Hello Friends,

Today is the final day as my book is out and it is in front of you. From tomorrow I have to make myself strong to face criticism and accolades. Hope everyone likes what I have written and I am sure you would have atleast have one moment to smile in the entire book.

This is also the right moment to thank few people who are responsible for KNOCKED UP reaching out to the world;

1) Dolphin Publications and Mr. Vasant Kamat
2) Talent Hatz Entertainment (Prince Oswal and team)
3) My entire team (Vikram, Jasmin, Shrijit, Sakhi, Mohit and Baiju Mathew)
4) All my dear friends
5) My colleagues and fans on Facebook

Thank you guyz for your support and love without which I wouldn’t have been able to bring my book out and live my dream :))

Please do read the book and send me your comments and feedback to me at magicmomentspub@gmail.com

Love and Regards
Shaiju Mathew


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