Hello Friends,
Its been a long time that I wrote anything on my blog. There has been multiple reasons for not updating my blog on a regular basis. 1) Too many events and writing work that is taking a lot of my time. and 2) Travelling – yes travelling … I have been travelling extensively these days from Pune to Trivandrum, from Trivandrum to Bangalore, from Bangalore to Coorg and then back to Bangalore only to go back to Trivandrum and later move on to Pune and Mumbai uffff….

In between all these travelling and busy schedules I got some time to see few movies that released in the last few weeks. Being an avid movie lover I have been watching all the major releases every week untill the last few weeks.

I started with Anjaana Anjaani which I wanted to watch for 3 reasons, one it was written by a fellow writer and friend Advaita Kala, second it was Siddharth Anand and Sajid Nadiadwala’s movie and finally because of Ranbir, Priyanka and the music (Soul stirring music by Vishal-Shekhar – especially Tu na Jaane Aas Pass hai Khuda). To begin with many of my friends didn’t like the movie and adviced me against watching it but I went ahead and watched it. Although certain parts of the movie were slow and boring, overall I loved the movie and the concept (may be many of the critics and my friends would like to strangulate me for liking it….however I never go on other people’s word)

Then I moved onto watch ‘HISSS’ the Mallika Sherawat movie to hit the town directed by another director friend of my Jennifer Lynch. I went with a lot of expectations eventhough Jen had told me that the movie was taken away from her mid-way by the production team. However I wanted to see how it  had into and also I wanted to see the interpretation of a British Director about the much explored snake theme in the Hindi movies. I was surprised to see my friend and I sitting alone in the theater with few movie ushers trying to gape at the skin show dished out by Mallika. The movie was one of the most ‘shittiest’ movie I have ever seen (sorry to use that word but thats what came into my mind). I vent out my feelings to my dear friend Jen who was upset with my criticism but she hadn’t watched the entire movie after it had made it to the theatres. I would say to her ‘BEWARE’ dont watch the movie or you yourself will be ‘HISSSSS’tory.

‘Cry Cry itna Cry’ John sang out to the director’s wife and co-star Pakhi in the movie, but it was us the audience who needed the consolation for watching a bore fare from Abbas Tyrewala and AR Rahman who had earlier made the immensely popular youth centric movie ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’. We cannot deny the fact that JTYJN was from the stables of the highly talented Aamir Khan. After watching ‘Jhoota Hi Saahi’ even I want to believe  that Aamir would have personally supervised or ‘ghost directed’ it as most of the Bollywood dignitaries always belived. I took AR Rahman’s name above because there was not even a good song that would stay in our mind for long. Off late ARR has been churning out mediocre songs which doesnt justify his great talent eg: Raavan, JHS and yes Robot too. After watching the movie I felt like calling up Abbas Tyrewala and telling him to go back to his lyric and dialogue writing than making any more blunders like ‘Jhoota Hi Sahi’.
Then I saw ‘Robot’ wow what a movie…seriously I am not saying it sarcastically but truly. The special effects and the direction was par with any Hollywood production although the story was not that great shakes but there was novelty. Rajni Sir was awesome…no wonder he is called the ‘Super Star’ of the Centuary. He was wonderful although Aishwarya has nothing much to do apart from looking beautiful and she definitely scores high points for her looks and clothing in the movie. AR Rahman as usual was mediocre with his music (God knows when we can hear the original ARR). I am not surprised that Robot has made more than 350 crores on the box office worldwide. A super thrilling movie and I quite enjoyed it and would look forward to more Rajni movies….

Hope the Diwali brings in more good movies at the box office that will put back my regular smile while watching them…Heres looking forward to Golmaal 3, Action Replay and Guzaarish….

Till then Chao…