KNOCKED UP is Knocking People Out with its humor and innocence….. Read here few more reader reviews;

Drive Down the Memory Lane….Review by Vince Chacko
Hi Everyone,
I read Shaiju Mathew’s Knocked Up in just one sitting… hours flat I was through with the book becoz I couldnt keep it down…It took me back to my childhood days that were spent in a small town in Kerala…Shaiju Mathew was able to touch my heart with his writing and also took me down to my old days… I went so nostalgic that I searched for my close friends who had lost touch with me on Facebook…This book if made into a serial or movie like Malgudi Days or Swami…will really do good as it has the potential to strike a cord with every age group… The language used is very simple so people searching for Shakespeare will be disappointed but a common average Indian can definitely find the book easy on his brain to read without reffering dictionary….
I am so glad that it is not like the usual IIM or IITian turned graduate to an author saga…its about teenagers, their issues, problems, friendships, love life all put up into a hillarious tale…Every Chapter had something to laugh about… I have already bought 3 books from Reliance Book Store for gifting my long lost friends and have also ordered from flipkart for a author signed copy… Shaiju Mathew U made my day….
Thank you
Vince Chacko
Easy read Review by Smitha Jacob
Just completed reading Knocked up…The plot was good with friends and their mischief’s and well written that i could imagine the characters in mind and move with the story..Some chapters are really humorous ..Overall ,It was an easy read and yeah it can be taken as a movie as it has friendship ,love,intimate moments,humour everything which is required for a movie..Did the Author’s stint in movie direction influenced the plot??? Need to see the next book in the series..
Instead of making it as chapters , Author can plot it like a diary as the sequences were as if ,it’s taken out of authors diary..
Felt a similarity to Chetan Bhagat style of writing as his books also turns around the similar stories and easy read but one time read as well..
I should really appreciate the quality of the printing.Magic Moments Publications too rock..Good quality paper ,big letters and a cute small book with a catchy front cover…Loved the footer image of three friends in bike:)
HILLARIOUS ONE :))) Review by John Mathew
“Simply BRILLIANT…The characters were so believable and the one that took my interest was of Prateik and his girlfriend Rupa they both are funny and cute at the same time… I could sense the gradual growth of the characters from immature teenagers to responsible youngsters…especially Sid & Swati… Swati’s transformation from a tomboy to a delicate lady type is noteworthy…. Becky the heroine is smart, sexy and lovable…shez every boy’s dream gal… I am waiting for the next in this 3 part series…”
Loved it Review by Siddharth Malhotra
I was fortunate enough to buy a premium copy of this book from Rich Bull Marketing in UAE last month. I loved the book and wanted to gift few copies to my cousins in India so I came to flipkart only to be disappointed as they do not have the book in stock although I heard from my friends that the book has released on 18th Sept.
A simple hillarious story of six friends…took me back to my younger days when I was in India… for a first timer its a very good attempt…
Nostalgic...Review by Abin George
I just finished the book… its kinda good… feels nostalgic, funny and simple…reminded me of Malgudi days series that used to come on DD. But the end could have been better… maybe a twist in the tale … but overall a good book…

Wonderful Experience Review by Manu Anand
I loved the book so much that I have ordered 8 more copies from Flipkart today to gift it to my friends who were equally excited about the book. Worth reading if you are a child at heart and if you still miss your teenage days…. not for intellectual types who are searching for Salman Rushdie or Kushwant Singh or Dan Brown… People who like Chetan Bhagat will definitely love Shaiju Mathew’s Knocked Up …. I am waiting for the next series of Knocked Up…
Love, Dosti Etc….Review by Avinash K
This Book should have been titled Love, Dosti Etc… or Friends becoz thats what it made me feel after reading this book by Shaiju Mathew. Simple, hillarious and lovable… I loved the love between Rebecca and Sid, funny antics between Prateik and Rupa and the silent love between Swati and Ron… The Mumbai party scene was hillarious so was the scene bike scene and dog bite chapters… Good One…Value for money!!!
Complete Whacked Up…Review by Darshana P
Atlast I laid my hands on Knocked Up yesterday and in one go I finished it as today we are having Ganesh Visarjan holiday….I totally loved it… I was actually sitting and laughing all night and my husband was getting disturbed in his sleep…actually it should be named WHACKED UP not Knocked Up… The ending was hillarious… I can completly understand it as I have gone through such situations in my real life tooo….I could belive the situations and the comedy as I have seen Shaiju and his group in college…they were totally whacked out guyz…You will hear more of Shaiju Mathew in the coming days I am sure of it :)) I recommend it to everyone here…KEEP IT UP SHAIJU and make fellow Wadians proud!!!
I m totally KNOCKED OUT!!!! 🙂) Review by Mohit
I am not a book reading types… but when I got the first hand opportunity to read ‘KNOCKED UP’ the edited version I was tempted to read. The cover first caught my imagination and then the chapter names… the synopsis etc… Once I started reading I got involved in the story and I must say it was something of an experience which took… me back to my teenage days and the fun and masti I used to do with my friends back home… The best character I found was of Prateik which was hillarious and his girlfriend Rupa was cute and equally funny… I could sense the gradual growth of the characters from immature teenagers to responsible youngsters…especially Sid & Swati… Swati’s transformation from a tomboy to a delicate lady type is noteworthy…. Becky the heroine is smart, sexy and lovable…shez every boy’s dream gal… All the instances in the book made me laugh and I couldnt leave the book aside as the curiosity to find out what happens next made me finish the entire book in 4hours flat… GOOD WORK…SHAIJU MATHEW ‘U ROCK BOY’… I loved ‘KNOCKED UP’ and would like to buy it asap it comes on stands…. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED….

Ha Ha Ha… I m still Laughing Review by Ashik J P
Lol… I am still laughing my lungs out… and my mother asked me two three times what wrong with me… Shaiju Mathew you are tooo good bro… I never knew you write so well… Its a good comedy proud of u Bro… :))) ha ha ha ha…

Good One Review by RAVILA
Good book…we have an answer to Chetan Bhagat atlast… was bored of all those IIM grads writing books on IIM students and their life in IIM… refreshing story…reminded me of ‘Three Men in a Boat’… Good work Shaiju Mathew

AMAZING!!! Review by Prasanna
I purchased the book and read through it. The articulation and the way story has gone through was amazing…. Good job done by the entire team again. Shaiju Mathew is here to stay….

FULLY KNOCKED ME UP !!! Review by Swapna

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