Rajesh Kolan and I releasing the book
Hello Friends,
I am writing after a few days gap because I was very busy post the release event of ‘Knocked Up’ in Pune. The most important and best day of my life. The day my dream came true. Exactly one year back I used to dream of having a huge book release function and I used to wonder how I would release it and where I would host the release function. However, with Gods grace and my parents blessings my book ‘KNOCKED UP’ released to a thunderous response.

Dad,Mom,Mohit and I
I was happy not because my book was launched successfully but because my Mom who has been suffering from Brain Tumor from the past 1.5 years came for my book launch event and she had dared to venture out of our house for the first time after her operation and radiation therapy which had left her bedridden for long.

As per the theme our launch event was also a hillarious experience where my friends and publication team members pitched in and hosted the show. We were also fortunate to have another youngster Rajesh Kolan who is the debutant director of the superhit Marathi Movie ‘TARGET’ to come in as the Cheif Guest. Being a good friend and colleague Rajesh was more than welcome to oblige us with his presence.

Praveen and Sumeet
My friends Praveen and Sumeet alongwith my team members Jasmin and Shrijit read their favourite chapters from the book which left the audience in splits. I was the last to read my favourite chapter and on finishing the same I could see the entire audience interested to grab a copy of my book. All through the event I could see a satisfied smile plastered on my parents face. Like the hero of my book even I felt that today a ‘Good for nothing’ boy who was never recognized outside his friends and family circle became a boy with substance who was known and recognized by many.

My business partners headed by Baiju John Mathew of Rich Bull Marketing, Prince Oswal from Talent Hatz Entertainment and Mr. Vasant Kamat of Dolphin Publications were more than happy with my book and praised the same. Reliance was kind enough to launch my book and did all the possible arrangements to get the event smoothly done.

Dad, Mom, I & My Brother
Baiju Mathew-Founder Rich Bull Marketing

Once the question answer session was over I didn’t get even a second for myself as I was surrounded by people who wanted me to sign their copies which made me feel more proud of myself and my team who put in a lot of hardwork to get the book out in the market especially Talent Hatz Entertainment and Dolphin.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who came for the event and supported me. I would also want to share a review or feedback I got from a reader that touched my heart.

I signing books

Drive Down the Memory Lane….Review by Vince Chacko

Hi Everyone,

I read Shaiju Mathew’s Knocked Up in just one sitting… hours flat I was through with the book becoz I couldnt keep it down…It took me back to my childhood days that were spent in a small town in Kerala…Shaiju Mathew was able to touch my heart with his writing and also took me down to my old days… I went so nostalgic that I searched for my close friends who had lost touch with me on Facebook…This book if made into a serial or movie like Malgudi Days or Swami…will really do good as it has the potential to strike a cord with every age group… The language used is very simple so people searching for Shakespeare will be disappointed but a common average Indian can definitely find the book easy on his brain to read without reffering dictionary….
I am so glad that it is not like the usual IIM or IITian turned graduate to an author saga…its about teenagers, their issues, problems, friendships, love life all put up into a hillarious tale…Every Chapter had something to laugh about… I have already bought 3 books from Reliance Book Store for gifting my long lost friends and have also ordered from flipkart for a author signed copy… Shaiju Mathew U made my day….
Thank you
Vince Chacko
Also see below few more reviews I got from my readers;
Ha Ha Ha… I m still Laughing
Review by Ashik J P
Lol… I am still laughing my lungs out… and my mother asked me two three times what wrong with me… Shaiju Mathew you are tooo good bro… I never knew you write so well… Its a good comedy proud of u Bro… :))) ha ha ha ha…
Review by RAVILA
Good book…we have an answer to Chetan Bhagat atlast… was bored of all those IIM grads writing books on IIM students and their life in IIM… refreshing story…reminded me of ‘Three Men in a Boat’… Good work Shaiju Mathew
Review by Prasanna
I purchased the book and read through it. The articulation and the way story has gone through was amazing…. Good job done by the entire team again. Shaiju Mathew is here to stay….

Review by Swapna

Thank you everyone…will post few more feedbacks tomorrow.
Shaiju Mathew

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