while Imran and Deepika have acted well. Sharmila Tagore and Shahana Goswami are totally wasted and Lillette Dubey does a good job.
On the whole Break Ke Baad disappoints majorly. I am sure audience will never return after the interval or ‘Break Ke Baad’ to the theatres. 

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