I was surfing net today when my friend Devansh Patel tweeted saying that Amitabh Bachchan received the Best Actor Award for Paa. It didn’t come as a surprise to me as it was a well deserved award for Mr. Bachchan as he played superbly the role of a 13 year old progeria stricken kid in Paa at the age of 67 which is a record as such in the history of world cinema. Another two records set were that of him playing the son of his real life son and also son to a woman who was half his age – Vidya Balan.

I was also happy to note that Arundhati Nag the talented actress from Kannada movies and theatre won the best actress in the supporting role for the same movie, how I wish Vidya too won the award for the best actress for Paa.
For Amitji it is a third award for Best Actor after he won for Agneepath and Black. He had also won an award for best debut for his first movie Saat Hindustani. So that makes four national awards in a four decade long career.
I was also ecstatic to know that my favourite music score for Dev D also won the Best Music Award for the year and I wish all the luck to Amit Trivedi for a well deserved award. Well Done Abba another favourite movie of mine got the best movie award for social issues which was again a well deserving candidate so was 3 Idiots and Kutty Srank. But I still have a doubt why Delhi 6 was given the Best Movie award for National Integration. Delhi 6 was a confusing movie and so the audience had also given it a thumbs down… also giving an award to Nilanjana for Houseful was another surprise whereas there were so many other good candidates like MS Chitra for Pazzhashi Raja and even Yesudas for the same movie….sometimes even awards committee too make few mistakes.
On the whole the awards were full of mixed responses this year…however, my heartfelt congrats to all the winners… Enjoy Maadi :)!!!

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